TATWBF Chapter 3 – Broke III

It’s pretty moving to be asked to leave the class by a university teacher.

Hence, Bai Tian directly picked up her bag and returned to her dormitory.

The dormitory was a four-person suite, with a bathroom. Not too bad. 

There was no one at this time.

Bai Tian returned to her own room, and looked at the door. Then she started gathering news about《Hua Shi》. 

Around six pm, Guan Yue sent her a message: “Do you want me to bring you a meal?”

Bai Tian exited the interface, then looked at the balance in her account, seven rmb and sixty-eight cents.

It was still seven dollars and sixty-eight cents! There wasn’t even a little bit of interest!

Your mom’s eggs! The original owner was actually killed by poverty right? !

Bai Tian replied with a lot of ambition: “I am not hungry.”

Guan Yue: “I’ll pay for you.”

“Then excuse me.” Bai Tian replies, “Please order me a meat dish, thanks.”

Her soft sister, Guan Yue came back fifteen minutes later. She brought her a packed dinner and while she was at it, she sat with Bai Tian for a while, keeping her company. 

Bai Tian devoured like a wolf, brimming with tears. 

Guan Yue saw her expression, and testingly questioned: “Are you really ok now?”

She was deeply shocked by her behaviour against the professor today.

Bai Tian: “Very good. Invincible to all poisons, thank you.”

“Since you can accept the situation, that’s great!”Guan Tue said, “Scum man and slut woman, not worth it!”

Bai Tian nodded: “Who ah?”

Guan Yue is very gratified, and pressed on her shoulder, and solemnly said: “Good! Keep this state! That’s the momentum!”

Bai Tian: “……”

Lao Niang is asking sincerely here!  

There was an event at 7 pm. Guan Yue was also a person who depended on 《Hua Shi》to earn money. 

Not sitting for long, Guan Yue for her room in the spirit of one person earning the tuition fees of two.

Bai Tian opened her optical computer, and watched some idol dramas from the future that were on at 8 pm, to feel the breath of current contemporary fashion. 

The clock struck twelve. 

Bai Tian rapidly placed on the holographic helmet, and began creating her character.


Bai Tian couldn’t help shouting. The frames were just too cool. 

She was standing in the middle of a lake, the water reflecting the stars. There was a luxurious cherry tree besides her. Its petals quivered, and the blossoms glowed silver.

Bai Tian covered her chest. 

Lao Niang’s teenage girl heart!

A golden barrage flashed before her eyes, and then a badge appeared in the upper right corner.

“Spirit test results: S, Palace level. Do you want to make your honor public?”

Bai Tian who’s lowkey pressed a No.

What is powerful must be hidden, so that it can be used against people.


However, Bai Tian also didn’t know what kind of thing a S-Class was.

She only knew that the level of mental strength has innate factors as well as acquired factors. Those with low levels would not be able to play all-holographic games very well. 

Hence, the net game company very intimately set up a semi-holographic function. 

It’s presentation was still in a two-dimensional plane. However, part of the operation is left to the optical computer and a part is operated using the keyboard. When there is a problem with the signal, the default is the keyboard. 

The disadvantage is that there is a slow response, but the advantage is that it can open more.

In front is the series for the plot introduction. Along the way, Bai Tian determines that if she accidentally jumps too fast she will go directly to the login page. 

While she looks at the girl in front of her who looks exactly like herself, she silently pressed return.

She then changed the login mode to semi-holographic, then changed her gender to male. S

She then fine tuned the default system appearance and then logged in.

If she kills and robs using a female account, it’s easy to be called a demon. 

It’s better for her to have more consciousness and change directly into a transvestite account.

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The progress bar is in place, and a man with the ID “Blue Sky Day” wearing only pants with a bare-chested appears in the novice village. 

The left and right were both overcrowded, which pushed her around. 

Bai Tian touched her chest. 

Damn ah! Good thing she didn’t choose fully holographic! This is very shameful ah!

After elbowing her way through the crowd, she skimmed through a few novice tasks, grabbed a novice rank spear (Damn spear is actually a shielded word. How can we play like this!!), an hour has already passed.

Causing trouble ah. 

《Hua Shi》opening a new server is rather too hot and explosive. 

Another hour passed, and Bai Tian finally hit level three.

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and chose a spear to prepare to cross regions and swipe some monsters1swipe monsters- take down monsters for exp.

According to the map. Behind the novice village is a dune field. The wild monsters were wild foxes, level eight. 

《Hua Shi》as well as《Zhong Hua Chang Shi》, the current progress of the new server is the Zhou Dynasty. Killing foxes can provide additional experience points. 

Bai Tian used the copper coins she obtained from finishing missions to rank her weapon up to the primary stage and headed out to the dunes. 

Along the road, she met two snakes, three rabbits, and N amounts of toads¨. By brandishing her spear twice, shua shua and they were all dead. When she reached the place, her experience had already risen by forty points.


She is wearing a coarse cloth at the moment. Far away, she saw an assassin in the same outfit, flying into the wind. A wild fox followed behind.

The assassin ran past her and glanced sideways at her.

Hence, Blue Sky Day raised her spear and struck the fox at its original location.

The assassin who was still running stopped their steps and their gaze followed her shadow. 

He only saw Blue Sky Day move forward, clutch the handle, and lifted her foot to tread up and stamp stamp stamp. 

Then she grinded the wild fox to death.

The assassin gaped.

He freely traversed《Hua Shi》for more than 10 years, but he has yet to see such a fascinating manner to swipe monsters.

This definitely has to be one of the most memorable images in his lifetime. 

“……艹2slang for f***! Do you think this is a javelin!” The assassin couldn’t find an adjective in a short period of time and was shocked, “What are you doing?”

Blue Sky Day raised her head: “Is it not swiped like this?”

“If it’s swiped like this, then there’s a damn ghost ok!” The assassin exclaimed, “Isn’t your s**t a spear? Stab ah! Poke ah! Strike ah! Do you think your shoes are a weapon ah!”

Blue Sky Day raised her foot to express: “No shoes.”

The assassin whose name is Leaves are Yellowing ah was speechless.

Bai Tian obviously knows that characters have skills. However, she was just trying right now, and she couldn’t activate it. 

Blue Sky Day said: “Brother, since I helped you just now, can I ask something, how do you use skills?”

“F***!” Leaves are Yellowing ah just reacted, and jumped, saying: “That was the monster that I took half a day to attract, used to freeze position! You f****** killed it!”

Used to position. Using a map BUG to immobilize the monster. 

Those who can jam must be old drivers3Old Drivers- old players.

A bubble box appeared above the head of Blue Sky Day, inside it was a shy smile.

Leaves are Yellowing ah cursed: “Don’t disgust me, sissy!”

Blue Sky Day sent an invitation to be her team to him. Leaves are Yellowing ah rejected it. 

Blue Sky Day sent another message saying: “No need to jam, I’ll carry you ah.”

Leaves are Yellowing ah still rejected it and turned around to leave. 

Blues Sky Day followed behind him, persevering in saying: “Really really ah. I’m very good.”

Two seconds later, Leaves are Yellowing ah joined.


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