SOOEW Chapter 12 -The body double counterattacks the famous female star XII

Her sincere thanks warmed the other party’s heart. “By the way, there’s another thing. Previously, the propaganda team of 《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》 wanted to stir up the scandal between you and Fang Xing, but the other side didn’t agree. Now it looks like, you’ve already arranged him? ” she slyly voiced with a bit of a laugh.

Wen Ying recoiled at the words, then glanced at Fang Xing beside her, causing the other to look at her inexplicably.

Is Hua Jie actually a clairvoyant? 

“Why do you say that?” After she asked, she heard the other side answer, “Look at Weibo.”

She hung up the phone and immediately logged into Weibo account. Just as she began to type “Fang Xing” into the search, she suddenly saw the following hot search, one of which is #Only the class monitor can hold my waist.

Remembering how the male lead addresses the heroine in the drama, she clicked into it with a delicate feeling.

The original PO* was a blogger of a personal account who posted four screenshots, which were photos of Fang Xing in various TV dramas. They were of Fang Xing shuttling through the streets with the female lead/ female supporting actress. There were motorcycles, cars, and bicycles. Blogger: My Xing is a  professional old driver**. He brings different girls onto the road all year round.

*originally in English **driver means car driver in Chinese. It’s a double entendre that stands for s*x

The blogger’s words were probably too accurate, and the masses would forward + comments after laughing, and they forwarded more than ten thousand times at a time.

Later, Fang Xing also forwarded the micro blog.

Fang XingV: But only the class monitor can hold my waist [Doge] [Doge] / / My Xing is a professional old driver. He brings different girls onto the road all year round.

*V as in verified

Looking at the number of stills, Wen Ying only reclined on the bike, hugging him as he rode the bike in the last still. The fresh and clean background color allowed the two youths to appear youthful and beautiful.

It’s a publicity photo released by the 《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》 crew.

A stone makes a thousand waves.

The comments below were a mess,  some fans commented “gambling ten latiao*, the waist is the sensitive part of my Xing!” Some black powders* of Wen Ying commented “Haha I heard that Fang Xing comes from a big backing?” CP powder  commented “Wuwuwuwu so spicy, I can smell hormones!”


*latiao- Chinese snack, one of the more popular brand tends to be Weilong **black powders or black fans are anti-fans

After seeing the news, Wen Ying showed the bright screen to Fang Xing with a faint smile on her face, “What do you mean by this? Don’t you think this way of stirring up drama is a very low* method?”

*originally in english, low= Chinese slang meaning lame, tasteless, tacky, cheap, etc

Fang Xing pretended to be stupid, “Yi*, did I say that?”

*sound of surprise

Then he giggled heehee, the tips of his brows raising, “If it’s with you—— can’t help but hope to receive it.”

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《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》took three months to conclude filming. At the same time, Lu Ze and Zhou Pei’s 《Yu Xian Ge》is also about to start broadcasting. The two plays have been scheduled for a very similar time, but their orientation is sharply different. One is a drama that showcases youth and pureness in a school campus, the other is a drama of ancient costume and fantasy love, which satisfies two types of audience groups at the same time.

The two dramas are both adapted from novels, so there will be a comparison when the Internet reviews the adaptation of this year’s novel IPs*.

*intellectual property 

However, 《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》was not a well-known novel, it was created when the author had an unexpected decrease in fame and was only known to the Internet community. But 《Yu Xian Ge》 was a big hit. The author of the book has made two film and television remakes. The first one is even a phenomenal one, which is very well-known, so this one drama is very popular.

Once aired, 《Yu Xian Ge》 truly became popular.

Lu Ze’s acting skills were already polished by the big screen, and on the small screen, he acted like a fish in water so he easily won the hearts of the audience. He played the role of a fairy monarch*, and the model completely highlighted his appearance accurately, dashing and handsome, with angular features, and the beauty of his forehead made the fans howl.

*If anyone watched Ashes of Love, this description makes me envision that scene.

Before that, he had not acted in a costume play. This first attempt immediately won him the title of four beautiful men* in ancient costume.


Of course, the popularity of the female lead Zhou Pei has also gone up a step with the number of fans rising. The instability caused by the overnight popularity has been eliminated, which can be regarded as gaining a complete foothold in the entertainment circle.

At this juncture, 《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》was broadcast.

On the day of the broadcast, Fang Xing made a phone call to Wen Ying’s private number and invited her to dinner. The venue where Wen Ying was shooting the advertisement was endlessly noisy. She hid to the side to answer the phone and scoffed: “You want to have a celebratory feast before our show even airs?”

He added on: “Nonsense ah*. I’m arranging a Hongmen Banquet**, are you coming or not?”

*哪儿啊- polite saying, he’s trying to say it’s not like that **鸿门宴 (Hongmen Banquet)- having a special purpose when inviting someone to dinner

She agreed straightforwardly, asked for the time and address, put on her daily attire after finishing the shoot, and picked Hua Jie along the way to the destination.

Fang Xing reserved a high class five-star restaurant, to prevent the possibility of being pursued and intercepted by fans.

After acting for three months as Xiao Qingxin, Wen Ying’s dress today was considered particularly flamboyant. She wore a Chanel slim black long dress with a stand-up collar imitating the qipao style revealing a clean arm. Her hair was curled, and only a few strands of hair fell. Her face was lustrously white and jade-like, and the red lipstick she applied on her lips filled her with a sense of aggression.

Before she walked to the seat, she saw Fang Xing talking with a person, with his back turned to her, so she didn’t know who it was.

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