SOOEW Chapter 38 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXVIII)

Three years later, the most famous talk show in the country invited the presently famous and double hot Wen Ying.

*double hot- female actress who wins both the Oscar and the Golden Globe award or equivalent in respective countries

Many viewers who love Wen Ying sat in front of their TVs and computers to watch.

After a period of questions and narrations about her self-experience, the mc smiled and said: “As we all know, Wen Ying relied on 《Urban Demon World》to climb to the top as the box office queen in one stroke two years ago. Following that, she acted in a TV series that broke the ratings record. The two films both created box office miracles and the income gained far exceeds the investment cost, making her their favorite actress in the hearts of investors. At the same time, her interpretations of the roles also touched the hearts of countless audiences across the country. 


In that way, while your achievements are flourishing and booming, I don’t know if you have any ideas in regards to forming a family? What requirements do you have towards your other half?

Wen Ying wore a black lace dress that ended in a fishtail in the back. In front, the short skirt revealed a pair of white and long beautiful legs. She sat elegantly with her legs crossed. When answering the host’s words, she leaned slightly and smiled charmingly, her eyes carrying a little sweetness: “In regards to this issue, I think it’s better to just directly let everyone see the evidence.”

She presented the back of her hand, wearing an impressive diamond ring on her ring finger that sparkled under the light.

Of course, the host had long known this, as this originally was a well written script, but in front of the audience, they appeared surprised, and Weibo almost immediately exploded. #Wen Ying’s marriage partner# It hit headlines in one fell swoop, and all the people who previously had gossip with Wen Ying in the entertainment circle were all swiped on once.

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“It seems that our film queen’s secrecy work has been done very well, so hidden, is it an outsider of the entertainment circle?”

Wen Ying blinked, revealing a little bit of rare playfulness,”It’s someone in the circle, but we have always been very low-key.”

“Haha, since it’s an insider and the news of marriage has already been exposed, you shouldn’t mind letting us know the other’s name?” The mc teased, “In recent years, there have been many male stars who have expressed interest towards Wen Ying. When the news came out, I don’t know how many people will be sad.”


After she finished speaking, under the mc’s expression of loss, she laughed again:”Although I want to keep it secret, he wants to tell everyone the good news as soon as possible, so he obstinately followed me to the studio today. Do you want him to come onto the stage?” She complained sweetly.


The mc was immediately surprised:”Of course, that’s for the best. Let’s have the audience in the whole country follow me to see who this jealous man is!”

In the last row of the auditorium, a figure slowly stood up.

As the lens zoomed in, his face was completely exposed to the studio lights.


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I have never seen such an author! Such a deliberate block chapter block! I will not tell you who the CP is until the last minute! I am actually such a person? ? ? ?

😛 I am just this kind of person.

Actually, I’m afraid you won’t read the second story QAQ Hope this will keep my little angels (sweet talk skills)up), There is still a part of this story. I will post it with the second story tomorrow. 

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