WFILTU Chapter 38 – Truth I

Although Yin Fang is normally strict, she has always been a reasonable person. Since it happened in her class, and a party said so, she will naturally want to find out what happened.

Hence, she nodded, “Wait for me.”

She walked out quickly.

There are only a few teachers in the office who are still correcting their homework. They didn’t lift their heads, but their ears moved.

Liu Yazhen stepped on her high heels to approach: “Gu Xuejiao, what are you doing now?!”

“Cheng Mingjiao knows what I want to do.” Xue Jiao’s voice is without waves, as if she didn’t carry any emotion.

Li Sitong and Liu Yazhen subconsciously looked at Cheng Mingjiao, and the other looked away with a guilty conscience.

Li Sitong was stunned, Xue Jiao started a fight…… Is there truly more to it?

“Mom…… I’m fine…… let’s forget about it…… ” Cheng Mingjiao opened her mouth slightly and quietly said this.


Liu Yazhen was stunned for a moment. She understood what happened in a flash!

It must be Cheng Mingjiao’s provocation, causing Gu Xuejiao to fight!

Before Liu Yazhen was able to make a decision, Yinfang had already brought several people in.

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There were three girls who were originally very close to them at the time, followed by two handsome boys. One was Xi Junyang who bore a smile, and the other was Yi Tianyu who bore a rebellious attitude.

Liu Yazhen didn’t recognize the other people, but when she saw Yi Tianyu, she couldn’t help exclaiming, “Young master Yi?!”

Li Sitong doesn’t take part in Cheng family’s business very much, but Liu Yazhen likes to brush her sense of existence. She always takes the place of the Cheng family to attend some activities and dances from time to time. Naturally, she knows the precious son of this famous rich man in their city.

Yi Tianyu often looks down on people and directly ignored Liu Yazhen standing next to Cheng Mingjiao.


His line of sight moved directly to Gu Xuejiao, and he was stunned: “Did you get hit?”

Xue Jiao didn’t speak, and Yin Fang said, “Ok, this time I’m calling you here to find out the context of the fight between Gu Xuejiao and Cheng Mingjiao. Can you talk about it?”

Several people were stunned, looked at each other, and opened their mouths. Yet, nobody produced any noises.

“Students, Mingjiao has always been obedient and sensible. Mingjiao hasn’t hit Gu Xuejiao today, right?” Liu Yazhen said with a smile. She had met plenty of people in the business these years and had no problem fooling some children.

It’s true, her question was asked very skillfully.

All the people looked at each other and were silent.

“There was no fight.” Yi Tianyu raised his eyebrows and said.

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  1. Indeed, there was no fist fight just a mouth war😆

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