WFILTU Chapter 47 – Apology III

Fortunately, Lin Zhihua sent another message soon——

Your mother’s outburst is short-lived. She cares too much about her family and your stepfather. In fact, this kind of outburst is not powerful. However, your stepfather is not. Your mother’s outburst will touch him. Cheng Mingjiao runs out without remorse. As long as your grandmother appeases your mother, your mother can appease you and your stepfather. She appeases the rest of Cheng’s family, and reluctantly puts the mask Cheng Mingjiao put off this time back on. This will end this times situation. ]

[En? ]

[ Lin Zhihua: your mother will come to find you tonight. ]

Xue Jiao was startled, how would he know?

Soon, she received another message. Xue Jiao read it carefully, and then she was taken aback.

At ten o’clock in the evening, Xue Jiao’s door sounded.

She continued to read, without turning her head, and very quickly, the door was opened.

“Jiao Jiao…… ” This is Li Sitong’s voice.

Xue Jiao didn’t move. Li Sitong came near with a glass of milk and smiled bashfully, “Jiao Jiao, you have been wronged today. Rest earlier and study tomorrow.”

“I still have to write a review.”

Li Sitong’s smile dimmed and then, after a period of time, whispered, “I’m sorry…… Mom will never do this again……  “

“Really?” Xue Jiao raises her head up.

“Really! Mom promises! “


“But I don’t believe it,” Xue Jiao whispered, “Just as you don’t believe me.”

“No…… Not……  ” Li Sitong stutters.

“Mom, you still have uncle in Cheng’s family, but I only have you. Cheng Mingjiao said I was a stepdaughter*. I can bear it, because I really am. But she can’t slander me. Although her surname is Cheng, she can’t abuse me at will…… and you. ” The eyes of Xue Jiao are slightly moist.

*This is in a more negative connotation, 拖油瓶 means a woman’s children by a previous marriage

“No! Jiao Jiao! You’re not a stepdaughet, you’re mom’s baby! You have a father now. Uncle Cheng will protect you. You are the same as Cheng Mingjiao! “

“It’s different, at least…… her mother will protect her. ” Xue Jiao smiled bitterly, “Mom, I still don’t know where I was wrong. Do you know how terrible I felt when you hit me today? It’s like being betrayed by the whole world. I’m the only one and there’s no one who cares about me. “

“Jiao Jiao!” Li Sitong’s tears came down in a flash.

She knows that she hurt her daughter today, but she didn’t expect to hurt her so much!

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“You go out. I think I still need time to calm down.” She had her hands on her heart, and had an appearance of being highly uncomfortable.


“Get out.”

Li Sitong turned around, and with every step, she would turn her head back three times. There was a man standing at the door of the opposite room.

She froze and pulled out a small smile: “Mingze…… you haven’t slept yet ah…… “

“Auntie, you went too far today.”

Cheng Mingze finished and looked at the girl with her back to them, sighed slightly, turned to enter the room and closed his door.

While Li Sitong was returning to her room, she cried along the way. Almost as soon as she entered, she started bawling.

“Sitong! What’s the matter, Sitong? ” Cheng Shuo flips the quilt over anxiously and comes over.

“I let down Jiao Jiao! I’m not a good mother! ” The emotions of Li Sitong that were appeased by Bai Xiumei in the afternoon returned and burst out. She cried miserably.


“Don’t worry, don’t worry. I know you are a good mother. Let’s apologize to Jiao Jiao!” Cheng Shuo appeases her.

“Why is Mingjiao so excessive?! How could she be like this…… ” Li Sitong was racked by sobs.

“Mingjiao really went too far this time! This time she must be made aware of her mistakes! “

Cheng Shuo had a serious expression and thought of what happened this afternoon. Mingjiao’s words rang in his heart again.

This matter can’t end so simply, otherwise it’s not good for both children!

He almost immediately took his phone and made a call——

“A Kai, tomorrow morning, bring Mingjiao to apologize to Jiao Jiao! She hasn’t apologized to Jiao Jiao today. This kid must be taken care of! “

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  1. No! Jiao Jiao! You’re not a ‘Stepdaughet,’ you’re mom’s baby!

  2. Wait wait wait…there was a last message from the ML right? Did he just teach out our dear MC how to act in order for it not to be settled 😏..he really is a cold blooded businessman ah 😅

  3. Such a refreshing way of ML helping out the FL. Normally they’d straight up deal with it in person or send a lacky to do it for them. But ofc their relationship isn’t this close to do so nor has he the right to butt into their family relationships (unless a convenient arranged marriage thing comes a long) but so far I’m liking this fictional older brother looking out for this innocent yet fierce FL.

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