WFILTU Chapter 54 – Self- Reflection III

At this time in the office.           

“Teacher Yin? What are you thinking about?”A language teacher on the side shouted at the lost in a trance Yin Fang.

This Teacher Yin has strict requirements for students, as well as for herself. Every day, she recites lessons, changes her homework, and supervises students…they rarely saw her so lost in thought.           

Today, the sun probably came out from the west.

“Gu Xuejiao…… ” Yin Fang recovered her mind and opened her mouth subconsciously. 

“What?” This language teacher is teaching language for class one and class two, and naturally knows Gu Xuejiao.


At this time, a class two student came from the opposite side by the position of the homeroom teacher. The conversation between Yin Fang and the Chinese teacher continued.

“Yesterday, wasn’t it Gu Xuejiao and Cheng Mingjiao who fought. I asked them to submit a review. Gu Xuejiao was unwilling, so I said that she must earn a position in the top thirties if she doesn’t complete the self-reflection. She actually agreed!” Yin Fang said blankly.

“Ah? She agreed?!” The language teacher’s entire face was shocked, and even the homeroom teacher of the second class who was talking to the other looked up and looked at them.

Although Gu Xuejiao was in the first class, the second class teacher also knew her. The second class teacher and Yin Fang were in fierce competition. When the class was first divided, Yin Fang often said that Gu Xuejiao earned so and so points and so on last semester, and is dragging the entire class…… 

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The second class homeroom teacher naturally had an impression on her.

“She agreed, children now really are…… “Yin Fang was helpless.

The second class homeroom teacher smiled: “Yin Fang, maybe she can say this because she has confidence!”       

How could Yin Fang not hear the ridicule in the other party’s words and glared at him: “There are too many who drag my class’s hindlegs, how would it be like your class, those who enter through the back door yet they still have high grades!”         

“Heiheihei, this was by drawing lots, my luck is just too good!”  

There were a total of nine who entered through relationships, and no matter how the school allocates, it won’t be good, so they drew lots. Although the second class teacher caught five, these five achievements are still pretty good, and at least, can still be rescued.   


“In fact, I have a good impression of Gu Xuejiao. The girl attends class seriously and has neat writing. She has always reviewed my language class in advance.!” The language teacher laughingly says. She remembers the girl who straightened her back and looked up at the blackboard with her head held high, and the impression was truly too good.                                             

“Ai, this is the case in high school. Some people are smart, and they sloppily study and still earn high grades. Some people are particularly hard working and their grades are average.”                                 

Yin Fang said this, looking away at the girl next to the second class homeroom teacher, paused, a little sour: “The surname is both Gu, how come your class’s Gu Shiyun’s grades are placed so high!”

The second class teacher smiled: “Heiheihei, Gu Shiyun truly studies hard.” Yin Fang continues to sour: “This is even the grade’s second place, why is it not in my class…… Gu Shiyun, do you want to come to class one?”

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