WFILTU Chapter 53 – Self-Reflection II

Yi Tianyu’s eyes almost turned into knives, staring straight at Xi Junyang’s hand.

Xue Jiao put down her school bag and took out the book she wanted to use from the drawer. Yi Tian was so angry that he scratched the wall.

Is this guy stupid?!

Yesterday, obviously it was he who continuously helped her!She actually only thanked Xi Junyang, the guy who did nothing?!

Yi Tianyu wanted to say it, but felt like boasting his contribution. The entire person was sitting on his seat and moving around, ill at ease no matter what.

In a moment, a slender white hand was stretched out and placed on the table in front of Yi Tianyu.

A piece of white paper wrapped around a round lollipop.                                   

He was stunned, and then opened the paper in a silly manner. There were only two words on it——Thank you. It was followed by a smiley face, although the smile consisted of only three curved lines, but just looking at it let him feel very sweet.                                       

He looked at the smiley face and looked at the young girl sitting straight and reciting the text next to him. Yi Tianyu smiled.

Look, she gave himself candy!

It was only for myself!                                                    

Xi Junyang did not get any!                                                          

One of a kind!

Yi Tianyu carefully wrapped the lollipop with paper and placed it with great care in his pocket, where it was closest to the flesh.    


“Gu Xuejiao! Come out!” Yin Fang shouted again at the door.                                                       

Yi Tianyu froze for a moment, then followed by bumping his arm onto the other’s:”Wei, it’s definitely to call for you to submit the reflection!What to do? You didn’t even write it!”

Xue Jiao frowned, shaking her head at Yi Tianyu, and walked out.        


“Self-reflection?” Sure enough, Yin Fang opens her mouth and it was just these three words. She has been a high school homeroom teacher for many years. She has a expressionless face all year round and is very intimidating.                   

Xue Jiao bit her lower lip and looked up: “I’m not in the wrong, so I cannot reflect.” Yin Fang angrily smiled: “It wasn’t wrong of you to hit people?” “I didn’t hit anyone,” Xue Jiao paused, “The classmates have even helped me testify……”                                                                     

“You acted with your hands.”Yin Fang is very stubborn,”Even if you are going to cover her mouth, it is doing the action. Moreover, the classmates were watching you at the time, not studying, you influenced them, and you don’t need to reflect?”    

 Xue Jiao didn’t speak, but her eyes were equally stubborn. She didn’t not know why, but Yin Fang suddenly remembered the slap yesterday…..                                    

Hence, her expression loosened.

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“How about this, I think your grades have improved a lot, and you are usually serious in class. If you can pass the mid-term exam and place into the top 30, you don’t have to submit a reflection. If you can’t do it, you must do the self-reflection now!”                                    

“Ok.”Xue Jia hardly hesitated. Yin Fang froze for a moment, and looked at her suspiciously, Xue Jiao let her look. “If you agree and fail, you have to submit two reflections!”

“I can.”                                                

Yin Fang: “……” “Then if you say you can do it, then do it.” After a long time, she responded.             

Xue Jiao nodded, she still believed in her own strength.                                                     

“Where’s Cheng Mingjiao?”Yin Fang asked again.                                                              

“I don’t know.”        


Xue Jiao answered simply and neatly, Yin Fang frowned. Cheng Mingjiao was a top student in her class, and her status and Xue Jiao’s status in her mind was totally different.     

“You guys will not be allowed to quarrel in the classroom in the future, and if I catch you again, it will not be so simple!” Xue Jiao didn’t speak.

She believed that she wouldn’t fight, but she didn’t know about Cheng Mingjiao. Yin Fang frowned tightly, looking at the other person’s appearance like that of someone unwilling to listen to others, with a headache.           

“Forget it, forget it, you can go back.”

“Ok.”Xue Jiao nodded and returned to the classroom.

Yin Fang shook her head and turned back to return to the office.

Class One of Grade Two.

“Hey, how did the old nun punish you??”Yi Tianyu approaches.

Xue Jiao took out her pen and continued to do the exercise before, then followed up with:”She didn’t punish me.”

“Impossible!”Yi Tianyu didn’t believe it,”The old nun is so easy to talk to?” 

Xue Jiao finally looked up: “Because I promised her to enter the top 30 placement of the class during the midterm exam, so, please don’t disturb me!” 

Yi Tianyu’s eyes widened:”Top 30 in class?! Are you crazy!” His voice was a little high, and several classmates in the front row turned around, and Xue Jiao quickly pinched him: “Gloom, I beg you to whisper, okay??!” Yi Tianyu: “…” Gloom???               

“What kind of messed-up nickname is this…”

Xue Jiao ignored him and continued reading. Yi Tianyu looked at her serious appearance and did not dare to disturb her, only dared to peep at her. This guy dared to promise to reach the top 30 placement of this class? This can be equivalent to the top one hundred in this grade!

Really is…… Really is ……          

Bravo! You really have a fighting spirit!       

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  1. Don’t worry, she can even get the first place if she wants.

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