WFILTU Chapter 42 – Girl II

He’ll just chop off the claws that stick out at him!

It’s obvious that Xuejiao doesn’t think like this. She didn’t have family affection in her last life. To her, family affection is a beautiful thing.

She had expectations, so she was sad.

What happened to Lin Zhihua only made her feel that the man in front of her must be very sad at that time.

“Mister…… ” She opened her mouth and her eyes were full of worry, “Don’t be sad, later, we can just love ourselves…… “

Her voice is very light, filled with sincerity and heartache.

Lin Zhihua’s heart turned soft. He can’t help but lift the corner of his mouth slightly. His heart is warm.

This was a feeling he had never felt before. The heart that had never had any fluctuations before, became slightly hot.

This feeling was so beautiful that he wanted to hug the youth with red eyes in front of him and bring her home. From now on, all her care and care can only be given to him.

Lin Zhihua restrained himself, reached out and patted her head gently: “Little girl, feelings are a very complicated thing. On one hand, you feel that your mother loves you, but on the other you feel that she hurted you, but it’s a blood related relationship, and you can’t throw her away, so you feel aggrieved.”

“You think, why can’t she become a little better, and you also think, why can’t she become bad all the way. Everyone who’s frustrated with familial love eventually all  have this feeling.”

Xue Jiao froze.

Yes, she really thinks like this. If Li Sitong treats her well, she will sincerely accept her. If she’s not good to her, then she should simply become bad all the way, so that she can cut her off.

Feeling the tremor caused by the other side’s hair sliding at his fingertips, Lin Zhihua’s fingers quivered slightly. His eyes narrowed slightly, and he continued: “So girl, I rather hope you don’t care. This is not a right or wrong problem. This is not the first time, and it may not be the last time. If you don’t care, even if there are more knives, it won’t hurt you.”

Xue Jiao didn’t talk, bit her lower lip slightly, then nodded heavily.

Lin Zhihua’s eyes moved to her lower lip, which was tightly clenched by her teeth. His eyes dimmed and he quickly withdrew his hand: “Girl, still crying?”

“I already stopped crying! It’s just a moment of sadness. I don’t cry at ordinary times! “


“Oh? Really? ” Lin Zhihua wore a faint smile.

Xue Jiao stared with wide eyes: “Yes! Today is an exception! “

“Then you’d better not let me see you crying again.” I’ll be heartbroken.

“No way!”

“By the way, mister, what’s your job?” Xue Jiao doubts.

Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows: “Are you sure you want to be so polite?”

Xue Jiao is stunned, slowly exhales a breath, and reads out a name: “Lin Zhihua.”

“En.” Lin Zhihua’s mouth slightly raises and nods.

“You haven’t said what it is you do?”

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“Me, I’m a businessman.”

Xue Jiao’s mouth opens wide: “Ah? I can’t see it at all! “

“How do I not seem like it?” Lin Zhihua raised his eyebrows and squinted at her.

“Businessmen look very friendly. You are so…… “

*she’s so honest, its painful haha

“Not all businessmen are very kind. I’m pretty good like this.” Lin Zhihua rubbed his fingers and moved his sight forwards.

Xue Jiao nodded. She thought Lin Zhihua’s face was so stiff. He was so idle, so his business probably wasn’t very big. Hence, she stopped talking about it.

“Lin Zhihua, thank you.”


“Thanks for what?” Lin Zhihua moved his sight again. His expression was not angry. He looked at her with his pair of eyes, that seemed more like he wanted to suck her in.

Xuejiao didn’t look away at this time, and she was very serious: “Truly thank you very much. Although it might be a little bold of me, I still want to say that you are my only friend.”

Lin Zhihua was shocked for a moment: “Friend?”

“En, Lin Zhihua, would you take into heart friendship between generations?”

Friendship between generations?!

Lin Zhihua is completely shocked. He…… He’s very old?!!

“Ha ha ha ha—— ” Xue Jiao chortled, “I’m teasing you. You only look two or three years older!”

Lin Zhihua: “…… ” It’s even more heartbreaking.

Xue Jiao retracted her smile and looked at him with gentle eyes——

“You are more like my brother…… “

*oh noes, it’s the brother card haha

Lin Zhihua’s lips that were just about to move are frozen now.

“……” Well, it’s a punch.

“Thank you!!!” Xue Jiao raised her voice and stood up. “Then, I’ll head back first. See you again!”

“I’ll see you off…… “

Xue Jiao has already run a few steps, turned back and smiled: “No need! Bye bye!”

Her little figure gradually ran away. Lin Zhihua looked at her back and smiled slightly.

What should I do?

He really wants to take the person back and let this girl be around him all the time.

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    • Maybe she didn’t have time to consider him as friend due to him annoyed her everyday? Lol

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  3. Uncle? Brother? Well.. it seems that he will have to go the incest route, her fault.

  4. Is it just me who finds it uncomfortable and a bit creeped out when a stranger you just met ,like 4x ‘coincidentally’, acts close to you?? Just me? Ok then.

    • I am so creeped out by the age gap. Like she is fucking 16, he is probably in his 20ies. Why is s he developing feelings for her? That’s concerning

  5. Ahahha silly girl, didn’t her parents mention him before? Maybe she was only half listening. He’s idle because he made it so not because it’s a small company. But ML hurry and seal the deal before she thinks of you as a father figure (better to be her bother figure 😉 jk jk )thanks for the chapter it was a soothing balm after the previous ones.

  6. I can’t with this guy. He supposed to be a sharp businessman. But he likes a 16 years old girl?
    She should just end up with Yitianyu. He’s much better fit than this old dude

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