SOOEW Chapter 33 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXIII)

During the moment Zhou Pei received the audition results, she felt inconceivable. It was as if time and space had reversed. When she received the role for 《Yu Xian Ge》and could act with Lu Ze, Wen Ying probably had this reaction.

This time, the person on the list was replaced by Wen Ying.

But these two can’t be compared. Although they are both starring together with Lu Ze,《Yu Xian Ge》is just a TV series, while Zhang Xihe’s 《Urban Demon Realm》 will not only break the box office record for 3 years, but also bring back many big and small trophies. It is a movie that defies the law of nature in both the box office and through word of mouth.

She is an envoy, and certainly knows future developments. She has used this information to counterattack many people. She didn’t expect to flounder in a peaceful world!


Zhou Pei learned Zou Weidong’s schedule from his secretary, ordered a taxi, and stepped on her heels to push open the room dividers of a private room in the Japanese restaurant.

“Weidong, is there a problem with the audition results? I have seen the female stars in the same period, and there should be no one more suitable than me…… ” She suddenly stopped and looked at the person sitting across from Zou Weidong in surprise, “A Ze? Why are you also here.”

Lu Ze was also very surprised to see her too. He and Zou Weidong had business cooperation, and it was normal to have some exchanges. But what about Zhou Pei? He suddenly remembered that when they were filming in Hainan, Zhou Pei mentioned Zou Weidong while talking to him.

What was the relationship between the two?

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Zou Weidong’s face sank, “We are discussing things, do you need anything?”

Zhou Pei choked, “I’m just …… ” She realized that she panicked this time and came directly without asking clearly first. She decided to calm her mind first. Her gaze swept over Lu Ze and she asked Zou Weidong: “Did Wen Ying go to find you?”

Zou Weidong did not speak, but Lu Ze’s expression changed.

By chance, since Lu Ze is here, she will take the opportunity to destroy Wen Ying’s back road.

“I know the list of people on the auditions this time, it didn’t have her. However, the result said that she obtained the role. I asked Director Zhang, and he said that you recommended her.” Zhou Pei touched her forehead, looking a little tired, “President Wei, I know that this society is very unfair, but I thought you were different.”

Zou Weidong slowly put down his chopsticks, “You are not reconciled?”


“How do you want me to be reconciled!” She seemed to be unable to resist her outbreak, and exhibited a bit of pain. “If you can get everything you want by selling your body, then what should we do? We have worked hard to hone our acting skills, is it only to make way for this type of person ?! “

Zou Weidong hasn’t spoken yet, but Lu Ze was already angry. The amount of strength he put towards his chopsticks was almost enough to break them.

It’s still like this, no matter how many times, no matter how high she climbed, she always wanted to take a shortcut to achieve her goal.

Lu Ze responded: “President Zou, since I happened to see it, I can’t just stand by. We are all actors. We understand hard work and we can’t agree with such unspoken rules.”

“You also think that Wen Ying obtained the character by betraying herself and blowing her wind besides the pillow?”

In response to this rhetorical question, Lu Ze hesitated for a moment.

If it was before the reality show, he can be sure that she used some means behind her. But while acting that time, the aura that she produced was one that even he couldn’t fight against. Just by acting alone, she may not necessarily not have the power to fight.

“Whether it’s true or not, shouldn’t President Zou know best? Why bother A Ze?” Zhou Pei grabbed the period before him and cut off Zou Weidong’s words first.

Suddenly Zou Weidong’s applause sounded in the room. It was a calm and powerful applause, once, twice, thrice.

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