WFILTU Chapter 44 – Girl IV

Li Sitong didn’t speak, but when Gu Xuejiao came in, she came over and wanted to take over her school bag. Her smile seemed to be flattering.

Her hand was taken out and back again, out and back, her face full of the embarrassment and uneasiness.

Xue Jiao avoided her movements and moved to go upstairs directly.

“Jiao Jiao, wait a minute.” Cheng Shuo stopped her and smiled kindly. He patted the sofa beside him. “Come sit here.”

Xue Jiao slightly bowed her head, bit her lower lip, but still went over.

This stepfather is really good to Gu Xuejiao. He treats the two children fairly and reasonably. She doesn’t want to slap his face.

“Mom and Dad, since you’re here, I don’t need to go to the old house to find you. You already know what happened.What Jiao Jiao did doesn’t even count as hitting Mingjiao, but Mingjiao is too much.” Cheng Shuo felt Gu Xuejiao’s head with one hand and looked at the elder and the madam.

“Big brother!” Liu Yazhen raised her voice, “Mingjiao was only confused for a while, and only casually said some things, but Gu Xuejiao really kicked Mingjiao!”

She looked infuriated, as if her anger wasn’t light..

Cheng Kai’s face changed. Of course, he loves his daughter, but her words are really bad this time…… 

The old man is reasonable, staring at Cheng Mingjiao: “Mingjiao, apologize! Apologize to your aunt and cousin. “


Cheng Mingjiao clenched her lower lip and looked at the crowd with dim eyes. The corner of her eyes swept Gu Xuejiao, a little sluggish.

She! She can never apologize!

She won’t lose to Gu Xuejiao!

Liu Yazhen also shouted: “Why?! At most, both of them are wrong. Mingjiao is still hurt! How could Mingjiao apologize to Gu Xuejiao? “

“Apologize!” Cheng Kai roars. Cheng Mingjiao lowers her head, but still doesn’t open her mouth.

Cheng Kai was enraged, overbearingly standing up.

The old madam Xiumei sighed a little and stopped turning her cane: “Ok, second son shouldn’t be impulsive. Don’t scare the child.”

She said and looked at Cheng Mingjiao: “This time, Mingjiao seems to have obtained rank 18? It’s not bad. Keep working hard and try to draw close to Mingze Ge’s score. “

“En —— ” Cheng Mingjiao murmured.

Bai Xiumei looked at Xue Jiao again: “Jiao Jiao, I heard that you have passed all your classes this time? This progress is great, but there is still room for improvement. We need to continue to make further efforts and improve a little more. “

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It’s a great progress that Xue Jiao passed the exam, but compared with Cheng Mingjiao, it was still much weaker.

Liu Yazhen’s proud tail is about to rise: “It’s said that many people in Mingjiao’s class are getting worse scores this time, and Mingjiao’s ranking can still rise. This is already very good!”

Bai Xiumei also nodded with a smile, and then said, “Yes, it’s not easy. It can be seen that both children have worked hard. This time, it’s just an accident. They apologize to each other, shake hands and make peace. Later, Mingjiao should help Xue Jiao to study, and they will work hard together.”

Liu Yazhen didn’t speak this time, as the old madam’s solution is fair.

Cheng Mingjiao obviously thinks the same way. As long as she isn’t the only one apologizing, she won’t lose.

She agreed with this solution, with her mouth curled in her heart.

“I won’t apologize.” After coming back, Xue Jiao, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke. Everyone was stunned and turned to look at her.


Xue Jiao’s face was still expressionless, and calmly said, “Once more, if Cheng Mingjiao said those words again, I would still hit her, so I am not wrong.”

“I’m not wrong, so I won’t apologize. But Cheng Mingjiao, if you’re not wrong, then if this happened again, will you still curse my mom and me as foxes again? “

“She sneers: “Also, you didn’t just make an indiscreet remark, you have always not respected us.”


The author has something to say:

Towards Xue Jiao:

Lin Zhihua (gentle): A girl’s tears are pearls. Don’t cry, my heart will hurt.

Towards others:

Lin Zhihua (indifference): Oh, it’s not even my pearls.

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  1. Say…Liu Yazhen said that her daughter was only momentarily confused. But, if you are confused, where did she get this idea from. If she didn’t think straight, it means it came from the bottom of her heart or rather it was a habit😬

  2. Talk about a double standard ML ..but me leaning towards pur dear MC….hmmmm.. I’ll put down my eyeglasses then 😅

  3. I am stealing that line next time i see someone cry and im apathetic “not my pearls” and dramatic exit

  4. Oh sheesh, our MC is so ballsy!! Love her rationality and calmness to speak up for herself without mocking others (which would be so hard to do for me in her shoes)

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