WFILTU Chapter 52 – Self-Reflection I

When she thought up to here, Xue Jiao took out her phone, and sent—— [Thank you, the problem is resolved, you are really smart! ]

As usual, he responded quickly, letting other suddenly feel that the other party is very leisurely—— [Its a children’s solution—— saving the nation through twisted means. ]

Xue Jiao: “……” 

She quickly sent back——

[Alright alright alright, then grown up, if you were to be in my situation, how would you solve it? ] 

The phone vibrated and the other party responded—— [There’s no way I would be in such a situation.]

Gu Xuejiao: “……” The other party followed with another message——

[Little girl, the problem is solved, You should be studying hard now.]

Xue Jiao looks out the window, and exhales again and again. Correct! She should be studying, this matter has already wasted her a lot of time, and she must make up for it in these two days! Using the minutes before the car arrives at school, Xue Jiao took this month’s English Exam, and started to recite those english terms that were vague, and those that she did not recognize.

“Yo, you’re here? Did you write the self reflection??” Yi Tianyu raised his eyebrows. His smile carried some gloating towards her misfortune.

Only a ghost would know how happy he is now!

After Xue Jiao left yesterday, Yi Tianyu was listless while sitting on his seat. All the way until nighttime, with his eyes wanting to be glued to her seat.


This morning he even unprecedentedly woke up earlier by thirty minutes!

This scared his dad so much that his dad thought he took the wrong medication.

Undoubtedly, he’s been sitting here since this morning wondering when Xue Jiao would arrive? Did she get beaten? He had various vexatious problems he pondered on. 

However, once the person truly arrived, he began gloating over her misfortunes!

Xue Jiao gave him a glance and didn’t really care: “I didn’t write it.”

“You didn’t write it?!” Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened and he moved closer to her, “You unexpectedly didn’t write it?!”

“I’m not in the wrong, so why should I write it?” Xue Jiao narrowed her eyes slightly, her body slightly inclining towards the side, away from Yi Tianyu.

The other party immediately forgot about the self-reflection, raising his voice: “What are you hiding for? Are you disdaining me?!”

“There should be no contact between men and women.”

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Yi Tianyu was stunned, and then a weird smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Using one hand, he approached her desk and the other hand was placed on her chair, entrapping her into his embrace…… and then he approaches…… approaches…… 

Xue Jiao desperately tilts to the side, her entire person almost falling.

Yi Tianyu also continued to get closer, closer to her ears: “I will just approach…… what can you do to me?”

Xue Jiao glared at him angrily. She didn’t dare to move at all in her current posture. Once she moves, she would lose her balance and fall down. She could only grit her teeth: “Yi Tian YU*!”

*she emphasized his name

“What are you guys doing?”A voice suddenly appeared from behind.

Yi Tianyu almost subconsciously straightened up, and Xue Jiao slowly returned to her original position.

“We weren’t doing anything!”Yi Tianyu voices.

Xi Junyang approached them and asked suspiciously:”If you did nothing, then why are your ears red?” 

Yi Tianyu became furious as his embarrassment turned into anger:”Who has red ears! Who is red!” 

Xi Junyang’s eyes became even more suspicious: “What are you nervous about?” 


“Hurry up and get out of here—— ” Xi Junyang rolled his eyes at Yi Tianyu and then looked at Xue Jiao, “Xue Jiao, how is it, did you resolve it??”

“En, it’s almost all solved. Before, at the office, thank you.” Xi Junyang waved his hand: “No, I didn’t do anything. It’s good that you solved it!” 

“Wei Wei Wei!” Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened, his face in disbelief,”Who are you thanking?!” Xue Jiao smiles slightly:”Classmate Xi, it’s almost time for the class, please hurry back to your seat.” 

“Well then, if there’s anything you need, please tell me.”

“Okay, thank you.”

“You’re welcome!” As Xi Junyang said this, he gently reached out and rubbed her hair, leaving with a smile.

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  1. honestly enjoy the fact this is the first male lead I’ve ever read that helps the heroine out with advice like a mentor instead of only overbearingly resolving things with money. Really makes me grateful he understands human relations enough to manipulate–he’s smart. I think she’s a fun match with him

    • It’s great that the ML is helping the young girl, providing some insight on how to battle in that kind of situation, however, the only thing that I find iffy about this is that behind his actions have a hidden intention. Even though he means no harm to her, but there are not so good “actions” he had done. One, he somehow able to know the exact location on where is the MC whenever she is feeling down. Well, isn’t it stalking? Anyways, this is only my opinion tho.

      • It’s definitely creepy, and skates the edges of “romance.”

      • These kinds of comments actually spoiled my interest in this story last year so I’ll throw my opinion back to keep going.

        While the ML vibe is obvious the „iffy“ romantic interest is not. He knows she saved his life and while his interest may turn romantic he‘s just helping her right now. There’s nothing iffy so far(… and if his own father’s judgment that he’s impotent is correct it might take a while until it can get iffy). Add in that she’s mentally two years older and his interest is in her as a person not her body, or his family wouldn’t be as worried. He also doesn’t seem to be stalking her, yes he approached her several times and finds excuses to drop by her school but that’s not stalking. If you think it is… let’s hope you never have to correct your view.

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  3. Aahhhhhh… Classmate Ci is like the proper bigbro vibes.. This getting more like an inderect reverse harem novel 😂

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