SOOEW Chapter 32 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXII)

“Last time you wanted to hold Zhou Pei, but what about this time, is it still for Zhou Pei?” She threw herself on the armrest and started to act up again wuwuwu. “For what reason? If you said that I have gone to bed with you, that’s a fact, and not unreasonable. But who are these other people? Why should they say that I also have contact with those beer bellied, dark faced, fat pigs! What kind of sight do I have! “

*the standard in China is, the whiter the better, typically

Zou Weidong suddenly laughed from her words and immediately received an angry rebuke from her.

He coaxed her unprecedentedly: “Okay, I know, I will ask people to deal with it, and will not let you have a relationship with those beer bellied, dark-faced, fat pigs.”

“You truly say it very nicely, however, wasn’t this job done by you??”

“I did it. Are you still looking towards me, the creator, to cry to?” He seemed to be in a good mood, and he made a joke, “Aren’t you afraid that I will seize the opportunity to take advantage of you?”

She didn’t speak for a long time, and at the end, he heard her mocking yet lost voice: “Forget about it, who doesn’t know that President Zou is tired of me.”

Her emotions changed so much that Zou Weidong’s emotions also unconsciously fell with hers, and his voice was slightly muted: “Who said it, how can I not know about it?”

“I do have this self consciousness.” She smiled, probably calming down completely, no longer lively and noisy like before.

For another long period, there was only the sound of two people breathing on the phone, as if carrying electricity into his ears, an ambiguous silence.

He didn’t want to say anything, but she broke it with her laugh: “I was just fooling around just now……  Actually, President Wei, I’m very happy meeting you after I just entered society. You taught me a lot. I don’t regret it.”

When he wanted to say anything again, a “Du Du” was heard across the line, and the phone was hung up.

Zou Weidong held his forehead and smiled lowly.

There was a trace of melancholy in the heart, and he would rather she continued to endlessly pester. Even if she said she had no regrets, it made him feel that even if he wanted her back now, she would not be willing anymore.


He adjusted his condition, and immediately asked people to check who pushed from behind. He was different from Sister Hua. He soon learned that Zhou Pei’s team occupied the foremost position, and his sight couldn’t help but deepen.

Perhaps before, he had a good impression of Zhou Pei, but now, when he thinks of Wen Ying’s words again, that good impression has disappeared.

He once thought that Wen Yingshi was ambitious and scheming but now that he thought about it, she at least put it into action. What did Zhou Pei do? Her team only poured dirty water on Wen Ying behind her, and she didn’t need to do anything, just complained to him, and he paved the way for her.

At first glance, she is indeed a rare female star in the entertainment industry that never relies on the unspoken rules.

But she had been escorted by him from the beginning, so how would she lose everything like Wen Ying, desperately begging him?

Zou Weidong thought it was a little funny. He didn’t expect that he only discovered such a simple problem now. He didn’t realize until now that a subjective impression can really cover up many things.

*too deep haha

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Many pictures flashed through his mind. After he composed his mind, he sent a message to the publicity department and asked them to post a message. At the same time, he also called Zhang Xi and the director.

The director who was mentioned by Wen Ying before was this casting director. The other party was involved in making big movies abroad and directed one or two animated movies, and had some reputation. He had been preparing for two-years to return to China. He was prepared to direct a fantasy movie, using real actors to participate in a virtual role. The story is simple and easy to understand, suitable for both old and young.

*Something like Avatar or Ice Fantasy(c-drama), I suppose

The two are old classmates, he is very optimistic about the other’s ideas, and is the largest investor. It is very easy to obtain a chance to audition.

However, after the phone was hung up, Zou Weidong tapped the table and fell into thought.

Zhang Xi and Xin Yan agreed, but then revealed to him: “There is another investor who recommended Zhou Pei to me. I also heard about the name Wen Ying when I followed her. They look very similar. Of course, if the acting skills are equivalent, I will definitely favor the person you recommend. “


Zhou Pei also mentioned this audition with him before. At the time, he had already agreed to Wen Ying, and naturally refused. Unexpectedly, she still achieved her goal through others.

He remembered the self-deprecation that Wen Ying displayed that time.

“If I knew that just talking to you for a year would mean that I get to receive everything, then why should I sleep with you?”

“You are right, I am different from her, I am far less intelligent than her.

This woman’s stratagem may be stronger than he thought.

He contacted people again: “Go and find out why Zhou Pei appeared at the Marriott Hotel last March.”

It was on that day that the two met because of a misunderstanding, and now when he thinks about it again, he feels weird.


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