WFILTU Chapter 46 – Apology II

“Mingjiao!” Liu Yazhen said anxiously to Li Sitong, “Are you satisfied?”

After she finished roaring, she chased out, and the rest were silent.

Li Sitong was stunned.

Bai Xiumei sighed, walked forward, took Li Sitong’s hand, and said softly, “Mingjiao is really not sensible. I don’t know what kind of stimulation she received today. You are her eldest aunt. Be tolerant of her. I know you are a good, good child.”

Li Sitong has been married to the Cheng family for so many years already. She is a wife for the second time and even had a child with no support behind her. Although Bai Xiumei didn’t say anything, Li Sitong knew that the old lady was not satisfied.


So she has been cautious all these years, and only wanted to have a place in the Cheng family. That way she could let all those who laugh at her know that she can also live well.

For so many years, this is the old lady’s only rare warmth.

Li Sitong was quite moved and cried out, “Mom!”

Bai Xiumei nodded with a loving smile: “Good child, good child, Xue Jiao is also a good child…… “

“Wu —— I’ve wronged Jiao Jiao—— ” Li Sitong looked up at Xue Jiao with a face full of guilt.

Xue Jiao didn’t speak, lowered her head and looked at a place.

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That night, Bai Xiumei placated Li Sitong for a long time, which was a rare intimacy that occurred between the mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law.

Li Sitong’s original sad mood also improved a lot, and the expression on her face also relaxed slightly.

Xue Jiao didn’t talk during the entire period, and retired to her room very early.

It was the first time she had fallen straight on the bed before reading a book. She turned over and around all night.

Today, everyone helped her talk. Even her “mother” had a rare moment and burst out once, but she doesn’t know why, Xue Jiao is not happy, not at all.

After a while, she took out her phone and sent a message to Lin Zhihua——

[I never knew so clearly until this moment. I’m really an outsider. ]

Lin Zhihua replies very quickly——

[What’s the matter? Did something happen again after you returned home? ]

Xue Jiao’s fingers are slightly startled. She doesn’t know when it started. She gradually obtained a way to contact the other. And it even seems that from today on, she feels that she can tell him anything…… 

This is…… a friend?

Even though she doesn’t have kinship…… At least, she seems to have friendship…… 


[Cheng Mingjiao’s grandparents came over, they are all tellling her to apologize to me, and my mother is protecting me, but I don’t know why…… I feel terrible…… ]

Lin Zhihua —— [What happened tonight? ]

Xue Jiao then tells the story from her return until when the Cheng elders finally left.

[Lin Zhihua: Cheng Shuo is fair. Cheng Kai will ask Cheng Mingjiao to apologize not for justice but to educate his own daughter. Your grandfather is the same, but this education is due to the mistakes of their own children. So this education, even if it is not you who hit her, the other side will still educate Cheng Mingjiao. The old lady is only on your cousin’s side. She is a smart person. She has good control tonight. If it wasn’t because Cheng Mingjiao didn’t cooperate, otherwise, this situation would already be over. ]

Xue Jiao was bewildered, and could not understand some parts.

She was a girl who just graduated from high school in her last life. She didn’t understand at this moment…… old lady…… control?


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  1. Tsk tsk tsk, it would be really better if she leave that house. Dunno what to feel anymore about that mom, since she is so gullible yet stupidly harsh.

  2. Thank you for the chapters!!
    Will there be an explanation on the control part? Most probably will.

  3. Well of course the old lady’s a fox… she’s been in high society for long… Now XJ’s mom will be sweet talked into appeasing her and settling the issue…😤
    Well too bad granny, her hubby’s too smart for you!

  4. It only means…whether it is you or other person who hit her..they will still scold her because it her wrong first. They trying to educate her..whereas you..are just an outsider in their eyes..because you’re surname Gu. 😟..that’s how I understand it.

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