WFILTU Chapter 40 – Truth III

So she just said, “Since you are relatives, I won’t say much. Today, you two go back to reflect with your parents. When you come to class tomorrow morning, you will bring the review book.”

“Ok, thank you teacher!” Liu Yazhen hurriedly said. Cheng Mingjiao was holding her sleeve and silently weeping.

Xue Jiao looked on coldly, then raised her feet and left the office.

This afternoon’s class is only to discuss the exam. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t listen. She’s in a bad mood and just wants to leave here immediately.

“Jiaojiao ——” Yi Tianyu ‘s subconscious attempt to catch up was interrupted by Li Sitong’ s shouting.

He looked at Li Sitong, who was catching up with him, and said in a loud voice, “Gu Xuejiao has suffered such a great grievance. You, as a mother, have not even said a word to get justice back for her.”

Li Sitong’s steps stopped for a moment, then continued to catch up.

Xue Jiao was caught up by Li Sitong at the school gate. She anxiously grabbed her hand tightly and said, “I’m sorry…… Jiao Jiao sorry…… “

Li Sitong’s face was filled with sadness. Her hands that were tightly gripping Xue Jiao’s hand were turning white. So it wasn’t a fight this time, so…… it was out to protect her…… 

Xue Jiao’s voice carried no emotions: “Mom, are you really truly a biological mother?”

Li Sitong’s face was white to the point it was frightening. Her fingers trembled slightly, and she only knew how to say: “I’m sorry……. I’m sorry…… 

“Whether Cheng Mingjiao was right or wrong, her mother had always been standing by her side. When she was hit, her mother would help her return the grievance. When she found out that it was Cheng Mingjiao’s fault, she immediately helped her to explain it. How about you?” Xue Jiao didn’t finish her words, but they all knew the continuation.

*WOW, Xue Jiao really has helped me with my grievance. She dead said everything I’ve been screaming since translating this. 

——But you, who didn’t know the sequence of events, your first move was to slap your daughter. When you know that your daughter fought for self-protection, you just stared at her and didn’t ask for answers.


“I’m sorry…… I’m sorry……” She seems to have lost her ability to speak. She can only say this sentence.

“I know I was immature before, but I think my behavior in this period of time should also be able to reassure you. You are my mother. If you don’t trust me first, who will trust me? “

She closed her eyes slightly, held out her hand, put it on Li Sitong’s wrist, and gently pulled her hand off.

“I’m tired. I’ll go for a walk.” With that, she strode away.

“Jiao Jiao—— “

Li Sitong’s voice was despairing. Looking at the lonely figure walking away, she felt frightened in her heart.

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Xue Jiao walks in the street in a daze, surrounded by passers-by. There were fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, lovers, friends…… their lives were ordinary and happy.

The people who come and go in the shops on both sides seem to be very busy.

At this moment, Xue Jiao felt lonely.

The kind of walking in a bustling street, the surroundings were bustling, but such bustling, instead, has nothing to do with their own world.

She seems to be wandering outside this world, which is out of line with the bustling surroundings.

Xue Jiao stops at a doll shop and stands quietly outside the window, staring at the panda doll.

It felt like when she was very young, she wanted nothing, had nothing, and could not afford anything.

She is trying to be Gu Xuejiao. It’s true that the other side has left her a lot of mess, but she is still a little pleased.


She has the identity of Gu Xuejiao, a family that can accommodate her even though it doesn’t belong to her, a mother that’s still her mother even though her ways seem to be inaccurate…… 

Now, everything seems to be empty.

She seemed unnecessary in her own world, and when she came to a strange world, this world…… seems even more to have nothing to do with her.

Xue Jiao turned and left the window. She went to the park and sat down beside the fountain pool.

About half an hour later, she suddenly covered her face and couldn’t control her tears.

Whether it’s to be Gu Xuejiao or to become Gu Xuejiao, she is still alone.

When she cried enough, a clean white handkerchief was handed in front of her, and Xue Jiao’s red eyes followed the handkerchief.


The author has something to say:

Yi Tianyu: I think I’m very handsome.

Lin Zhihua: Hahada.

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  1. Yeah girl, you said it. Liu Yazhen was irritating but she did her job as a mother, to stand for hee daughter.

    • Damn, if the one who gave the hankerchief is the ML, he would be really stalking her, isn’t he?

      • Dont go to the dark plot mate. just let assume it was a coincidence and world plot. ahahaha

      • Look here… we have to leave our healthy relationship boundaries at the door when we read these romance novels, okay??

  2. Looks like the ML is here.😍 Hooray, a break from the angst.😊 I’m looking forward to the next chapter.🤩 I wonder if he’ll gift her that panda toy🐼 she wanted?🤔

    Thanks for this chapter.💖

  3. Thank you for your hard work ❤️

  4. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    Sigh. well, what can I say? good luck to mc.

  5. This stalking horse…and girl you are 16!! Be more aware!! Scratch that you are 18!! Sheesh…but… Such poignant words, they don’t expect anything from her…they only see trash… 🙁 she wasn’t even really that bad to begin with… Hugs OG GX people can change if you let them…

  6. Dear Li Sitong, don’t you know that your behavior could end up endangering your child mental health?! At this point, if she doesn’t have a friend to talk to or a goal in life, she will rebel more y’know and she won’t believe you or regard you as her mother again.
    Well, you stoop as low as just a stranger because YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS HURT SO BAD

    • One thing people said about Li Sitong is very true, she can’t raise children. Being able to give birth doesn’t make you a mother…. or a father, let alone a good one.

    • its the yandere system only explanation how yanderes are always there and dont seem to follow the laws of a normal schedule

  7. I like ML (though the stalking is a bit…icky) I almost jumped ship because of Yi Tianyu. He’s really good for her too. Ahhh it’s hard choice even if the end is already chosen

  8. What stalking?! The first three times are only coïncidences only the fourth and this Times are his apparences deliberate throught thé guise of picking up his brother because je wants to meet her under legitimate reasons . This does not fit the définition of a stalker. On top of that right now there is no inclination that he is sexually attracted to her. It’s more of an interest due to the fact that he isn’t repulsed by her.

  9. This entire fiasco really wants to make me slap every single adult involved. I really have no sympathy for Li Sitong in the slightest bit! She’s one of those pathetic, ‘ooh-I’m-trying-but-everyone-is-still-mean-to-me!’ bitches that really can’t accept that, yes, SHE is fucking things up and deserves to be blamed for it, too! What a garbage, self-pitying mother! Her daughter LITERALLY DIED without her noticing, the orphan girl now living in her daughter’s body came into the world recieving an unjust slap, and even now when this orphan girl is defending her even though the girl shouldn’t have to care about doing so, she recieves a second unjust slap! Was the original Gu Xuejiao really much better than an orphan herself? Just kick the entire useless mother away! Xue Jiao would be better off!

  10. Man, this cuts deep. And it’s worse for the fact that the mother is realistically written too. She loves her daughter in a limited way but definitely not unconditionally. But at least it’s better than the cheating ex husband. The struggles the mother went through is also what the readers can sympathize with. Emotions can get in the way of proper communication and this lady is an absolute emotional mess.

    But in the end it’s not the child’s burden to carry the parent’s mistakes. I’d be pissed if the mom refuses to give her the room to breathe and want forgiveness right away just to make herself feel better.

    And thinking back in her new home, the step father dotes on the mom, the step son also likes and respects her, just the daughter of the previous marriage is being treated like a thorn in the eye of all. Srsly, if the mom isn’t going to believe in her, who will?? Feeling so bad rn for the original GXJ.

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