SOOEW Chapter 15 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XV

Wen Ying saw him from the corner of her eyes, got up from the chair and smiled faintly at him.

This is her first meeting with Lu Ze. The other party is only older than her by one year. At the age of 26, he is still considered a piece of fresh meat in the entertainment circle. However, his experience is special as he frequently interacts with famous directors and actors. Under the polishing of these people, his brilliance lit up as brightly as a pearl, vastly different from the ostentatious and impatient actors in the circle. Compared to Fang Xing, this rich second generation playboy, they were like the two poles.

It’s a pity, even if it was a more free-spirited person, their attitude towards a former girlfriend who derailed, may still be poor.

He did not immediately ask to stop recording, but he was not too far away. His attitude was aloof and cold, like writing a script of cold violence between couples. The staff involuntarily looked at each other at a loss.

Fortunately, although the actor does not cooperate, the actress’s performance is not too bad.

Wen Ying has been active trying to break the ice, and even tried to increase the intimacy.


He drank half a bottle of water. She took it without even thinking, tilted her head slightly, and poured the water into her mouth without touching the bottle. A sense of ambiguity immediately encompassed the surrounding air with the flow of the water.

Lu Ze gave her a firm look, and while she was still shocked and apologetic, he threw the water bottle he retrieved back into the trash can.

After that, he never communicated with her anymore, so far as to increase the distance between them using the actions of feeding pandas.

This caused the directors who are following the film to be anxious enough, and the lovers’ program is like a program between enemies. How do you obtain high ratings? The performance of this combination is beyond their expectations, if it is not good, you can only remake the combination!

Lu Ze’s big name is difficult to invite. If he has an opinion on his partner, they must not sit idly by.

Wen Ying knows that if she finishes shooting in this state, she will not have time with him anymore.

At the end of the panda pavilion’s mission, due to Lu Ze’s skill and consideration in taking care of the panda, when it was time to leave, the little panda Nini hugged his thigh and became his leg pendant. He walked two steps forward, and her soft body was dragged forward two steps.

Wen Ying had already approached the door and “Pu Chi” tittered when she looked back. She walked backwards, with a gesture of taking pictures using her hands.

Lu Ze glanced at her lightly, his pupil suddenly shrunk, “Be careful ——”

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He uttered a reminder but it was too late. There were two steps behind her. Wen Ying stepped backwards without paying any attention, stepped on the empty air, and fell to the ground!

Little Nini was taken away by the staff. Lu Ze immediately strode to her side, and helped the person up.

“How are you?”

She knit her brows, seemingly trying to bear the pain, “My foot seems to be sprained…… “

“I’ll tell the director to stop recording!”

As soon as he finished speaking, she immediately stopped him, “No way, I can’t delay everyone’s schedule just because of me. We are a couple, how about, you carry me?”

Lu Ze suddenly stood up , but was stopped by her grabbing his hand.

“You wait……wu……” She hastily stood up, the hand that was grabbing him tightened in pain.

If possible, Lu Ze would rather give up the recording of this show, and no longer have any involvement with this woman. However, he was damn familiar with every minute movement and expression of hers, and he could see whether she was truly acting or was hurt.

As well as the fact that he was silent throughout the day, barely speaking much, and lacked editing material. Even the photographers who followed them were anxious and stared at him scorchingly.

He finally compromised and crouched down in front of her.


Wen Ying raised the corner of her lips, smiling resplendently, and climbed carefully onto his back.

“I’m also helping you—— ” She lowered her voice, breathing on his neck, making his entire body tighten, “You always have this behaviour, but you can’t encircle fans, oh.”

From the start of the show, her attitude was so light and natural that he couldn’t even help, but wonder if they had never had that sweet and painful memory.

And now, she was lying next to his ear, as if telling a secret, with a light smile: “What do you say, A Ze*?”

*intimate way that she uses to call Lu Ze, typically used by family members or close friends to present closeness

Lu Ze’s heart, started to beat fiercely.

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