SOOEW Chapter 37 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXVII)

This round was Tomato’s signature program “Who is undercover” game. One person gets a tag that is similar to but different from the others. The others have to find the “undercover agent” amongst the descriptions

In the first round, the undercover was Fang Xing. He deliberately made some small movements during the description. Sure enough, Wen Ying was able to immediately identify him. When other people did not understand how she was able to do it and asked why, she responded with:”When he lies, he would subconsciously pull his collar.”

Everyone was puzzled:”Just now, I didn’t see him doing this action.”

“He stopped halfway through, probably trying to cover up his own habit.”

The director slow-motion replayed the scene just now. Sure enough, Fang Xing hooked his fingers and reached halfway, and then quietly put it back..

Everyone raised their thumbs towards Wen Ying without prior agreement.

Fang Xing raised his hand in a helpless surrender:”Aiyah, I really can’t escape the class monitor’s eyes!”

When this ambiguous title came out, there was a scream immediately in the studio. The couple’s CP fans’ state of minds have combusted!

However Fengshui turned around. 

In the second round, the undercover agent was deeply hidden, and one person after another was eliminated. The person was not picked out throughout the whole round.

Soon, there were only three people left on the field. The scene gradually evolved into a competition between Wen Ying and another female mc. Lu Ze took the role of referee. The hostess patted her breasts and swore that she wasn’t the undercover. She spoke coquettishly towards Lu Ze to please him and asked him to throw Wen Ying out, making the audience laugh.

Lu Ze turned his head to ask Wen Ying:”Did you play enough?”

Wen Ying tilted her head and blinked, creating an innocent civilian appearance.

He smiled, thought about it seriously, and cast the MC out.


At the end of this round, the mc wailed and lay on the long table. She flipped her card, and sure enough, Wen Ying was the one undercover!

Wen Ying’s lips were smiling. She was in high spirits and obviously having a good time.

This reminds one of Lu Ze’s unclear words, and the male mc can’t help but ridicule: “Film Emperor Lu is acting as a knight currently, escorting the undercover agent!”

Lu Ze smiled without saying a word, and turned his eyes to the side inadvertently. He happened to directly meet Fang Xing’s gaze head on. Fang Xing revealed his white teeth and gave a brilliant and provocative smile, but he smiled indifferently. The two people had sparks flying off in all directions.

The two bandied back and forth seemingly fake but also real fighting. This sets off a wave of highs/lows in the studio. 

The last uphill game reached a critical moment. Wen Ying was halfway on the upholstered mountain slope made from props, but in the next moment, she was about to be pulled off by the person behind. Unexpectedly, Lu Ze and Fang Xing both reached out a hand to her at the same time.

The amusing thing was, Fang Xing is her enemy.

The hostess excitedly added a fire:”Wen Ying and the two have acted as couples in the reality show, now the two CPs are ultimately battling it out. In the end, will the ZeYing CP win or the sugar spreading CP? Please wait and see what happens!”

Wen Ying looked at the two hands in front of her, yet ultimately, she kicked the person who pulled her leg with one foot, and used that energy to continue climbing up. She laughed happily and raised her brows at the host who started the gamble. Her appearance was beautiful with extra surplus and ten points domineering.

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The two men reluctantly withdrew their hands while smiling and stood beside her, like knights defending their queen.

After the program aired, the ratings reached a new high.

There is also a lot of discussion on the Internet. After Wen Ying thoroughly cleaned up □□, her popularity ushered in a new wave. She finally reached the top with her own strength, and ruthlessly encircled in new fans.

*□□ in the raws

Ever since she regained her strength, she has conducted herself with confidence and created a self-reliant image, providing people with an excellent positive impression.

Of course, the CP powders were pinched until they were badly battered.. The pure powders of the male celebrity has already ceased to post the declarations that she is not worthy of idols, and many people have even become her fans, hoping that the two idols they like can be together.

Compared with her, Zhou Pei’s popularity has completely fallen into the bottom. After Zou Weidong released the news, some people dug out the situation from that year when she went to the Marriott Hotel for no reason, and “encountered” Zou Weidong by accident. The time is exactly during the period when Zou Weidong was described to be dating Wen Ying.


This caused a lot of anger with people, and she was immediately hit with the “mistress” mark.

The netizens made videos from the episode and even dug the video from when she participated in the reality show and acted the part of the “Original complainant”. They exclaimed tut tut: This mistress is very great. She slanders and vilifies the original. What a good hand, and good kungfu[applaud]!”

“#The hardest working body double in history##Be a substitute until you substitute yourself onto the original’s boyfriend’s bed, naked substitution? !”

During the moment Zhou Pei suffered the most violent impact, the staff of her team also changed jobs, she lost notices, the advertisers canceled their contracts, and the number of her Weibo fans has also repeatedly decreased, completely falling onto the bottom of her career.

Soon, Zhou Pei found that she gradually forgot a lot of information regarding the past and the future of this world. She will no longer have advanced knowledge and abilities, and no longer retain a sense of superiority beyond everyone.

This is exactly what happens when the power of faith is lost.

The audience is always forgetful. A female celebrity with poor rumors will be completely discarded in the dust of history in less than half a year..

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