SOOEW Chapter 34 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXIV)

“Ms. Zhou is really good at the art of language, but some things should still be spoken clearly.” He said meaningfully. Then he turned towards Lu Ze with some funniness in his tone, “Some words should not be said by me, but I really feel that it’s not very worth it for her. Lu Ze, anyone in this world is qualified to speak about her, but only you are not. “

“President Zou is probably wrong in saying this. She behaves improperly, yet others aren’t able to speak bad about her?”

Although the words were spoken like this,  whether it is how he addressed himself or his expression, it all gave Zhou Pei a bad hunch in her heart. She can’t help but stop the topic here. “Since President Zou wants to protect her, I also have nothing to say.” She needs to end this topic.

Lu Ze suddenly remembered what Wen Ying said before, took a breath, and pressed: “What does President Zou want to imply?”

“It’s nothing. I would have forgotten about it if I didn’t have the chance to cooperate with Film Emperor Lu this time.” Zou Weidong was about to reminisce and the corner of his eyes secretly showed a slight smile. “When she first came to find me, she should have still been a student, right? She deliberately dressed up maturely, and broke into my office with all her strength. The security guard came to stop her, and she yelled out loudly that she wanted a chance for fame, and would trade herself.” Fortunately, his office was on the top floor and no one else heard.

“I have never seen such a straightforward self-recommended pillow in my life. I found it quite interesting and agreed.”

Lu Ze felt a stab in his heart and mocked: “You don’t need to tell us about this kind of thing.”


“It’s okay, everyone is an insider, and now our rumors are all over the Internet. It’s just a little more details.” He smiled like the wind was small, and the clouds were few. “During her time with me, she never wanted jewelry, cars or even a house, as long as she had a chance to perform. However, her acting skills are average and her looks are limited, so she has always been tepid. “

Lu Ze suddenly stood up and was ready to go, he didn’t want to listen to this past.

“Later, she didn’t want scripts for female characters and selected male characters. I asked her, and she said that a friend has graduated. He has very good talent and must not be drowned in a mediocre crowd.”

He turned around suddenly, staring at Zou Weidong.

“She has grinded me for a long time and promised that her friend will be famous. There is only a lack of opportunity. So I finally gave the script to you in a way that you won’t find out. It’s funny, you don’t even know who is helping you behind the scenes so how can you thank me when you are famous? I for sure, lost out in this transaction. “

Silence reigned in the room for a long time. Zou Weidong no longer cares about whether they will have indigestion, and eats the food indifferently.

It’s very good salmon so it’ll be a waste to not eat.

*I HIGHLY AGREE D: missing sushi so much

Lu Ze’s head was blank, and after a long time, he just asked, “The friend that she mentioned……  is it me?”

“What do you think?” Zou Weidong said not too slowly and not too hurriedly: “Don’t worry, I don’t want to obtain justice for her. After all, few men can accept that their success depends on a woman. So whether you believe it or not, I have no interest in asking. “

“No, I…… “

Suddenly a memory flashed in Lu Ze’s mind. As a junior in college, she quietly left school to act as an extra in the drama, and excitedly acted out the script with him. At that time, she had already been familiar with the script many times, but it was still not as good as the first time he read the lines.

She was not discouraged at all, and jumped on the sofa with her bare legs, holding his face, radiant: “My A Ze is a genius, and one day he will become a superstar!”

His throat suddenly tightened and he couldn’t say anything.

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The moment that Zhou Pei saw Lu Ze’s expression suddenly change, she finally realized that she really did a stupid thing today.

Lu Ze didn’t say anything, yet Zou Weidong would actually help speak for Wen Ying. She didn’t expect that. Although she accused Zou Weidong of helping Wen Ying cheat, she knew clearly in her heart that the other party only offered opportunities and was not responsible for the results.

After Lu Ze left, Zou Weidong also put down his chopsticks and wiped the corners of his mouth with a napkin.

Zhou Pei’s phone rang suddenly, and she picked up the phone after she recovered from her state.

“Sister Zhou Pei, did you see the information on Weibo? It’s not good, it’s spreading all over the Internet that the released nude picture of Wen Ying wasn’t her but instead was the person who acted as her double at the time!”

Zhou Pei was startled, “Is this nonsense? She and I are not even twins, there is a difference when you take a closer look, who will believe this?!”

“It’s almost the same after applying makeup! In short, now the Internet is noisy, and the public opinion can’t be controlled. Come back quickly!”

“Wait, don’t worry first!” She covered her phone’s microphone and looked worried. “President Wei, I have to ask you for help with something, I…… “

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly saw the other person’s expression change as if he knew everything.

In a flash, she was awakened: “You did it?!”

Zou Weidong smiled, “Even if it was, so what?”


Zhou Pei’s face changed abruptly, in disbelief, “Impossible, you used to never do such a thing! You know clearly that the picture is one of you and Wen Ying, how could it be me?!”

“Doesn’t Miss Zhou also know that Wen Ying did not interact with those directors and producers, and yet, also poured dirty water on her.” Zou Weidong said slowly, “Moreover, Miss Zhou and I have never had such photos. If Miss Zhou has forgotten, I might as well remind you, on March 17, the Marriott Hotel. “

That day, he saw that she was standing at the door of his room and mistakenly regarded her as Wen Ying, and had made ambiguous actions. After realizing that he recognized the wrong person, he was rather embarrassed, but she was generous and resolved the embarrassment with a punchline, which left him with a good impression.

Afterwards, she said that she lived next door, and he naturally believed it, and did not specifically check.

But a few days ago, he asked people to investigate and found that she had never opened a room in that hotel on that day. Presumably, that day she deliberately dressed herself similar to Wen Ying, causing him to misunderstand, so as to take the opportunity to approach him.

And because he was ashamed, he had never doubted her.

“You, you already know?” Zhou Pei’s face stiffened, “President Wei, you listen to me explain …”

“Miss Zhou’s skill is high, and I, Zou is taught.”

He got up, “As for your explanation, it’s better to keep it to explain to your media friends.”

At this juncture, Zhou Pei, of course wanted to focus on her career first, but when she returned the rumors had already become more and more intense. It was so serious that someone pulled out the makeup artist who had imitated Wen Ying’s makeup for her.

Later, someone in her team defected and exposed the details of her blackening Wen Ying behind the scenes.

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