WFILTU Chapter 39 – Truth II

Liu Yazhen laughed at once. At this moment, she thought a lot of things. Will the young master of the Yi family protect Jiao Jiao?

She just knew her baby daughter was smart and beautiful. How could she not attract these young people?

Liu Yazhen can’t help but raise her mouth slightly and ask the next question: “Did Gu Xuejiao fight Mingjiao?”

“No,” Yi Tianyu raised his eyebrows. “Gu Xuejiao didn’t fight with Cheng Mingjiao.”

“Nonsense!” Liu Yazhen raised her voice. At this moment, she couldn’t care less about young master Yi anymore. “The teacher said it herself!”

Yi Tianyu continued to laugh: “But I don’t think Gu Xuejiao beat Cheng Mingjiao at all. After all, with those dirty words that Cheng Minjiao said, I would directly f*ck her up.”

He forced a smile: “Gu Xuejiao has a small calf and tiny arms. She only grabbed Cheng Mingjiao’s clothes and asked her to stop speaking. How did it turn into hitting someone?”

Everyone in the office was stunned.

Yi Tianyu hooked his lips and looked at the person next to him: “Classmates, don’t you guys agree?”

“Yes!” Xi Junyang nodded seriously. “Gu Xuejiao didn’t hit Cheng Mingjiao. I’m the class monitor. I can testify that Gu Xuejiao has been studying hard this month and has never caused trouble.”

The other students nodded in agreement.

“Gu Xuejiao’s score can be raised from such a low score to an all pass, which shows that she really focuses on her study and has no time to make trouble.”

Li Sitong has already been completely stunned. Passed all her classes?

The fight actually wasn’t Jiao Jiao’s fault?


Yi Tianyu takes a look at Xue Jiao. His sight stopped at the other’s face. Xue Jiao’s skin is very white and tender.

He used to sneak peeks at her face when he was bored in class. He only thought that the other’s face was even more tender than his favorite tender tofu. Now that her face has a clear palm print, it looks particularly striking.

Yi Tianyu’s eyes became cold, and he continued to speak: “Cheng Mingjiao didn’t hit Gu Xuejiao, and Gu Xuejiao didn’t hit Cheng Mingjiao. However, with those dirty words she said, it’s only natural for her to be beaten. Classmate Gu is too weak to hit others, however, classmates, if someone said that to you, would you be angry?”

“Yes!” Xi Junyang’s voice was clear, and the others nodded in agreement.

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“What did Mingjiao say?” Li Sitong slowly opens her mouth and looks at Gu Xuejiao with some guilt.

Yi Tianyu looks at Gu Xuejiao, and their sight meets.

Xue Jiao knew that he was asking for her own opinion. Xue Jiao was not a bad person, but she was not a person who rewarded good for evil, so she nodded.

At this moment, she felt that the boy in front of her, who typically didn’t garner people’s love, was somewhat lovely.

If it wasn’t for him, of course she could explain it, but it would have been a bit of a hassle.

With Xue Jiao’s nod, Yi Tianyu and a few students retold the scene clearly.

Li Sitong takes a step back and looks at Cheng Mingjiao foolishly: “You……like this…… this is how you view me? “

Cheng Mingjiao shrunk and hid behind Liu Yazhen. “No…… No, it’s not like this……”

Liu Yazhen was also stunned. Although she also felt this way, however, there was no way she could ever say this directly. Therefore, she changed her anger from before.

“That…… Sitong, this must be a misunderstanding. Mingjiao is still young. Maybe she just said it in a hurry. Her original intention must not be like this. She has always respected you! “

“She’s already sixteen…… is she still a baby? ” Yi Tianyu murmurs, his voice was not loud, but it was heard by everyone.

Li Sitong is still stunned: “Mingjiao…… That’s what you said about me and Xue Jiao? “

Liu Yazhen’s face was momentarily ugly, “……She hasn’t reached maturity……we are all from one family. Let’s go home to solve these problems. “


“That’s not what you said just now.” Xue Jiao said coldly, “Before, you insisted on expelling me from school.”

“Expel?!” Yi Tianyu raised his voice and, like other students, looked at the crowd in shock.

Yi Tianyu’s face was ugly, but he was not familiar with Cheng Mingjiao because he didn’t pay attention to the things in the class. On the contrary, Xi Junyang, the class monitor, understood clearly.

He stepped forward, “Classmate Cheng Mingjiao, I remember you often said at school that classmate Gu Xuejiao was very doted on in your family. How do I feel…… your mother, her aunt, is very unfriendly instead, ah……  “

Yi Tianyu satirized: “It’s not just unfriendly, rather, it’s malicious.”

Liu Yazhen’s eyes were wide, and she was about to speak when she was interrupted by Yin Fang: “Ok! Since you are a family, if you have any problems, you should go back and solve them yourself. Gu Xuejiao and Cheng Mingjiao, who is right or wrong, should both go back and discuss amongst themselves. However, both of them have to write a self-reflection on the impact of this event! “

“Teacher, then shouldn’t she apologize to me? She said that I am a fox spirit. This is slander, rumour mongering and will cause troubles. Just now, her mother said that she will expel me……” Xue Jiao calmly stated, the situation from a moment has changed direction.

“On what basis should you expel my daughter?!” Liu Yazhen exploded.

Yinfang frowned slightly. She didn’t like Liu Yazhen, but her eyes moved to the girl who was crying with her head down. She thought of the fifth place in her class, rank 18.

And she’s still on the rise. She’s a good girl for the college entrance examination…… 

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