SOOEW Chapter 42 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife III

With the maid servant’s act, Song Zheng’s deep black eyes immediately looked towards Wen Ying.

Wen Ying slightly lifts her head to look up at him. In modern times, this man who is in his early thirties, is a period when the man’s career had just entered the right track. Yet he had already achieved the post of the Ministry of Military Affairs, was a second grade official, and was the chief executive of the country’s military. He has long eyebrows, his facial features are deep, his body is extraordinary, and he is very charming.

This is why the original owner who originally did not want to become the second wife, eventually succumbed.

It’s a pity that Song Zheng likes the original wife, Wen Family’s fairy-like young mistress, rather than Wen Ying, the daughter of a concubine. He suppressed his grief and asked to marry Wen Ying, only because he hoped that this blood relationship would enable him and his wife’s children to receive better care.

Therefore, although Wen Ying did not lack materially, she mentally endured emotional abuse within the marriage.

Wen Ying is watching him, he is also watching Wen Ying.


She wore a long skirt embroidered with cassia bark trees, the outer layer covered with fragrant tangerines, her hair pinned on the side by a buyao crystal green jade decorated with flowers and birds. Although the person is still that person, but once her almond shaped eyes turned towards him, her eyes twinkling, with some curiosity, and it let one indescribable have some vivacity. 

Very soon, that curiosity dissipated and passed by, as if it was just his illusion.

That’s right, which family has been husband and wife for several years, but the wife’s eyes will look at her husband as if she saw something new?

At this moment, he was obviously very dissatisfied with Wen Ying. Holding his daughter’s cold hand, he questioned, “I always thought you were using your heart to take care of Xi’er, but look at the maid you provided Xi’er with, not decent at all!”

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Wen Ying was able to hold her temper, and came to Song Xi’s bed worriedly. She tried to take the temperature of her forehead, and found that she did not have a fever, and she looked relieved as she released a breath. Then she glanced at him: “How can Ye say such words, Xi’er fell into the water, would I not worry any less? The other days before, Xi’er was rained on and had a fever that burned for three days and three nights. I was so worried that I couldn’t sleep well and stayed by her side day and night.”

*Ye- a form of address for an official or rich man

Song Xi listened tightly.

That was when she didn’t reincarnate yet, that stupid self had believed the stepmother’s sway, and had a secret meeting with her cousin, who knew it was raining…

Wen Ying said again: “Moreover, which person is not a little careless. It was not intentional for Xi’er to get rained on, if it wasn’t…… “


Song Xi interrupted her with a sound, and then coughed violently.

At this moment, both of them looked at her, Wen Ying also patted her back tenderly.


Seeing this, Song Zheng eased his expression and said, “I didn’t mean to blame you. I was afraid that you were busy with other housework and ignored Xi’er. However, this maid didn’t serve well and there’s no need to use her anymore. You should send her away…… “

Luo Xiang shievered, and secretly met Song Xi’s sight, then immediately threw herself at the foot of Wen Ying:” Don’t ah, I beg madam to intercede on my behalf. This slave does not want to be driven away. This slave really did not want to push the young mistress……  I was helping madam do things, madam should help me too…… ” Her words were upside down, very suspicious, as if there was a conspiracy behind her.

The first thing after Song Xi’s rebirth was to put this stepmother’s nail around herself for her own usage.

The second thing is to use a plot against a plot, and provoke alienation by falling into the water.

Now, she has completed it.

Song Zheng listened and as expected, he started to think more. He couldn’t help but to gaze at Wen Ying with deep doubts.

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