WFILTU Chapter 49 – Diversion I

“You came to apologize?” Xue Jiao chuckled.

She used this appearance to look at Cheng Mingjiao in the eye, like a winner, immensely proud.

Cheng Mingjiao was almost agitatedly furious, but next to her stood Bai Xiumei. She bore it and gritted her teeth: “Yes, I’m here to apologize.”

Cheng Shuo and Cheng Mingze sat on the sofa, Li Sitong poured water for the old lady while looking at them complicatedly.

Cheng Mingjiao only felt extremely humiliated, but she still remembered the old lady’s every word and phrase from last night, which were very sharp.

She said: “Cheng Mingjiao, you are Cheng family’s young mistress. Our family treats Gu Xuejiao fairly. We don’t care about what she did before, that’s because she was surnamed Gu, not Cheng. You have been famous in the circle for the past 16 years as a young mistress. Do you really want to ruin your reputation because of this incident, just because of Gu Xuejiao? “


The old lady also said, “If you don’t understand things before, it could still be passed, but you used to be famous for being sensible and clever. Many elders wanted to wait for you to become an adult in the future, to match you and their children. You used to respect Li Sitong and Gu Xuejiao, but now Gu Xuejiao has changed for the better, yet you have suddenly changed. Others will only think you have deep thoughts and used to pretend to be obedient. Think about it yourself, is it worth it! “

Not worth it! Not worth it at all!

Cheng Mingjiao took a deep breath and watched Xue Jiao and opened her mouth: “Cousin, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I was so angry yesterday, to actually just open my mouth and directly speak nonsense. I definitely didn’t have that meaning! I hope cousin can forgive me!” 

Bai Xiumei exposed a smile, and Li Sitong also smiled.

“Cousin, since you have recognized your own mistakes, then remember to read your self- criticism today. I thought about it all night yesterday, and I never figured out what was wrong with me. Since you have already said it was your fault, then when you read the reflection in class today, remember to say that your cousin is right, so she won’t have to reflect. ”

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Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes widened, and she almost jumped:“ What?! Read the reflection?! ”

“That’s right.” Xue Jiao blinked her eyes.

Cheng Ming gasped angrily: “You you you …… actually wanted me to apologize in front of everyone?!”

Xue Jiao nodded.

“Dream on! Teacher Yin didn’t say to read the reflection aloud in class!”

“I said it.” Xue Jiao smiled and her tone of voice was very light.

“Jiao Jiao, Ming Jiao already knew that she was wrong. She is a little girl, reading a reflection in class…… ” Bai Xiumei opened her mouth, her expression awkward.


Li Sitong noticed Bai Xiumei’s awkwardness, and almost subconsciously said: “Jiao Jiao, since Ming Jiao has apologized already, she shouldn’t have to apologize in class right?”

“Jiao Jiao, the family’s ugliness shouldn’t be exposed to the outside. Ming Jiao spoke too much this time, you shouldn’t fuss with her. ” Hearing Li Sitong’s attitude softening, Bai Xiumei stepped forward, holding Xue Jiao hand, with a loving and apologetic expression.

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  1. I just realized both girls are named “Jiao” I got a little confused at some later paragraphs XD

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