WFILTU Chapter 45 – Apology I

These words are stated very calmly, but the words can crawl into another’s hearts.

Bai Xiumei frowned and moved her crutch after a period of time: “Mingjiao, this is how you think in your heart?”

“I…… I…… ” Cheng Mingjiao opened and closed her mouth several times while looking at Gu Xuejiao’s eyes, but she couldn’t speak even after a moment.

“Mingjiao certainly didn’t do it on purpose!” Liu Yazhen justifies.

“Mingjiao, do you realize that you are in the wrong?” Bai Xiumei still looks at Cheng Mingjiao.

Cheng Mingjiao nodded hurriedly.

Bai Xiumei smiled slightly and looked very kind: “if you know that you’ve done something wrong, then you should change it, but you have to apologize to your aunt.”

Cheng Ming was stunned and turned to Li Sitong stiffly: “Eldest aunt…. I…… I……”

“Mingjiao, you should apologize.” Bai Xiumei’s fingers tightened on the cane.


“I’m sorry!” She watched Li Sitong and whispered out the three words.

Xue Jiao sat there quietly the entire time, with a sneer on her lips.

“Enough!” A female voice burst out.

This time everyone was really shocked—— it was Li Sitong who made this roar!

Ever since she married into the Cheng family, besides scolding Gu Xuejiao, she was usually a very virtuous and kind woman.

Li Sitong exhaled slightly to make herself calm. Her original attitude was to solve the problem as soon as possible.

But just then, she saw her daughter’s sneer.

That kind of indifference formed from apathy.

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Li Sitong felt a pain in her heart. She looked at Cheng Mingjiao and said, “Mingjiao, you are two months younger than Xue Jiao, but you are still 16 years old. You are not a child anymore. You can scold me and curse me, but you can’t do that to my daughter. She’s not wrong and there’s no reason she should be scolded. “

“You’re not wrong, either.” Cheng Shuo said softly. He stood up and took her into his arms.

Li Sitong’s eyes began to water. She looks emotionally back at Cheng Shuo.


Xue Jiao looks at this scene, her face expressionless.

“She hit me! She hit me! ” Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes widened. “She hit me and you ask me to apologize first?! Why are you protecting her? For what? My last name is Cheng! “

“Because you don’t respect her mother! Your eldest aunt! ” Cheng Shuo hugged Li Sitong and looked at Cheng Mingjiao strictly.

He didn’t know how his clever and sensible niece had turned into this?

“Apologize!” Cheng Kai is fierce.

Cheng Mingjiao clenches her teeth and looks at Bai Xiumei. The other doesn’t speak. 

Her eyes moved to the old man next to her. The other side frowned, and his expression even carried two points of disappointment.


Cheng Mingjiao’s brain seems to be exploding. She doesn’t know how it turned out like this?

Why do these blood related relatives want her to apologize to the last name Gu?

“You are all protecting her!” She shouted and ran out.

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