SOOEW Chapter 46 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife VII

In the palace, when Wei Lingheng inspected his son’s work, he only saw that the third prince, Wei Xuan, was absent-minded. He borrowed the imperial tutor’s plank to whack his son’s palm.

“How did you lose your soul after you went to the minister’s birthday party in place of me “

Wei Xuan immediately returned back to the present, grinning: “Emperor Father, you* do not know, Lordship Song’s inner manor has a very interesting play. It has let son understand the meaning behind “the most poisonous is a woman’s heart” very clearly. I now know exactly what it means. “

*formal you

Wei Lingheng raised his eyebrows: ” Oh? “

Wei Xuan always showed intimacy before his father, and as usual, he coughed up everything he saw and heard at the Song manor.

“In my opinion, this madam minister must have a problem, it is strange enough to hide a man under the willow tree. This son looked at her gaze, and it is definitely not the gaze that a woman worried about her daughter should have! “

This remark passed through Wei Lingheng’s heart, and he only smiled. But it reminded him that his son was always curious about the matters in another family’s manor. He thought that it must be that he reached maturity. It seems like it’s time to open his manor and grow some teeth and choose an imperial concubine.

Maybe it was thinking during the day that’s causing the dreams at night.  Once the night arrived, Wei Lingheng had a strange dream when he slept deeply.

In his dream, he stood in front of the rock garden of a certain mansion. He first heard the broken mouths of the two elderly woman servants, and then, after the servants left, he heard a cry from behind the rock garden.

Regarding the people in the palace, not to mention those who were aggrieved and hid to cry, but even if the number of deaths were not few,  he would still not be interested. However, dreams were always involuntary, and he inexplicably found the source of the crying.

A girl around thirteen, fourteen years squatted in a small black hole in the rock garden and sobbed in a low voice.


He heard himself asking: “What’s wrong with you? “

Maybe his voice startled her, and she immediately stopped her tear flow, raising her eyes that dripped pearls, and can’t help but stare at him: “Who are you, why are you interfering in my matters?!” After she finished speaking, she lowered her head, and her hand moved a little.

He only just saw clearly now, inside the dark, pitch-black hole, there laid a dead gray-haired cat. She was touching the dead cat, again and again, and then, feeling its whiskers and scratching its chin, as if it were alive.

He couldn’t help remembering the idle words of the two elderly servants in front of him.

“Today the second young miss was really in the limelight! One song played on the pipa, 《Broken Array》, shocked all the teachers who taught her and was no worse than the eldest young miss.

“Not only was the second young miss not worse, I’m afraid the eldest young miss can’t even compare. You haven’t seen the Madam’s reaction. I heard that the eldest maid of Madam took a trip to the second young miss’s living quarters, and then the cat of the second young miss died! “

“It turns out that you are the dead cat’s second young miss.” he stated.

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She made no sound to acknowledge.

He saw that she was truly sad, and eased his tone: “The weak is an easy prey for those that are strong, and this world is like so. You can raise one when you have the strength to protect it. Don’t be sad.”

“Who is sad?” She flicked her chin away from him, leaving only a sneer. “It’s the cat who died and not me, not worthwhile! “

He was startled but saw tears still hanging on her lashes. Laughter is cold, but the sadness in her eyes has not dispersed. At such an age, it was exactly the age where she wouldn’t lie, but she just wanted to lie to him. The women in the palace were all soft-spoken and hid the knife in their smiles. She was not forgiving on her mouth, but it was like a mussel with a closed mouth. The shell was hard. Once you pry into it, the interior is soft.

Unconsciously, his brows softened.

She frowned, ” Who the hell are you? “

Of course, he was the current emperor, but before he was able to come up with an obscure identity, he heard the “self” in the dream say: ” I am a chivalrous knight for the world. Today, I flew over your house and saw you crying, so I came to see. “


“Chivalrous knight for the world? ” She squinted, as if she was making an idea, and yet, pretended to be reserved, “You don’t look like it, if you can show your skills, I will believe you.”

“Oh?” In his heart, he was laughing.

She clearly had a face that couldn’t hide her thoughts and spelled out everything for her. It truly was the mouth that didn’t match the heart.

“Since you are a hero, then you should understand the reasoning behind punishing the evil. This cat was killed by the Madam of this family. I can’t avenge it, but it can.” She finally stroked the gray cat and suddenly clenched her hand, making up her mind. “I will have to trouble you to hang it in front of the madam’s window, let its eyes face her vanity mirror, and let her take a good look! “

At the moment when her words fell, Wei Lingheng woke up suddenly from his dream!


The author has something to say :

Fighting cattle across the mountains, flirting in dreams

Wen Ying: Unleash the “Dream” skill x 1

Wei Lingheng (Trance): I have seen this girl somewhere before…… 

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