WFILTU Chapter 5 – Car Accident I

Just when the family atmosphere was strange, Xuejiao spoke again.

“I not only like Ge Ge, but also grandpa, grandma, and Uncle Cheng!”

Her eyes blinked and she conveyed it seriously.

Cheng Mingze is really accomplished, and Gu Xuejiao really likes him, but the other side didn’t look at her in the eye from the beginning till the end.

She then dressed herself completely different, in order to gain one look from him.

The more she is like this, the more disgusting it is.

In the book, after Li Sitong died, Gu Xuejiao regarded Cheng Mingze as her religion.

It’s also because of Li Sitong’s death that she changed her hooligan’s appearance. She followed Cheng Mingze all day. Wherever he went, she went. He was the only one in her eyes and heart.

Cheng Shuo missed Li Sitong, and thought of Gu Xuejiao living without a mother, hence, he was more than willing to take care of Gu Xuejiao for his wife.

As a result, Gu Xuejiao is even more indulgent and willful. She hated every woman who wanted to take Cheng Mingze away. At last, she constantly fought with the female lead, Gu Shiyun, resulting in her violent death.

Xue Jiao doesn’t understand this kind of feeling. It’s true that there are many malicious people in Gu Xuejiao’s life, but it’s also her who personally ruined a good hand of cards.

Young yearning, human nature, once this yearning falls into the abyss, it will never be undone.

“Nonsense! Your affection is clearly the love between men and women! ” Cheng Mingjiao jumped up and almost lost her temper.

Xuejiao’s eyes widened, warning the general saying: “Mingjiao! You must not start a puppy love! My brother and I being together is even more of a taboo. You must not have such unrealistic ideas in the future.”

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“You, you, you ——” Cheng Mingjiao was so anxious to the point where she couldn’t even enunciate.

Xue Jiao still has a serious attitude: “Mingjiao, we are almost in the second year of high school. We should study hard and try our best to enter a good university. Don’t fall in love early. If this does occur, don’t be afraid! I didn’t understand or listen before. Today, after my mother taught me, I have made up my mind to correct it. We will supervise each other in the future! Whoever can’t do it will be punished! “

God damn early love!

God fucking your mom supervise each other!

Cheng Mingjiao was so angered that she couldn’t say a single word.

In a trance, Li Sitong pulls Xuejiao, and follows the similarly confused and stupefied Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze out of the house.

Cheng Mingjiao sat in the car for a long time before returning to her regular state. The whole person was on the edge of rage.

“Gu Xuejiao, this bitch!!”

Just after she finished scolding, her mother, Liu Yazhen, who was sitting next to her, pulled her, and then said tentatively, “Mingjiao…… You didn’t really fall in puppy love, did you? You are still young… “

“Mom! !” That bitch is saying bullshit– “

The tone that just left came back.

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  1. Is the chapter cut off or something ? No more texts after ‘the tone that just left came back’

    • That’s where the author decided to end the scene. The next chapter is the beginning of a new scene. Thank you for reading and we hope you continue to enjoy it!

  2. Can I just say how much I appreciate your translation. Not only is grammar perfect, but you also explain cultural Chinese references clearly and concisely (without taking away from the main story). You’re seriously the best chinese translator I’ve come across. Seriously, thank you. I’m sending you an online hug!

    • Edit: also! Thank you so much to the editor as well! Sorry, while I was writing the previous comment, I didn’t know there was one, but you have truly made my reading experience soooo much better. My last comment is also directed at you!

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