WFILTU Chapter 55 – Worldly Desires I

Yin Fang was publicly poaching others!                                                            

Gu Shiyun, who was on the opposite side, smiled, very gently and softly: “Thank you for Teacher Yin’s appreciation, I have been in class two for this long, and I think it’s pretty good.” “Wei Wei! Teacher Yin, who poaches someone in front of others?!” The homeroom teacher of class two exploded, “I will also go to your class to rob for people!”                                            

Yin Fang smirked: “You can take whoever you like, as long as you exchange with Gu Shiyun for me!”  She seemed to think of something, suddenly smiling: “You can use the person with the same surname Gu, Gu Xuejiao to exchange!”      

“That’s too beautiful for you!” Class two’s homeroom teacher rolled his eyes at her.

Gu Shiyun smiled again, “Teacher, I’ll take my homework back to the classroom first.”

“Go on, go on.”

Gu Shiyun turned away, Yin Fang looked at the other’s gentle back, and then thought of Gu Xuejiao who gives other headaches, and Gu Xuejiao’s grades, and sighed again——

“They are all surnamed Gu. Why is there such a big difference?” 


Cheng Mingjiao only came the next day, with a taciturn face and her entire face was pouting, looking extremely unsightly.                                                               

Xue Jiao did not know what Cheng Family had told her,  but anyway, for several days in succession, Cheng Mingjiao did not say a word to her in class.      

Xue Jiao was happy with her freedom.                                                                

Cheng Family too. Li Sitong deliberately pleases her, and others also did not mention a word in favor of Cheng Mingjiao.                                                              

She was caught up in these two points and entered into a frenzy to study seriously.  

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“In between class, everyone should finish the after-class exercises. I will come in next class to check!” the math teacher demanded. On Wednesday morning, there were two math classes back to back. Pretty much, after his statement, there will be many students who bury their heads in pain to write.

Yi Tianyu was currently dozing, and vaguely heard something about homework, he suddenly opened his eyes. Subconsciously, his line of sight fell onto Xue Jiao and only saw that she was seriously flipping through her book, preparing for the following contents.

As before, she had her back straight as a pen, and sat like a elementary school student. Her profile looked palm-sized, delicate and pretty.  Her crystal white earlobes were cute, her small and upright nose, her lips that carried some red……

Yi Tianyu’s gaze caused him to lose his mind all the way until the bell rang. “Ok! I’ve come to check.” The math teacher walked in and walked straight towards the back from the first row.

Yi Tianyu was stunned and looked towards Gu Xuejiao who was flipping through her book and opened his own book. Right at this time, the math teacher comes over.

“Yi Tianyu! You didn’t write a single word?! What kind of attitude is this!” The math teacher flew into a rage.  


Yi Tianyu was stunned, there really was homework?                                                    

“Stand up! During this class, you have to stand up and listen!”                                                                      

Yi Tianyu foolishly stood up. The math teacher went to another day to continue to check. He quickly bowed his head and lowered his volume: “Wei, there’s homework? How come you weren’t writing it just now?!”          

Xue Jiao glanced at the teacher, and then raised her head again, knitting her brows, and carrying some laughter: “I did it a long time ago……” As she said this, she pointed towards the book. Yi Tianyu followed her finger across, and as expected, there were dense writings.

Then he corresponded to his own blank exercises…… 

Yi Tianyu:”……”                                                 

F*ck oh, did she need to be so serious?!   

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  2. I don’t like this teacher at all…I hope GX ignores her when she tries to flatter in the future after getting face slapped

  3. Somehow I’m rooting for this boy. Teen’s love is so cute too

    • Yeah, I don’t mind his pure adoration. He’s harmless and mostly cute. I do hope he can move on, though. To keep expecting her to return his feelings is not going to feel great for him. I’m not someone who enjoys seeing the MC having loads and loads of people in attracted to them, especially when they can hardly give all of them full attention.

  4. Hope this teacher gets fired eventually. Not caring about your bad students grades is one thing but putting them down and even gossiping about students with teachers in front of other students is extremely unprofessional and unethical. Even the worst teachers at my school never gotten this low.

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