SOOEW Chapter 11 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star XI

“Wu…… ” because it was an accident, she struggled for a bit.

It was quite different compared to a simple kiss in youths. Tossing, entangling, wanton, surrounded by traps, and temptations. He put one hand on the back of her head and didn’t allow her to escape. The other hand twined into her hair while kissing, seemingly a little ambiguous and teasing.

If he was like a harmless sheep before, now he is like an evil wolf throwing away his sheepskin and revealing his true nature in a flash.

Wen Ying unconsciously grasps the corner of his shirt tightly with a finger. The shirt creased.

How can she forget his background education? This type of spoiled rich persona is not pure, instead, their predatory was branded inside their bones. They would not stop until they reach their goal.

At last, he let her go and stepped back.

Wen Ying lightly pants, her palms suspended midair, a slap about to descend.


“Like you, want you.”

He did not look at it but only looked at her with extreme frankness, and his eyes straightforwardly showed his desire for her. 

Hearing the faint tremor on Sakura’s skin, if she had held him down before, then at this moment, the direction of the wind between the two would undoubtedly reverse.

This slap didn’t fall. She tightened her fingers and stared firmly at him. “What do you want me to do? Do you want to sleep with me? Take care of me? ” She raised a self-mocking smile from the corner of her lips, “Ok, it’s perfect that I’m at a low point in my career. It’s very reasonable to restart with the younger brother of President Fang Yu, right?”

Fang Xing was floored and said, “It has nothing to do with that. I just…… “

“Just what?” She asked coldly, “You only purely and simply like me? Don’t disgust me with those words! “

The momentum in his eyes was broken and he grabbed his hair uneasily.

She puckered her lips, the lipstick was probably all eaten by him, and her lips were fading in color. There was a slight flow of darkness and light in her eyes, it seemed like the reflection of the light, but also seemed like hard-pressed tears.

He was completely stunned.

No way, how did he bully her to this point?

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Maybe she was right. Knowing her thoughts and past, although he didn’t mean it, he treated her with impudence. Fang Xing was chagrined. At this moment, his aggressive momentum completely dissipated.

Wen Ying released a breath.

The kiss was out of her expectations. Men who have power and money were the most difficult to grasp, even if their appearance suggests simplicity like Fang Xing. She can’t destroy the current progress of the two people, but if she directly pairs up with him, it will be unconducive to her later plans. The actions just now exhausted almost all her abilities. 

An alarm-like tone rings. Wen Ying answered when she has fully stabilized.

“Sister Hua?”

The other side’s voice is a little excited, “Wen Ying, I received an invitation to 《Let’s Fall in Love for a Week》 “


“En? That should be a reality show ba. ” Wen Ying recollected for a while, ” It seems to be quite popular. “

“That’s right, this program’s set up is inviting three men and three women to form random CPs to conduct a week’s love. A week later, the partners are exchanged according to the netizen’s vote. Different combinations create different sparks, which are very attractive to young people. The variety show is under Tomato Channel’s management! ” Sister Hua coughs softly, “I’ll make it clear to you first. It seems that the other party approaches in order to obtain views regarding the counter-attack of Zhou Pei against you.”

Wen Ying chuckles: “It doesn’t matter. She stepped on me with this topic, and now I’ll borrow the chance to turn around. Why not? “

Sister Hua was a little surprised and then smiled: “It seems that you are in good condition, well said. The biggest fear in the entertainment circle is that there is no topic to fry. You must seize the opportunity. Then I will help you to agree. “

“Thank you, Sister Hua.”

Even if the program group wants to make use of this topic, there are tens of millions of topics in the entertainment circle. To be selected, I believe that the agent must have made a lot of effort.

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