SOOEW Chapter 39 – The body double counterattacks the famous female star (XXXIX)

There was a cry of exclamation from the audience, the audience’s heart also followed along and was seized!

The lens captures the man’s face into the frame. With the growth in recent years, he has gradually reduced the shadow he obtained from his first screen appearance where he has been regarded as the “most handsome white clothed youth”. He has turned more firm and resolute.

The audience is like the passing clouds, floating in the moment as if they were dreaming.

It turned out to be Film Emperor Lu Ze!

As he walked up to the stage step by step, Wen Ying also stood up from the sofa. Before even saying anything, she was already embraced into his arms.

The audience finally recognized this fact, and recovered their spirits from the midst of the clouds, and there was a warm applause immediately from the audience below the stage!


We can’t say that this was unexpected. In the past two years, due to the cooperation between the two becoming more frequent, the ZeYing Party has grown stronger, but we are afraid that even the fans of the ZeYing Party can’t imagine that their dreams actually became true! !

The stage lights dimmed, and the screen in the center lit up, flashing scenes of the two people on the same stage, from reality shows to cooperative movies, from publicity stunts to commercials. At this time, people suddenly found out that the scenes towards the end were more like tacitly agreed upon movements and lines of sights. It was like watching them fall in love with each other gradually.

Afterwards, the screen was divided into two, and the 《Hong Dou Zhi Lian》by Lu Ze and the《Hong Dou Zhi Lian》that Wen Ying had performed on the variety show were played at the same time.

The two acted very tacitly, and the actions of leaning to play the violin were the same. The same pure and loving gaze, even the angle of looking at a certain place, was exactly the same.

Seeing this, Wen Ying couldn’t help laughing: “You can’t even let go of this kind of black history?”

“How can this be regarded as black history.” The host teased: “You honestly tell me, you two have been dating ever since recording this show right. Did you start talking when you were here? This part was personally taught by Film Emperor Lu right?”

After embracing, the two naturally clasped their ten fingers together and sat on the sofa together.

Clearly the host asked Wen Ying, but Lu Ze answered. His voice was low, and his gaze looked at Wen Ying with an undisguised tenderness: “I didn’t teach her, she saw it and learned by herself.”

“Watched at it at least twenty times.”

Wen Ying kept up with a specific number tacitly, and then heard him recall: “Actually we were together when we were in college.” 

The audience was surprised, even the host was stunned for a moment, this segment was never discussed in advance!

Lu Ze, who was thorough, was squinted at by Wen Ying and he smiled, explaining: “Later we broke up and I only finally chased her back around a year ago.”

“Are you sure you chased Wen Ying?” The host quipped, “She watched your film more than twenty times.”

“En, I watched every film she was in at least thirty times.” 

The audience laughed with the host, and only thought that he wanted to prove that he has a deeper feeling for Wen Ying.

However, no one knows that he didn’t exaggerate. Since he found out that he likes her again, he began to watch her works again and again, wondering what she is like now, and what she has experienced to undergo these changes.

The only one who knew this was probably Wen Ying.

Unsurprisingly, after the program was broadcast, there was a wave of discussion on the Internet. Wen Ying and Lu Ze being married was enough to blow up this topic, not to mention their strong cooperation!

Most of the people posted comments blessing the two on their Weibo. CP fans were so happy that they’ll faint. They expressed their excitement on the Q group, post bar, and Weibo screen, and swiped the screen to express their inner excitement. They didn’t even hesitate not even caring that they’ll get banned!

Talking about the experience of the two people along the way, everyone suddenly found that someone had created a contradiction between Wen Ying and Lu Ze.

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“This Zhou Pei, the name is very familiar.”

“Holy cow, isn’t that the woman who wants to counterattack Beauty Ying! She cooperated with Lu Ze in a TV series, and called him A Ze A Ze inside and outside the play. That’s too funny. At that time, Beauty Ying only called him Lu Ze and Teacher. Lu. How would she receive a turn?”

“My friend in the circle broke the news that Zhou Pei could not continue to associate in the circle and became Ying Ying’s body double! My Ying is too kind. How can a woman with a previous record stay!”

“…… Is it only me who thinks that Yingying is covertly very bad 233333. Letting her gloomily come back as a body double,if it was me, I would definitely be suffocated to death.” 

After a small discussion, everyone went to work on their own. Zhou Pei’s topic sank and there was no stir.

Wen Ying walked out of the TV station. A Maserati came speeding and stopped before her.

In the car, the person took off his sunglasses and chicly smiled at her: “Do you want to take a free ride?” 


Lu Ze then stepped out and held on to Wen Ying’s waist. “Fang Xing, it’s better to look before you chat, and see if the other party is married.” As if to swear sovereignty, the two people’s rings were specially illuminated to show him as a warning.

Fang Xing was an insider in the circle, so, of course, he knew the news first.

But at the moment when he saw the diamond ring on her finger clearly, he was still stunned for a moment, and then raised his eyebrows with a smile: “At least I haven’t gotten married, I have the right to choose who to pursue.”

His temper was the same, but he was also free and easy.

As early as when Wen Ying chose Lu Ze, he originally caused a big mess. Afterwards, he seemed to have undergone a transformation, becoming mature and stable, and no longer mingled in the entertainment circle, but started sharing the family affair duties with his elder brother.

Wen Ying said that she was just a passer-by in his life, but he seemed to think that she was grinding a stone for him, a step for him to look into the distance. He learned a lot from her, understood choices and responsibilities, and also gained a broader future.

He never regretted liking her.

Soon, after being rejected, the Maserati, like its owner, went away without regret and merged into the traffic.

Wen Ying, who was sitting in the car, received a WeChat. She opened it, and Fang Xing’s uplifting tone sounded between the two.

“I wish you happiness, and also, I’ll wait for you to divorce~”

Wen Ying couldn’t help holding back a smile, but Lu Ze in the driver’s seat was helpless at first, then looked at her smile and smiled with her.

It seems that even if he is married, he can’t relax his guard.

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  1. I’m a little sad Fang Xing wasn’t endgame. :/ Anywho. Thank you for updating!

  2. What the heck… this upset my soul.. we don’t want her to take back her old flame. I did not expect this at all she had such a fun relationship with Fang Xing. I think she actually liked him but choose Lu Ze because hes the brightest star and so she could pass the mission. I really thought she played a part with Lu Ze but was more herself with Fang Xing ugh I hate this I’m so upset.

  3. I think this makes perfect sense.
    This is the normal couple we rarely get to see, where both parties are equal and get to compliment each other.

    The other guy was a ‘rich second generation’ and we should all know by now that drama that comes with it. Why should our MC have to deal with people treating her like a trophy wife, gold digger or worse? Those stories often end with actress wives being forced to retire because it makes the ‘family look bad and she needs to stay home and make/raise some heirs.’ Also it was clearly shown he didn’t respect her and thought he could have her simply because of who he was. I was put off of him from jump. I like stories where people of a similar age, experience, background etc end up together. They feel like home. Our homes should be peaceful and warm, open to us at any time without some randomo dissing us ’cause we don’t deserve the great favor of some noble son.’

    Good job author and MC! I would have chosen Lu Ze too. 😁

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