TATWBF Chapter 2 – Broke II

“Bai Tian.” Behind her, there were many people who said, “Lianmeng University has countless people who are persuaded to leave, no matter how good your grades are. Congratulations on becoming one of them soon.”

Bai Tian straightened her back, and dared not look back, but still answered very politely: “Thank you for your blessing.”

“Do you know what is sexy and what is fashion! In all my years of teaching I have never met a more ungrateful student than you!” The Dean furiously voiced. “Is not paying tuition so amazing! Is a garbage profession great ah! Is having thick skin great! People like you who come to Lianmeng University just to apply for grants, besides wasting social resources, what can you even do?!”

“The existence of the system must have its rationality.” Bai Tian said, “Before you call the Department of Ancient Literature garbage, did you ever think that the current Secretary of Education and our lovely Marshal San Xing1an Xing- chinese version of Samsung, starting to think these names are very ironic lmao also graduated from the Department of Ancient Literature?”

The Dean screeched, “Bai Tian! You turn around for me!”

Bai Tian lets out a sound “ai”, stands up, and turns around to face her.

The respected Dean had a face full of violence.

The director said, “Cancel your opportunity to evaluate the scholarship this semester, and this college will not provide you with any loan subsidy! If you can’t pay my tuition at the end of the month, get out of here!”

Then she stepped on her heels and walked away in her own special rhythm.


“Amazing ah!

Her schoolmates saluted her.

Bai Tian gave these comrades who took pleasure in others misfortures an eye roll.   

“Why are you angering her!” Her roommate saw that the dean walked far away, and anxiously said: “Without the scholarship, what are you going to use to live?”

“A cheap mouth is a person’s settings, this can’t be changed.” Bai Tian regretfully mourned, “Also seeing a ghost, I obviously didn’t mean to say anything.”

The girl cried mournfully with her head in her arms, “It’s over oh! Your cheap mouth speaks once, and ten thousand dollars are gone!”

She’s acting crazy like she’s the one without the scholarship.


Bai Tian rubs her nose.

Seems like she did something wrong. 

Everywhere is the same, how would it be ok without a degree?

How likely is it she will retake the exam after being persuaded to leave? 

What kind of joke? She doesn’t know sh*t about this world!

What’s more, here, the difficulty of testing into Lianmeng is the same as testing into Tsinghua.

This is a bad wave to ride, can’t afford to ride it.

《Hua Shi》, it was the only holographic online game officially implemented by the scientific research department of the Alliance.

One of the hottest ever!

When Bai Tian just found out, she was so scared her big tooth fell out.

Even online games are now official ah! This world still has a lot of happiness ah!

Her internet domineering username will finally revitalize the world!

“I’m a changed human.” Bai Tian said, “I’m going to play《Hua Shi》!”

The girl was half believing and half suspicious: “Really?”

Bai Tian picked up the lunch box and cleaned it within two bites.

The girl said, “I am on the third server and my username is Half a Mooncake. They all call me Pang Ci2Pang Ci – Japanese for underwear.”

“Why are you called Half a Mooncake?” Bai Tian questioned.

The girl responds: “Aren’t I called Guan Yue3Guan Yue(关月)- close month? I wanted to be named Mooncake, but you said to call myself Half-Moon. Adding it together, it turns into Half a Mooncake.”

So this girl was actually named Guan Yue.

Bai Tian raised her thumb: “Canola!4油菜花 – slang for 有才华 aka have talent

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Guan Yue started to ask again: “Which server do you play? What are you called? Which profession?”

Bai Tian replies: “I haven’t created an account yet, I’m waiting for the new server to open.”

The opening of the new server is this evening at twelve o ‘clock.

If you want to make a fortune reselling  equipment, then it’s better to head to the old area, however, if you want to make a quick buck, you should head to the new server.

“The new server…… there’s not alot of people buying ore, right?” Guan Yue said, “You’d better come to server three. I can carry you after I max my level.”

Bai Tian waved her hand: “No appointment.”

Guan Yue: “……I’ll wait until you regret it.”

Bai Tian raised her middle finger: “GO AND SEE.”

Guan Yue: “……”


After Bai Tian finished her meal, she gave the lunch box to the robot, and then left first. 

Guan Yue placed down her chopsticks and sat gloomily in her original seat.

She still didn’t dare to believe that the originally silent, soft, and cute girl became like this after only skipping two days of class.

It is truly that love injuries were difficult to heal, and the stimulation was too big……      

The lunch break passed quickly, and the afternoon was divided between two specialized classes.

The specialized teacher spoke on the podium: “In the 21st century, a technology company named Apple introduced a new mobile phone, which revolutionized media tools……”

Bai Tian yawned.

The specialized teacher slapped the table: “Bai Tian! Listen carefully! Everything I’m lecturing is all for the exam!”

Bai Tian nodded.

If the exam questions were all like this, then full points will reach her hand. 

The teacher saw her perfunctorily expression, and angrily spat out: “Restate everything that I just said!”

Bai Tian slowly stood up.

“There was once a guy named Steve Jobs, and then he died.” Bai Tian used a highly lofty tone to continue, “He invented the smartphone and eliminated Nokia. From then on, it was the end of the era of phones being used as killing devices.5you know, Nokia being indestructible and one of their phones is known a brick so able to kill, look up the meme if you’re interested

The students were in an uproar: “Is that true or false? Cell phones can be used as a killing device?”

“Didn’t they have hand6originally had ¨ in the textguns back then?”

“Pistol’s ¨ meaning is probably that? It feels so strange, I can’t understand it.”


“Be quiet! Be quiet!” The teacher’s facial expressions are as black as ink. He pointed to the door and said, “Bai Tian! Get out of here!”

Bai Tian: “……”

Holy sh*t, what lao niang (I)7Lao Niang – technically means I, but she’s addressing herself as an old lady said is all true, okay!


Translator & Editor’s Note: Part 2! As always, we hope you guys enjoy! Let us know if you want us to continue translating it, part 3 will be released Saturday.

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