WFILTU Chapter 41 – Girl I

What came into view was a familiar face, and it was also that super handsome and cold face. 

But Xuejiao already has some understanding regarding this character, and knows that there is a cute personality underneath his cold appearance. 

Xue Jiao’s eyes were red with tears, it was very similar to a small, white rabbit. Lin Zhihua was standing. To see him, she had to lift her chin up very high. A small flower face was exposed under his eyes.

When Lin Zhihua saw that she didn’t take the handkerchief, he reached out and wiped her teardrops.

“A girl’s tears are pearls. What sad thing happened that you don’t even want pearls?” His face is very cold, but Xue Jiao only heard the gentleness in his voice.

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She sniffed and shook her head.

Lin Zhihua put away his handkerchief and took out the other hand behind his back. It was the panda doll holding the bamboo, the one from the doll machine…… 

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Xue Jiao froze.


“It’s for you.” As he spoke, he sat down beside Xue Jiao. The man in the expensive suit just sat down casually on the steps beside the pond.

Unable to understand why, Xue Jiao picked it up: Thank you…… “

While holding this favorite doll, her heart suddenly calmed down.

“So can you tell me, what happened?” His tone was casual.

A handsome face was directed at her, his ink black eyes staring straight at her.

She doesn’t seem to have nothing…… she does have…… a friend.

“The home that I live in doesn’t belong to me, the only mother that belongs to me, she doesn’t trust me, and doesn’t defend me. Second aunt and cousin hate me so much that they wish I would fall into hell…… ” Xue Jiao opened her mouth and couldn’t help pouring out to a “stranger”.

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However much expectations she has is how much disappointment she received. Since she came to this world, Xue Jiao has tried to live like Gu Xuejiao. She is also eager for family love like Gu Xuejiao.

During this month, she and Li Sitong have also had a good time together, so she will squat in front of Li Sitong and softly say—— I will become your glory.

However much she longed for at that time, is how much pain she suffered at this time.

*too deep

Lin Zhihua quietly waited for her to finish, and then said: “I will still use that phrase. The more you care, the more you will be hurt. The reason you feel sad is that you care about your mother. Only the knife from the person closest to you will hit the heart. If you don’t care, then you won’t be sad. “

He paused and followed up with a whisper, “There will be someone to defend you.”

Xue Jiao hugs her knee and puts her head on her kneecaps.


“How could there be such a family?”

Lin Zhihua looked at her head and said softly, “My parents have also hurt me seriously for some reasons. My relatives want to scheme against me, and all of them just want to receive benefits. My biological grandfather and his youngest son designed to murder me. “

Lin Zhihua said it so lightly, but the words he uttered shocked Xuejiao.


Xue Jiao was stunned. Compared with Lin Zhihua, she suddenly felt that what happened to her was nothing.

“You…” Xue Jiao opens her mouth, but doesn’t know what to say.

“However, I don’t feel bad. Not at all.” Lin Zhihua did not think it was anything, his feelings were originally weak. Regarding those people who he had already known had thoughts a long time ago, he did not feel sad at all.

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  1. ty
    yeah sucky family for both. glad they will have each other

    • Well, atleast her stepdad Cheng Suo is better than her mom 😑

    • Thank you for your hard work ❤️

  2. To summarize…
    Xue Jiao:😭
    Lin Zhihua: Don’t cry.🐼 It could be worse.😏

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  3. But honestly though, if it wasn’t a novel, it would be creepy af. Like a grown ass man, following a teenager around.

  4. Really love me an author that doesn’t preach the familial piety sales pitch. The victim gets to pick where to draw the line. You shouldn’t start preaching to others that you should be understanding of the perpetrator or tolerate them because of some possible regrets. Self-care comes first.
    The mom hasn’t done anything extreme (like plotting murder in ML’s relative’s cases), but the rift that’s forming can’t be repaired with some coaxing.

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