WFILTU Chapter 14 – Baobei I

Xue Jiao actually knows that she is likely to be bullied by these girls if she turns around to leave, but this is the best way she can think of.

It’s true that she has a hundred ways to get away from these people safely, but Xuejiao didn’t want to wait anymore. She wants a result that ends everything once and for all.

She prefers to use a way that could explain her past and future and allow her to permanently break her relationship with these people. 

Cheng Mingze’s sudden appearance upset her plan.


But Xue Jiao couldn’t blame the guy who came to help her. Therefore, she slowly stepped away and moved behind Cheng Mingze, and put her knife back into her pocket.

“What are you doing?” Cheng Mingze shook off Li Wan’s hand and asked coldly.

Cheng Mingze, the famous male god of Qi Zhong, is good-looking, studies hard, and has a good family background.

Li Wan attended the same junior high as Cheng Mingze. He was practically everyone’s male god, and naturally was Li Wan’s too.

“We —— ” she stammered, not sure how to explain.

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“Ge Ge —— ” Xue Jiao grabbed the corner of his shirt at this time, whispering, “they threatened me……  “

Her eyes shrunk. She looked like she was afraid of these girls in front of her. The hand that was holding the corner of his shirt was shaking and trembling. She tearfully, yet trustingly, looked up at him.

Cheng Mingze admitted that his heart was soft at this moment.

“How did they threaten you?” He did not push away her hand and even heard his own voice turn gentle.

Xue Jiao bit her lip and quietly said, “I don’t want to be friends with them, nor do I want to have the same makeup as them or skip school…… ”


Cheng Mingze’s eyes were suddenly stormy.

It turns out that the girl learned to put on strange makeup from these people. It turns out that she skipped school with these people. 

She doesn’t want to do anything wrong with them now, so these people threaten her? They also hit her in public?

What about before?

Was Xue Jiao voluntary before?

The more Cheng Mingze thinks, the angrier he becomes. The black in his eyes looks like a whirlpool.

“You go back with the driver first. I still have something else to do.” He patted Xue Jiao’s hand and said an imperative sentence.

Xue Jiao nodded and walked slowly to the driver.

This is the first time that she has used this kind of “scheming”, but Xue Jiao does not regret it. These people and Gu Xuejiao had no grievance or hatred, yet they led Gu Xue Jiao down the wrong path.

They also let people rape her.  They took videos and blackmailed her many times. Then they uploaded the video, which landed in Cheng Mingjiao’s hands. This made Xuejiao infamous and resulted in her death.

These couple of people are enemies.

What Cheng Mingze will do to them, she doesn’t want to control or even want to know. But in the future, if they still have a bad heart and intentions, she will still find a way to let these people get the punishment they deserve.

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