WFILTU Chapter 43 – Girl III

Lin family.

“President Lin!” Chen Yan stood at the gate, and when he saw his car, he immediately came up.

“Everyone’s here?”

En, we have already informed to postpone the meeting for half an hour.” Chen Yan looked down at the time, “At present, all the managers should have already returned to the meeting room.”

“En, start the meeting.” Lin Zhihua strides forward.

Chen Yan hurriedly followed. The corner of his eyes looked at Lin Zhihua, “Boss……that half hour…… is there anything very important? “


His en, obviously meant that it was very important.

Chen Yan is confused.

Lin Zhihua’s schedule is with him. After following Lin Zhihua for so many years, basically everything is handled by him.

What’s more, his boss is someone who puts work first. It should only be work that can make him postpone the meeting, right?

But……how could he not know if it was about work?

Chen Yan couldn’t figure it out, but he didn’t dare to ask again.

They went to the front of the exclusive elevator. At this time, a beautiful and pure girl rushed down the stairs and deliberately turned her foot, falling towards Lin Zhihua’s body.


He almost immediately backed up and let the other side jump into the air.

“Boss…” The girl opened her mouth with a shudder.

Lin Zhihua interrupts her: “I don’t want to see this person in Lin’s company in the future. Those who recruited her will be deducted this month’s salary and half a year’s bonus, and those who trained her will be deducted one month’s salary and the whole year’s bonus.”

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He said this with a cold face and continued walking on.

Chen Yan looks at the girl indifferently. If this person wants to come into contact with the boss in other ways, it’s not even as bad. However, she wanted to fall on the boss’s body, she truly doesn’t even want her life anymore!

He followed Lin Zhihua from when he took over from Company Lin. He had never seen a girl close to him.

That’s not right……  there seems to be one?

“Boss! I was wrong! Don’t fire me —— “the girl wailed and cried.


Lin Zhihua walked into the elevator, and while the door closed, his line of sight was towards the girl’s face full of tears, with no response.

As for…… he once said that girls’ tears are pearls——

Oh, it’s none of his business. It’s not his pearls.

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When Xue Jiao came back, the Cheng family was very quiet, but unexpectedly, all of them were there.

She calmly pushed open the door and went in, changed her shoes, all silently without a word.

“Wuwuwu, Mingjiao’s knee is still green now. How can her parents not understand this girl’s character? She must have been confused at that time so she said the wrong thing! Besides, didn’t Gu Xuejiao beat her? ” Liu Yazhen is pulling Mingjiao on the side and crying.

“Shut up!” The Cheng Family’s second son, Cheng Kai yelled at Liu Yazhen.

The old man and the old lady’s complexion looked ugly. They strongly respect their face. No matter who is right or who is wrong at this time, they all have lost their Cheng family’s face.

“Truly too promising! One curses a person and the other hits people!” The old lady Bai Xiumei said coldly.

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