WFILTU Chapter 37 – Fight III

Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingjiao are standing in the office. They both looked down and didn’t speak.

At this time, the office door was opened, and two women rushed in, one was Liu Yazhen and the other was Li Sitong.

“My poor daughter!” Liu Yazhen shouts, cuddling Cheng Mingjiao in her arms.

Li Sitong also approaches Xue Jiao, reaching out——


A slap landed on her face.

Xue Jiao froze.

“Ah—— don’t hit people, this parent should not be hitting!” Yinfang hurries to prevent her.

Li Sitong gnashed her teeth and said, “This girl is not obedient at all, always causing trouble. She even beats her own sister!”


“Wuwuwu……” Cheng Mingjiao is still crying.

“Gu Xuejiao! You are a dead girl. You don’t learn well yourself and you even bully Mingjiao. Does our Cheng family owe you?! You dead girl, hurry and apologize to Mingjiao! Your food is provided by the Cheng family, yet you bully a member of our Cheng family! ” Liu Yazhen wailed as if she suffered a great grievance.

“Quiet! All the parents should be quiet! ” Yin Fang roared and stared at the people in front of her.

Liu Yazhen finally stopped talking. Li Sitong still showed anger on her face.

“Since the parents have already come, then I’ll shorten the conversation! These two have affected the class by fighting in the classroom! No matter what the cause was, both students have to write self-reflections!” 

“Yes yes yes, I’m very sorry, teacher. Our Xue Jiao has caused you trouble!” Li Sitong forced out a smile.

She has been very experienced in dealing with the troubles caused by Gu Xuejiao over the years. Compensating with a smile was already considered very effortless.

There have been fights before. She just always apologized and compensated. This time, she fought with Cheng Mingjiao. She didn’t know what kind of disturbance there would be when she returned to the Cheng family.

Gu Xuejiao also said that she would be her glory in the future. It’s only been a few days, yet she has already begun to make trouble again!

Li Sitong looked disappointed.

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“Why?!” Unlike Li Sitong’s successive apologies, Liu Yazhen can be said to be quite angry.

She raised her chin: “My daughter was beaten by Gu Xuejiao. She is innocent. Shouldn’t Gu Xuejiao apologize to my daughter? Why should my daughter apologize? “

Yin Fang frowned slightly. “What I heard is that Cheng Mingjiao provoked Gu Xuejiao first. Both of them are wrong!”

“What did my daughter provoke her?! No matter what she does, there’s no way that she used her fist first. Teacher, a female hooligan like Gu Xuejiao, can she even compete with my daughter? She didn’t study hard and bullied her sister!* Such a person should be expelled! Sister-in-law, don’t you think so? ” Liu Yazhen sneers at Li Sitong.

*since the cousins are related from the father’s side, you will find it often that they tend to refer to each other as brothers and sisters 

Li Sitong awkwardly pulled out a smile: “It’s Jiao Jiao’s fault. Let her apologize to Mingjiao and forget about dismissing her. Jiao Jiao is already in year two…”


“What about year two? Can your daughter go to college like this? Last time she pushed Mingjiao down the stairs. This time she directly hits people in class. She should be kicked out! ” Liu Yazhen does not give up.

Li Sitong suffered for a while, and pulled Gu Xuejiao: “Apologize to Mingjiao, and ask her to forgive you!”

Gu Xuejiao is still in shock.

Li Sitong is so angry that she grinds her teeth. Who is she doing this for? Isn’t she doing it for this girl!

“Speak! Are you dumb*?! If you do something wrong, you should be apologizing!”

*dumb as in can’t speak

Xue Jiao seems to have regained her sense. She looks up and sweeps away Li Sitong’s hand.

“I truly was wrong. I was wrong for defending someone who wasn’t worth defending.”

Several people were stunned, Liu Yazhen stared at her: “What are you saying?!”

Xue Jiao ignored her and looked at Yin Fang with a cold face: “Teacher, before the judge pronounced the sentence, we should at least listen to the situation of the plaintiff and the defendant, and we should know the causes and consequences before we pronounce the sentence, right?”

Yin Fang was stunned for a while, opened her mouth: “Weren’t you guys unwilling to speak up?”

“Well, now I would like to speak up. Teacher, can you call some students to testify? At that time, as long as they were a student in the classroom, they should all be clear on what happened.”

Her face is very cold. Her delicate and small face originally carried some frigidity, now it’s even colder to the point it seemed frightening, even to people thousands of miles away.

“Witness?” Li Sitong was stunned.

This is…… What other facts were there?


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  1. She even tried to consider Li Sitong as her mother, and this is the result?

    If I were her, I’ll break up ties with her ASAP.

    • I mean… boy who cried wolf, you know? And parents who defend and refuse to punish their kids no matter what they do aren’t really any better than those who automatically assume they’re wrong. See LYZ.

      I do think she should have asked her ‘daughter’ for an explanation before blaming her, though. 🙁

  2. It’s not like I can’t understand why LS was quick to make a conclusion like that but she should have given her daughter a chance.

  3. Ay… This Li Sitong remind me of my mum, punish first and talk… never 🙁

  4. Why would Li Sitong do that?! Even if your children is a hooligan per it says, you should not just slap them and not listen to their explanation and just judge right away.

    Anyway thanks for the translation 💞

  5. Why would Li Sitong do that?! Even if your children is a hooligan per it says, you should not just slap them and not listen to their explanation and just judge right away.

    YOU are a freaking ADULT for GOD SAKE. You can talk it all first

  6. and this is why the original daughter mistook the mothers actions. its a fault on both parts, but to automatically assume it was your child’s fault and hit her for it… that’s not right. that’s how relationships get broken.

  7. not funny, slapping your daughter twice… not funny. If a parent should raise a hand to educate a child then the words or actions she should’ve done in the past were neglected. I don’t like this abuse, please move this bitch somewhere else 🙂

  8. Li sitong may actually love her daughter, but with her way of treating MC, i prefer MC to just get dafuqoutofthehouse and live alone at least after she graduates highschool. I really don’t blame her mom , but she just can’t

  9. tsk.. tsk.. I’m disappointed with the mother.. hrnn… fighting GXJ! Thanks for the hard work!!

  10. that line snap yes give me a cold MC with sass thank you please even rabbits can bite

  11. It’s not just that this is an repeating offense of Gu XueJiao that made her mother refused to doubt her daughter, but she’s never asked or questioned before why her daughter went awry in the first place.
    There’s already evidence thanks to her step-son pointing it out to her, yet this mom still values her own standing in her new family more than her own daughter’s feelings or mental well being. She’s putting the blame of not being able to raise and educate a child on her child instead of self reflecting on how to be a better mother. At least the step dad is a nice one who’d ask his wife to speak more nicely to his step-daughter.

  12. As I said before, this mother is selfish af. She only wanted her daughter to kneel to Cheng family and always showed being ashamed of her daughter. The way she acted seemed like her kid is just a burden…can’t blame OG owner.

    FL is transmigrated, with being slapped twice…I should stay in dorm and just live with receiving allowance from both sides of “parents”.

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