SOOEW Chapter 8 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star VIII

In the changing room of the set《Yu Xian Ge》, actor Lu Ze was flying into a rage. He swung the prop sword into the ground and refused the reality show arranged by his agent.

The agent picked up the sword helplessly. “Now the reality show is on fire, you will offend many people with your attitude. If you think about it from another angle,《Let’s Fall in Love for a Week》is already on Season Two. Look at the three CP pairs in the first season, which one is not famous? You need national awareness and fans right now. Reality shows are the best fit. “

In fact, Lu Xe can already be regarded as the most successful male star in the current acting circle. As soon as he debuted, he started to play the leading role in the remake of a famous youth-style work and proceeded to win the Golden Wing Best Newcomer Award. Then he went to act in a movie directed by a famous director, which is known as the purest love movie in history. The image of a young man in a white shirt was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, bringing back countless trophies. After that, of course, the scripts kept coming to him.

This time he returned to act in a tv series: one is to make money and the other is to garner more fans.


“Ah Ze, is this another tantrum?” Zhou Pei walked in and spoke in an intimate tone. She saw the mess scattered about on the floor, smiled, and asked, “What’s the problem this time?”

“It’s none of your business.” Lu Ze’s tone is not good, but he doesn’t ignore Zhou Pei as much as he ignores others, indicating that they have a close relationship.

He took advantage of the time while the agent was explaining the situation to Zhou Pei and collapsed into the reclining chair to begin brushing his Weibo. While continuously brushing, his brows began to pull down. During this period, he heard someone ask him something. He reflexively responded, “What?”

The agent repeated: “In regards to that reality show, Teacher Zhou is also attending. Why don’t you form a couple?” 

Generally speaking, Zhou Pei’s position in the circle is far lower than Lu Ze’s. She is only a new star that just started to garner attention.The agent’s become friends with her suggests that she definitely has a backer. 

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“…… Then let’s attend. “

After Lu Ze answered in response, and wanted to turn over his phone, but first Zhou Pei grabbed his hand, and looked at the phone’s contents.. “Wow, it’s Teacher Wen and Fang Xing? They match quite well.”

She praised in her mouth on one hand, but on the other, secretly disdained in her heart. Fang Xing and Lu Ze are her primary goals, but compared to Lu Ze, Fang Xing has a higher difficulty. Who didn’t know that it was the most difficult to move the hearts of young masters. They laugh when they meet people, and have seven points of friendliness, unlike Lu Ze. He has a bad temper on the surface, but he is quite gentle in the heart.

As far as she knows, the other side is extremely disgusted with the female stars who rely on the hidden rules, and Wen Ying is not a threat to her.

Luze impatiently covered the screen, “Enough, the next scene is about to start, go act.”


She smiled like a flower, holding his hand and pulling him out of the chair without a clear refusal from the other.


“Lu Ze?”

Wen Ying and her assistant are walking in the corridor of the hotel.

“Yes, I have a very good friend who works on their team and helped me get my autograph.” The assistant’s eyes were bright, and she shared her joy with Wen Ying. “Heaven ah, I like his appearance in 《Hong Dou Zhi Lian》so much. After finishing his farm work every day, he played the piano in front of Zhou Zhou’s house. His trousers were covered with mud, his face was sweaty, yet his smile was so clean! I was watching and inexplicably crying at that time. Sister Wen Ying, does such love truly exist? “

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