SOOEW Chapter 40 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife I

As early as when Zhou Pei lost the power of faith, Wen Ying had confirmed that the first task had been completed and returned to the Jinjiang Space.

She was still wearing the costume from《Urban Demon World》, looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar place. She subconsciously touched her lips, frowning. After performing a role for so long, it was a bit difficult to get out from the play.

Z942121 has still changed into her favorite human figure, waiting for her there. A cool light flashed through its eyes, and evaluated according to the procedure: “The god’s envoy Wen Ying completed her mission and now draws the power of faith.”

Wen Ying’s body flickered, and suddenly felt that there were tens of hundreds of warm currents swimming in her body and then turned into a silk thread, drawn from her fingertips. The body then returns to its original state.

That kind of comfortable feeling made her nostalgic.

It turns out that this is the power of faith.

After the extraction of the power of faith, it seemed to help her to reorganize her memory again, separating the memory of the first world from her own, so that she was able to separate from the role quickly.


“Assessment results of the power of faith, A-, an item corresponding to the level can be extracted.”

“A-, hearing it, it sounds pretty good?”

“The first mission was rated A, with considerable potential. But the evaluation for the amount of the power of faith is related to the task completion technique. The main reason that an A was received this time is mainly dependent on the world’s background being unique and reaching the peak will allow you to receive the attention of millions of people, receiving a huge amount of the power of faith.

Wen Ying winked towards it:”It’s all thanks to you, 21. “

The first task she obtained, she was assigned to the familiar world of the entertainment circle, which certainly has to do with a back door being opened. Although Z942121 is just data, it may still have human feelings, so she still feels that she must deal with it well.

It didn’t make a sound, and it paused for about one-thousandth of a second, and then led Wen Ying to the data river that she had been very curious about, and let her reach into it. “The reward item comes from Xiaoqian World. Please be careful when drawing.”

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After Wen Ying reached in, she could clearly see the outline of her hand, but it seemed to be rammed by an ant-like data, flashing and twisting. She conveniently grabbed it as if she had caught onto something.

She swears that at the moment she brought that thing up, she also saw a bright and complicated pattern flashing across the river surface, like a battle formation.

Then a piece of sandalwood floated in the palm of her hand.

Elements from both ancient and modern China and abroad appeared one by one. She couldn’t help feeling, this space really has everything.

Z942121 did not read her mind. After seeing the reward items and searching the database, it answered for her: “This is a dream incense, which comes from a celestial world. It is but a sleeping incense that is often burned by the immortals at night.”

“…” What is the difference between this and sleeping pills?

Wen Ying squatted to the ground and grabbed her hair pitifully, “Can I draw again?!”

“You cannot.” It looked down at her, and the glance seemed coldly contemptuous, “It is ordinary for the celestials, but it’s different for you. As long as the target you use it on is also a mortal, you can use this object to weave dreams and enter the other’s dreams.”


Her eyes immediately alighted, “There are no restrictions on the amount of times used?”

“No restrictions.” 

“Good good good, then it will be it!”

Z942121 didn’t understand her emotional changes, and still said coldly: “In regards to the last world, you can choose to let yourself die directly, or generate a code with the same data as you until she died naturally or unnaturally.”

” …Commonly known as the bot player?” Wen Ying remembered the mobile game that she used to play to kill time.


It was stuck for a moment, and then ignoring the sentence consciously, “Your choice?”

“Generate the code.” She said without thought, “It was so hard to play to this level, it’s a pity to die.”


When the scenery in front of her changed, the space filled with the cold data had faded. The data wall was like frozen ice. After melting, it turned into an ancient hall with six screens diagonally separating in front, depicting freehand styled landscapes.

Wen Ying was shocked.

Ancient Times?

She hadn’t reacted yet, and suddenly a person came to her ear and muttered: “Madam, the things are already done. The person is waiting under the willow tree. We’re just waiting for the young mistress to arrive, and that lass Luo Xiang will definitely be able to push her into the water!”

Hearing a conspiracy dialogue as soon as she came, Wen Ying was shocked!

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