SOOEW Chapter 45 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife VI

Wen Ying didn’t argue with her, only turned to the confidant and said: “Gentlemen has also seen it. Zheng Mama has always been at odds with me and always seems to think that I am going to hurt Xi’er. She is an elder left by my sister, and I dare not trouble her. Everything in Xi’er’s courtyard was left to her to arrange, and I dare not intervene. “

Seeing is believing, the confidant nodded his head.

Qiu Se received Wen Ying’s meaningful glance and promptly added: ” Although the eldest lady fell into the water this time, she was rescued as soon as she fell, it seems to have been practiced.  Zheng Mama must have never thought about harming the young mistress, but instead, seems to want to take this chance to slander madam! “

Just like this, the motive has been found.

Zheng Mama’s eyes widened and she hated this poisonous woman’s tricks. Fortunately, the young miss had given her an idea, and she will immediately shake out the matter of the young cousin.

She could arrange things in the young miss’ yard, but she couldn’t have the ability to hide a big man in the back house, right? !

But as soon as she opened her mouth, Wen Ying stood up and used this action to let everyone in the house look towards her.

She took out the acting skills of the film queen and released a breath, ” Mama, you say it, this affair, was it directed by the Wen Family? “



Everyone in the manor was stunned in place, and even Song Zheng, who was standing outside the door, stopped his footsteps.

“I know my mother has always disliked me. It’s true, I am just the daughter of a concubine, not like my sister, who is as fine as gold and jade. I am not qualified to raise her children. She married me over, only hoping that I would occupy this position and prevent other women from marrying in. Currently, Xi’er is close to me, and the elder must have been unhappy. “

The amount of information provided in these remarks was too great so that temporarily, everyone was on pause.

Wen Ying glanced at the figure reflected in the window screen. Her face still carried a smile, but at a glance, it allows people to feel her sadness.

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Song Zheng frowned slightly, and couldn’t help thinking that she always seemed to have an expression of loving to smile. No matter how impatient his attitude was, she wouldn’t care. The next day, she still laughed and took care of affairs for him.

But now, he heard her low voice spread.

“I just want to find someone to talk to, but I don’t have any children of my own…” She seemed to suppress her sad emotions and asked, ” Did Mama forget, how did my child disappear? “

Song Zheng’s heart jumped sharply. Mama Zheng also remembered the blood the color of scarlet and the woman’s painful cries, and immediately, their faces became as white as paper.

It was completely silent outside and inside the manor.

At this moment, Wen Ying called out to the outside of the house: “Is it Ye who has arrived? “

Before hearing Song Zheng’s reply, she instantly started rushing about, ” Qiu Se, what happened to the steamed egg custard that I previously told the small kitchen to make? Go and get it, and let Ye pad his stomach. “


When Song Zheng walked in, she greeted as if she were someone who had nothing to do, and she talked to him with a smile: “A few days ago, your digestion was not good, and I dared not let you eat indiscriminately. Today, I tell them to put in your favorite shrimps, I promise that you’ll like it. “

The room seemed to break the ice at once, and the servant girls all became busy and seemed lively.

Song Zheng’s gaze at her became complicated. If she complained to him with these words, he would leave impatiently. But her attitude now…… 

In the end, he let his confidant take away Zheng Mama, and also ate the bowl of steamed egg custard.

The shrimps are delicious, and the custard is smooth and the taste is the same as usual, but it also has that little bit of a different flavor.

In the evening, Wen Ying’s chin rested on the window, and she continued to act as a carefree young woman. An honest and upright official can break household matters, and compared to evidence, whoever Song Zheng is biased towards, and his thoughts are the most important factors.

But compared to the fights within the manor, her most difficult struggle was how to get in touch with the emperor.  

Fortunately, the task reward of the last world gave her inspiration—— the dream incense can allow her to weave the dream she wants, and dreams, are not blocked by walls.

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