SOOEW Chapter 36 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXVI)

Wen Ying woke up in a daze, removed her eye mask, blocked the light, and bewilderedly asked: “Yes?”

“Zou Weidong said that you were his ‘Past’ Girlfriend.” Young master Fang Xing broadcasted with his arms, emphasizing the word ‘Past’. He unhappily raised his eyebrows, “He has such a big face*. When did you date him? I will go ask Sister Hua to clarify for you!”

*not truly face, but rather in this situation, the nerve or gall to do it

When Wen Ying didn’t speak, Lu Ze had already stopped him and said softly: “Create less chaos. It is a good thing that he can send such a message. In this way, those photos belong to the category of normal male and female friends. There will be no one to talk messily about it.”

Fang Xing looked at him like he saw a ghost, and sneered through his teeth: “You sure are generous…… “

Wen Ying saw Lu Ze’s attitude and had some understanding in her heart. Probably, the foreshadowing from last time had played a role, and Lu Ze already knew what the original owner had done for him.


To speak of, the original owner really did have feelings for Lu Ze. She had the same common family background as herself, but she doesn’t have the talents like her, resulting in her heart becoming crooked and walking the wrong path. She had both love and guilt towards Lu Ze. When the two had the strongest feelings, they made a promise to work together. However, she left him for a shortcut, and never looked back. The only thing that can be done is to provide him with some opportunity when he is in a difficult period.

Lu Ze was born to eat this bowl of rice, once he was provided this opportunity, he was naturally able to rise up in the ranks.

Of course, Wen Ying didn’t know that Lu Ze hadn’t even had the time to check yet, but her gold master already provided her with divine assistance.

Her gold master’s assistance was not in vain. Very soon, she received a message from the other.

“You don’t have to be too concerned with the news. I only released the news of us dating because you said that during that time, you treated me like a boyfriend. I only hope that there will be opportunities to pursue you again in the future.”

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Wen Ying thought for a while, and under the urgent stare of the other two, she did not reply.

The three entered the recording studio together, and communicated first with the host for a rehearsal.

In this act, Tong Hui and Zhao Mingxu were also invited. Originally this was a pair to promote the TV series and to promote the new album. The reason being that they participated in the same reality show. Who knew that Lu Ze personally called into the show after his rejection. Now it’s great*. Five out of the six people from the show came, and Zhou Pei did not come. The program team was considering her recent burdens/surface/news, and did not release a temporary invitation.


In the evening, the seated audience learned that Lu Ze was coming, and their screams almost broke the roof.

The host also smiled and asked them to introduce themselves one by one. Every time it was someone’s turn, the audience would applaud and cheer, making the scene very lively.


There were three segments to play in total. The first program was for everyone to perform their own specialty. Wen Ying cross-dressed, and turned from a girl into mens wear. She actually used the image of Lu Ze’s classic white shirt in 《Hong Dou Zhi Lian》. From the melodious melody from the violin to the female mc who acted with her, their eyes were clear, and the sight was loving, creating an aura of the chasing and pure embodiment of a young boy’s beautiful love.

The lens gave Lu Ze a close-up, and he had a shocked expression, like he couldn’t believe that she would show the small details of his character in place.

No one knows, his emotions are very strong at this moment, and it will almost overflow from his chest.

He could not help but imagine in his mind, the scene of her watching the scenes of the movies he starred in at home again and again.

The host applauded heartily: “Wen Ying should have watched this movie many times, right? I almost envisioned what Lu Ze looked like when he performed this role. The similarity to the original is very high!”

“Yes, I like Emperor Lu’s act very much and have watched it many times. Especially in this section, I feel as if I saw myself in my youth.” Wen Ying laughed as though she were reminiscing, “At that time, the feelings were very pure. Even if you can not contact each other, as long as you know he is there, it feels very sweet.”

“Oh? Can we gossip about who was the one Wen Ying admired when she was a teenager?”

“It’s boring to say it.” She dodged the question with a smile, “Let’s leave a little fantasy space for everyone.”

Fang Xing watched on the side with cold eyes. It wasn’t until the second round of activities, that he suddenly became eager to try.

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