SOOEW Chapter 35 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXV)

After the audition results came out, Wen Ying posted a Weibo.

Wen Ying’s studio took the opportunity to release a comparison photo to clarify that the photos circulated on the Internet were all “out of context”. The shooting location was only a work dinner, and Wen Ying and the directors and producers did not have private interactions.

At the same time, Wen Ying reposted: I didn’t stand up to speak before, one reason was to collect evidence first, to increase credibility; the other is, compared to the internet, I think it’s more important to create good work. This is the best response towards the people who supported me.

The old fans who had been holding on silently for so long were so moved that they cried: “I knew that our Ying Ying was not such a person! Last time I heard someone defame you in the subway, I rolled up my sleeves to start ripping! Now I want to ask those people, does your face hurt? “

“I’ve swiped《Xin Tiao Hui Yi》 ten times! It’s so emotional. I used to watch my big beauty Ying act in place. I hated that the iron did not turn into steel. After a setback, I actually saw the transformation of Beauty Ying! I suddenly feel I should thank the defamers[doge] [doge] I am highly looking forward to the first movie! “

“Ying Ying, don’t carry the pot for Zhou Pei anymore! We all know, the people in those photos are actually Zhou Pei! It’s so shameful, approaching the director under your banner, and spreading rumors to vilify you!”

*pot- to carry some blame that wasn’t yours


Wen Ying was confused, what information did she miss without swiping Weibo for only one day?


At this time, because they were recording the same variety show, Fang Xing, who came to steal the nanny’s car, came to watch and said: “You don’t know yet? The Internet is saying that you are carrying Zhou Pei’s black pot, I don’t know who did it. Anyway, I also asked people to add oil to the fire. It’s true, the idea is crooked, but it’s useful. It ’s useless for you to clarify with people. People can still think of the photos as soon as they mention you. If you muddy the water and make people dizzy, then you can get out of it. “

Wen Ying understood, she squinted at him and smiled with her lips puckered: “Curious about who? Then I will start naming names…… “


Without her needing to say anything, and just based on her expression alone, Fang Xing guessed at once. He made a “pause” gesture, “Pretend I didn’t ask.”

While talking, the nanny car stopped and another man wearing sunglasses and a mask got in the car.

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Wen Ying questioned Sister Hua with her eyes. Sister Hua made a gesture of spreading her hands and mouthed: “Stealing a ride.”

When she found out that it was Lu Ze, she understood why Sister Hua didn’t refuse the person stealing a ride. But she felt a little strange, “Are you also going to record Tomato’s variety show? I didn’t see you on the list.”

Fang Xing lazily leaned on her side and smiled: “Are you stupid? Who is Teacher Lu ah, he is the resounding film emperor character. Wouldn’t it be easy for the program team to arrange a mysterious guest role?”

Wen Ying rolled her eyes and pushed his head away.

“Only you are smart.”

Lu Ze sat down and looked out the window, forcing himself not to watch their intimate interactions.


“I’ll sleep for a while, call me when we arrive.” Wen Ying spoke towards the direction of Sister Hua, but Fang Xing reached out to adjust the blindfold for her and answered “Ok”.

Arriving at the destination, Fang Xing suddenly found that he could not wake up Wen Ying. Sister Hua had already left the car and was waiting for them.

As he tried to push people, Lu Ze suddenly came to the front row to dissuade him, “Don’t randomly move, she will have a temper if she doesn’t sleep well. If you push her like this, she will be unhappy.”

How could Fang Xing listen to him? He suddenly pushed Wen Ying, and was immediately pushed by her forcefully. He could even hear her mutter: “So annoying, let me just sleep for another minute.”

He reached the end of his rope. 

Then he saw Lu Ze squat down and didn’t know what Lu Ze did. Wen Ying suddenly shrank back, and then quaked like she was afraid of being tickled.

Fang Xing discovered that the other party seemed to have scratched her waist.

“Don’t make trouble!” She muttered, smiling uncontrollably, “I’m up, I’m up, don’t stir up trouble A Ze——”

When the familiar nickname came out, both people were shocked.

At this time, Sister Hua poked her head from the door and said excitedly, holding up her mobile phone: “Girl, what did you do? President Zou actually published a message admitting that you are the girlfriend he has been with.”


The author has something to say: 

After finishing the three-person scene of bloody slaughter (although President Zou is not here), one is satisfied! 

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  1. Whoooaaa I caught up and damn what a move by Pres Zou! Thank you for the translation!

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