SOOEW Chapter 41 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife II

Fortunately, the memory was stuffed into her head. Unlike reading a book where she had to flip page by page, she was able to digest it whole.

This world is much more complicated than the previous world.

The fallen envoy was the “young mistress” in the maid servant’s mouth. It was the young lady Song Xi of the Song Family of the Ministry of Military Affairs. She was secretly harassed by her stepmother at home and was bullied by her husband and mother-in-law after marriage, a life of bitterness—— at this time, she was already reborn.

Yes, it is the rebirth that’s always written in novels. She remembers that Z942121 once said to her that when the envoy falls, they are also divided into several different situations. For example, the Song Xi in this world is different from Zhou Pei. She has already completed the life where she has memories of being an envoy and entered reincarnation. She already has no memories anymore.

Like her previous life, she already did not know how many reincarnation cycles she had, so she does not know even if she’s being duped. 


But although the memory is gone, the power of faith still exists. Once her fate is too bumpy, the power of faith will help her get a better result. This time her obsession was deep, and the power of faith helped her go back in time and back in the past.

It resulted in everything being reshuffled like a deck and restarted.

Wen Ying had a moment of being perturbed. The power of faith is indeed very powerful, reincarnation, time traveling, those were only what divine powers were able to do .

According to the original development trajectory of this life, Song Xi’s life after rebirth is like a cheat. After using the stepmother as a sacrificing flag, she killed all the way, turning all the enemies of her previous life till they lay on the ground, and finally married the third prince of the dynasty. After the third prince seized the throne, she was crowned the queen, only under one person, and above ten thousand people.

*the one person being the king, so she’s only subject to the king, and able to rule over the rest 

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Wen Ying’s role is the origin of the tragedy of the envoy’s last life——her stepmother and also her maternal aunt.

Wen Ying is a daughter of the Wen family, who had a heart for marrying high, but was eventually married by the Wen family to the husband of the elder sister Wen Lan, and became a successor, aiming to take care of the son and daughter left by the elder sister. Of course, this is not the reason why she lost her conscience in regards to her stepdaughter. There is something hidden about this matter. If she makes good use of it, she can turn it into a big issue.

After browsing the information for a while, and understanding the background, she finally understood what the maidservant said to her!

The original had a sweet face but a bitter heart, and on the surface, she roped in the favor of the pair of children and the husband. In fact, she frequently used the methods of the inner chambers for women to destroy the reputation of her stepchildren. Today is the birthday of the minister of war, Minister Song Zhen. The Song family held a banquet to invite relatives and friends. The original owner took this opportunity and wanted Song Xi to marry a good for nothing rich nobleman’s son who loved to play in the world of women and wine!


However, now, Song Xi has already been reborn for many days.

Wen Ying frowned and immediately asked her maid to stop.

The maid stomped her foot: “Madam! You can’t be soft-hearted. If we start to talk about it, the young mistress and her cousin have mutual affinity. We are actually helping her!”

Wen Ying didn’t have time to be wordy with her, and used the dignity of her status as the madam to forcefully command. However, when the maid went, it was still a step too slow.

Just now, the original owner was to leave the table under the pretext of changing clothes. Although Wen Ying was worried, she still had to go to the lobby to meet the guests. As she already had the memory from the body, coupled with the body’s natural conditioned reflex, entertaining the ancient guests, was just engaging in social activities with guests on New Year’s Eve. By contrast however, she had to be a bit more genteel and elegant with courtesy. She managed with an effort.

When the news of young mistress Song falling into the water came, Wen Ying’s face changed.

The guests here also looked at each other, and after seeing the poor complexion on Wen Ying, all the ladies couldn’t help but comfort: “… Fortunately, there was a faithful servant who came to the rescue. I believe that your daughter would be fine. If madam’s heart is still concerned, why don’t you go take a glance.”At the banquet, only the third prince’s gaze towards Madam Wen Ying slightly changed.

He remembered the pond he had just visited. A man hid by the willow tree, staring at the pond sneakily, and raised his eyebrows.


Wen Ying had prepared her mind and was ready to head towards Song Xi’s room. At least, she has a plan in mind. After all, she knew the original trajectory of the world. Whatever Song Xi wanted to do, who would know more than her.

But as soon as she entered the door, the maidservant who threw herself at her feet surprised her.

“Madam! You are the most merciful, please plead for this slave——” The maid, Luo Xiang, cried with snots and tears. “This slave really didn’t intend to push the young mistress. I truly lost my footing, and accidentally caused the young mistress to fall into the water.”

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