TATWBF Chapter 1 – Broke I

The author has something to say:

Allow me to explain the nouns roughly.

This article will minimize the use of skill names.

PVP: Person VS Person (Hit people)

PVE: Person VS Environment(Computer-generated monsters)

PV Salted fish: Hitting Soy Saucers*

MT: Meat shield. (Tanks) The most annoying one to fight.

Field control: Reduces opponent’s stats(DEBUFF) (i.e., rope, handcuff, wax…… no, there are no candles, etc.)

Support: Assist’s the stats for your own team (BUFF) (For example, like Popeye the sailor and his spinach) 

The output is the output.

Milk is milk (healer). (Not having enough milk, is not a healer, but a soy sauce1soy sauce- passersby.)

And2Originally in English Female Host has a newly devised career, Cheap, Guest! (I’m talking nonsense.)

It is everyone’s duty to care for the mentally handicapped. Please save this text, thanks for your support


Lianmeng3联盟 -lian meng, or union University, Building A, Canteen.

“Ei4诶 – to sigh.” The girl sitting opposite her, was also her roommate, turned around and asked, “Have you paid your tuition yet?”

Bai Tian5Bai Tian, her name- also means Daylight or White Sky pushed the box of plain white rice, raised her head, and answered: “What tuition?”

“You haven’t paid it yet? Didn’t the Dean announce it last time? If you don’t pay the fee by this month, you will be snuffed to death by the Dean!” The girl in front places down her crossed legs, and agitatedly expresses: “That is a woman who’s in her menopausal age! Stop causing trouble, oh!”

Bai Tian indifferently responds: “Who cares if she dies.”

The girl said, “Do you still want your scholarship? How about I lend it to you first?”

Bai Tian raised her head to stare at her loyal sister, and really wanted to ask, in the end, who are you exactly, ah?

This actually can’t be helped.

To say it seriously, it started three days ago.

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Bai Tian woke up from her sleep, and found herself lying in a bathroom. The wrists were slit, and fresh blood flowed with a gurgling sound.

She looked in the mirror. Taking a reasonable guess, if this was not bioengineered, then she must have transmigrated.

As soon as she finished dressing her wound, a fierce middle-aged woman came to visit her.

This middle-aged woman is the glorious Dean.

“‘Even if you die, you have to die in school! Lianmeng University does not accept skipping class!”

These were the exact words.

At that time, Bai Tian was thinking, where did this wild chicken of a university come from? Even her hair has never heard of it.

Then, she was brought outside the house and saw the flying car…… 

So she promptly rolled6滚 – beat it to school.

“Stop being dazed, Bai Tian!” cried the girl, “Stop being polite with me.”

 “Polite?” Bai Tian sneered, “You’re so cute ah, babe.”

 Bai Tian retorts: “I am so broke that I only eat meal after meal of white rice, yet I haven’t asked to borrow money from anyone. Would I borrow money from you just for that woman who has a head grown with a chicken nest on top, and a butt that brings its own GIF?”

The girl suddenly stared, her entire facial expression frightened, and then covered her face, and lowered her head.

Bai Tian suddenly felt a murderous aura hanging over her head, just like she was shrouded in a dark shadow, and a rich scent of perfume.

The air quieted.


Translator & Editor’s Note: New novel!! We’ve decided to release 3 parts this week to gauge interest. If you like this novel, definitely let us know! We hope you enjoy~

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