WFILTU Chapter 48 – Apology IV

Xue Jiao lies on the bed. She can’t help but take out her mobile phone and turn to Lin Zhihua’s message before Li Sitong comes in——

[Cheng Mingjiao’s grandma will definitely find your cousin when she goes back today. Tomorrow, your cousin will be guilty of the crime and come to apologize honestly. However, you can’t let her “take the initiative” by herself, it must be “passive”. ]

[So, you should let your mother know that she is wrong, but she will escape, she will not think it’s her own problems, and finally attribute it to your cousin. Your mother will cry to your stepfather to let him know her grievance. Then, your stepfather will know that the influence of this event has enormous implications, so he will immediately make your cousin apologize tomorrow, and let her know what she has done wrong.]


Lin Zhihua…… has calculated it really accurately?

With what she said to her mother just now, would the other really go back to cry?

Uncle Cheng will also contact Cheng Mingjiao to ask her to apologize?

The next morning, the sky was just starting to brighten.

“Jiao Jiao, come down, Mingjiao is here.” Li Sitong’s voice carried two points of happiness.

She thought, this matter was mainly Cheng Mingjiao’s fault. If Cheng Mingjiao apologizes, her daughter will forgive herself, right?

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Xue Jiao slowly walked out, and just as she walked to the stairs, her eyes swept down, her brows tightly knit.

It was not only Cheng Mingjiao who came but also Bai Xiumei.

She reached behind her back, took out her phone from her school bag and opened wechat.

As expected, Lin Zhihua’s message has arrived.

[There are two situations, one is that your grandma also followed over, and the other is that your grandma is not coming. Did she come? ]

[She came. 】Xue Jiao immediately responded.

Soon, several more messages came in a row. Xue Jiao finished reading them carefully. Then she put away her phone and walked down slowly.


“Jiao Jiao, you came down?” Bai Xiumei smiled lovingly. “Mingjiao this child, early morning she said she would come and apologize to you.”

Cheng Mingjiao looked up at Xue Jiao that was slowly coming down, and her eyes flashed angrily, but her mouth instead said——

“Cousin, you have woken up. I’m here to apologize to you…… “

Xue Jiao thought, this Lin Zhihua, really can guess everything.

Then, she looked at Cheng Mingjiao, her lips carried a trace of a smile, and slowly walked towards the other.

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