SOOEW Chapter 43 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife IV

There was no need for Wen Ying to say much. Her maid Qiu Se had already taken a big step forward, and slapped Luo Xiang across her face.

“Your mouth is full of sh*t! You are helping madam do things, what have you even done for madam?! Madam told you to take care of the youngest mistress, did you take care of her carefully? What a good clumsy maid. Although you can’t help madam do anything, yet you want madam to plead for you?! “

Wen Ying grabbed the tassel under the sandalwood fan in her hand and listened to her double-edged remark with interest.

Even a random maid can have ten pairs of intentions, the residence sure enough, was idle and plagued with leisure.

However, with just these two sentences, she’s afraid that Song Zheng’s suspicion will not be dispelled and she is not a person who blindly squabbles to win. 

Wen Ying thought for a while, and addressed Song Zheng: ” This maid attacks with innuendos, and there is something fishy in and out of her words, it is better for Ye to send someone to interrogate. “

She pierced the window paper at once, and let Song Zheng become stunned. He did not refuse, and gave the matter of interrogating Luo Xiang to his confidant.


The servants of the Song manor seems to smell the change of the wind. If it wasn’t for the original owner’s many years of management, and power and influence built over the long period, she is afraid that there would be immediate chaos.

On the other side, the maidservant Qiu Se “Putong” knelt in front of Wen Ying, and self-reproached: “Madam, I admit my guilt!If it wasn’t that I had hesitated at the moment, I could have stopped Luo Xiang ……”

Unexpectedly, the young mistress was saved by a maid, and Luo Xiang turned coat.

Wen Ying is still not used to others kneeling to her, and the person leaned aside, saying : ” Arise, it was I who neglected this matter. Fortunately, there is a way to solve it …”

The high-ranking people changed their orders, and the little maid didn’t understand it. It was normal for execution to weaken.

She was currently talking, suddenly, a shadow slashed down in the middle and flung to Wenying’s knee. Because her legs were short and she was unable to catch it. It caused it to hang down like a blanket. It was pitiful and lovely.

Wen Ying “pu chi*” for a while, having a good time, remembering that this was the original owner’s kitten that she raised, Fu Bao. It’s appearance was sweet and beautiful, like a modern Napoleon cat.

*snickering sound

She picked it up and placed it on her lap .

The original owner was in her early twenties, and was younger than her husband by ten years. In modern times, she is still at the age of being spoiled by her parents. However for ancients, she is not young anymore. Because she had no children under her knees, she raised a kitten to relieve her boredom*.

*Children are short, so this sentence is trying to say that since she didn’t have any young children to raise, she raised a cat. Of course, her step children don’t count as they aren’t of her own blood, or there’s other reasons. 

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She petted Fu Bao’s hair and said to her: ” I have a few things to order you to do, but don’t mess it up again this time. “

When Qiu Se heard this, she immediately picked up her spirit and went next to her master to take orders .

As soon as she left, Fu Bao suddenly cried towards  the position by the door. It had a charming voice, making people’s bones soft with its cries.

Wen Ying looked up, and didn’t know when Z942121 appeared out of thin air. She rubbed Fu Bao, “You’re pretty clever. “

Z942121 said with a cold face, ” This world is different from the previous world. If you focus on the back house, even if you get Song Zheng’s favoritism, the rating level can only reach E. You will be punished. “

Wen Ying pretends to be surprised: “You are so hardcore, do you want me to rob my “daughter’s” future husband? “


“What do you think of him? “


Her finger moved on the light source map and clicked on the position as bright as the North Star. Impressively, it was the current son of heaven!

Z942121 is just a bunch of data, but it has guided several ambassadors, and already has experience and memory. In spite of the fact that it is so, it still has a “surprised ” emotion in regards to Wen Ying’s choice .

“Don’t understand? Actually, I thought about other plans, but if I exceed what is proper in ancient times too much, I would be caught and deemed as a demon. Besides, I haven’t learned the necessities if you let me open a company or store to run as a strong female character. If you want to be sought after here, it’s not a poor decision to become a noble concubine. All good things start their spread from the palace, immediately followed by the aristocracy, and finally the common citizens emulate, gaining fame.

No matter which aspect it was inspected from, the Emperor Wei Lingheng is very suitable .

He is at a young age like her husband, in his early thirties. If he was changed to a middle-aged uncle, she probably would not consider this plan .

The only obstacle is the identity of herself as the wife of a minister.

Z942121 was undecided and only gave her a warm reminder: ” First of all, you need to be able to reach him. “

Indeed, the emperor has always been living in the palace, and she is trapped in the house, and it is already ten of thousands of difficulties just to reach the other party.

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