SOOEW Chapter 31 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXI)

After this episode of 《Let’s Fall in Love for a Week》was aired, the comments on the Internet almost exploded the pot!

#FangXingWenYing ## LuZeWenYing ##WenYing # several topics have been on the hot search. For a while, Wen Ying’s name swept the hot topics list and even suppressed the news of a famous marriage.

Her and Fang Xing’s matter can be laid to rest since this wasn’t the first time they showcased their sweet interaction. This time, however, because of the cold war at the beginning, it looks particularly sweet in the later period, resulting in some people even questioning whether they wrote a script and immediately filmed it. They were saying that there must be a script, but then, other groups should also have scripts. Why were they not as sweet as they are? This shows that their aura is just so close!

Of course, as soon as this phrase appeared, it immediately attracted dissatisfaction from the newly established ZeYing Party.

“If you speak of aura combinations, is it as good as our Lu Ze’s?! I never thought that one day I would willingly marry out our family’s Film Emperor. The appearance of him standing behind Wen Ying, covering her eyes, Made! Me! Cry!”

“Continue to pretend ah. I have seen people who are afraid of bugs, but how can she be so exaggerated!”

*uhm, highly possible? Because BUGS! ARE! DISGUSTING! ESPECIALLY THOSE MAGGOTS omg T_T

“To be honest, I also thought she was pretending at the beginning, so I enlarged every frame to observe. Even if her frightened expression is acting, but her goosebumps can’t be acted just on impulse, right[picture]”

“I just want to say that it’s too cruel wuwuwu*. Another step forward and I can embrace my world. But my world already belongs to others.”

*crying slang noise in Chinese

Unexpectedly, the slow to turn hot ZeYing CP actually sent sugar at the end, and the CP fans burst into tears and swiped the screens countless times.

However, although after the last PK task, many people felt a lot better regarding Wen Ying, but there are still some Lu Ze fans who can’t accept their idol showing favor to a non-partnered actress, especially since it’s that woman with such obvious stains.

“Asking for no binding. My family’s A Ze is innocently acting, and can’t provoke this kind of woman who sleeps around. Who knows who her current gold lord is. [Slight Smile] [ Slight smile]”

“To tell the truth, in fact I truly admire. Wuli Ying Ying deserves to be a professional, and has such good skills, that she even obtained Film Emperor Lu. However won’t fishing two at once be a little risky? Be careful of coming out empty-handed.”

*wuli- our/ours (Korean)

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This set off the fury of the public’s anger, and re-released all the original news regarding Wen Ying using the hidden rules. All of a sudden, the momentum of the internet crusade was huge.

“Originally, it was just a few people who were noisy and could not make much noise. Later, someone lent a hand from the back .” Sister Hua and Wen Ying were speaking on the phone.

Wen Ying laughingly asked, “Is it Zhou Pei?”

“I’m not sure about this, but it’s a good guess. There are many people who have suspicions about you, but at this time, the one who doesn’t want you to continue climbing up the most is her. No matter who it is, she definitely will have a hand.”

“She’s really considerate.” Wen Ying said with a smile, “I just thought I couldn’t catch her handle, and she came to the door ready.”

“How sure are you regarding catching her handle?”

She replied: “It depends on whether President Zou will have a tender heart for the fairer sex.”

Sister Hua paused and reminded her: “You must remember that diamond bachelors like them, when they are young, they flirt with little stars, but when they need to marry, it’s still according to the standard photo of rich ladies. Don’t enter the trap.”

Wen Ying hung up the phone after casually responding.

She naturally would not choose men like Zou Weidong. For this kind of man with such a strong defense, although he might admire women with abilities and stratagems, how can he have no defense ready?

She can play a naive idiot before him momentarily and quickly achieve her goal, but she can’t act for a lifetime.

She sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, dipped her body and lazily leaned against the arm of the sofa. Her line of sight focused on the phone line and she thought for a while, and then dialed the phone again.

“Wei?” A mature man’s deep voice came from the phone.

“Isn’t President Zou too much ?! After lying and coaxing, you continue to find someone to step on me. Is this interesting? Is it fun ?!”

Zou Weidong was viscously scolded to his face by the woman, and he was slightly muddled.

Wen Ying adjusted her tone. After venting her anger, she exhibited a sad emotion, “I know I am not qualified to question you, but last time you said you would not do it again. You have always done what you said you would do……”

“Yingying?” He heard her voice and placated, “You should stop crying first and then tell me what’s going on.”

She weepingly shouted at him: “Who is crying!”

“Ok ok ok, you didn’t cry.” He knew that he couldn’t be entangled with this woman regarding these problems. He immediately dialed a phone on the landline to the public opinion monitoring department and asked the person in charge to come up. Hearing the other party’s report on major events in the entertainment industry on the Internet, he vaguely understood the situation.

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