SOOEW Chapter 18 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XVIII)

Under the city, at a subway station with a crowd of moving people, there was suddenly a sound of disagreement.

However, this voice is too light, and since the matter was irrelevant to themselves, most people only hurried along to their destinations. They didn’t even glance at them.

Only a few people slowed down because they happened to pass by nearby.

Only seeing a young man and woman who seemed to be a couple arguing. The woman was wearing voluptuously thick makeup, and the man was wearing pigtail braids, rascally holding a cigarette in his mouth. He teased the woman and held her hand, not letting go. From their appearance alone, the two people truly match.

When the woman was unable to win over the man, she glared at him fiercely: “Crazy! Now let go, I don’t know you!” According to her makeup, even a glare seems like a wink.


So the man only laughed harder, and explained to the people around him: “Don’t watch anymore, haven’t you seen a young couple quarrel?” He cuddled the person into his arms, “Babe, I already apologized to you.What else do you want? “

The women looked to the bystanders for help, explaining that they were not a couple, but the bystanders saw them and shook their heads.

The director was sitting indoors with the other two groups of stars. At this moment, he was watching the recording from a remote location.

A staff member shouted: “Teacher Wen’s idea is very good. The criminal meets a lawless glamorous girl at the subway. However, the location is not ideal, and everyone at the subway entrance is in a hurry. With a glance, it can be seen that he’s not to be trifled with. Who would get involved in this kind of business?”

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“Exactly, after watching for a minute, nothing has changed. At most, a few people stopped to look at it, yet, they still left.”

The director made a quiet gesture and shook his head contemplatively: “This selection is a pity and wasted their acting skills. You can clearly see their positions, movement and face orientation. When Wen Ying hides back, if the movement is larger, she will be out of frame, but you can see that she is still in the camera. Due to this action, her facial expression is absorbed better by the camera, and the action is done perfectly.”

“Ai ya, no wonder! When we went to install the camera, the two teachers had to follow to see where they are installed.”

“No way?” Someone was surprised. “Even if the Film Emperor Lu is so powerful, that Wen Ying, didn’t they say that her acting skills are average?”

Some people sneered: “Only understanding the position, can’t Teacher Zhou do it too?”

Once he said this, everyone thinks that Zhou Pei also performed well, and nodded in recognition. The director however thought that Zhou Pei’s group had almost no need for position change, and the requirements for a stationed position were much lower. But, he personally favored Zhou Pei and did not attempt to form a rebuttal.

“The first couple PK, obviously, is a contest of acting skills, Film Emperor Lu actually wants to lose!”

When the staff clicked their tongue in wonder, Lu Ze had a completely different feeling.

In his impression, Wen Ying did not have any talent in acting, so she gave up the idea of ​​studying acting very early and wanted to climb up through the back door.


But the person standing in front of him now seemed to have changed her soul, and suddenly had an unprecedented aura burst.

Wen Ying is struggling to break free from his shackles. She frowned, lowering her weight subconsciously and leaning back, resisting the dragged force. Her other hand squeezed her bag tightly with her five fingers, almost breaking the bag.

This is what all women should have when they encounter threats.

If he looked closely, he would find her slightly trembling legs and the cold sweat that almost dissolved the makeup on her face.

That kind of tremor is not a very powerful tremor, it is the reaction of muscle contraction when the body feels afraid. The sweat on the face is not the effect formed by the studio, which is even more amazing.

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