WFILTU Chapter 56 – Worldly Desires II

When he just opened his eyes and saw that she was not doing her homework, he thought that there was no homework, and thought that he heard wrongly in his dream. Who knew that there really was, and it was only that his desk mate was too diligent, and finished it ahead of time!

Seeing that his entire face was speechless, Xue Jiao could not help laughing. Making her smile, Yi Tianyu did not know why, but he also couldn’t hold on and grinned.

At this time, a piece of chalk smashed over. 

“Yi Tianyu! You’re already standing yet you dare to laugh! Laugh, what are you laughing about! Stand at the back!!”

Yi Tianyu:”……”

In the evening, Yi Tianyu ran home.

“Son! Why are you so hot?” “I ran back!” Yi Tianyu casually said, then opened the fridge, and placed the lollipop in his pocket carefully into the fridge. While he was carefully placing it in, he ridiculed: “Gu Xuejiao, look at what kind of broken candy you gifted me with, just placing it in the pocket for a few days can melt it…… ” He gave it a glance, made sure that it was placed alright, and turned around to head upstairs. His mom shook her head, and delivered a cup of water up. After she came back down, she opened the fridge to take out a face mask. “Yi*? Why is there a piece of lollipop here?” Mother Yi looked puzzled.

*Yi- to look confused


“Aiya, it’s all melted, I’d better throw it…… “

Her hand had just extended, and then she took it back: “I have not tasted it for so many years. The last I got to taste it was when Yi Tianyu was young!”

Mother Yi followed Father Yi from very early on. Don’t look at how rich they are now, in the past, they were so poor, that even sweets were a luxury!

Mother Yi thought this on one hand while peeling the paper on the other hand to taste it.

“Strawberry flavor? En…… it’s not too bad……”

Early the next morning.

“Ah Ah Ah! Where’s my lollipop?!” Yi Tianyu roared.

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Yi Tianyu was in a bad mood, and at this time, Lin Zhihua’s mood was also far from good.

‘What did you say?” He looked at the Lin couple with a cold face.

Mother Lin smiled bashfully, “That, Zhihua, you should meet just meet up once! Aunt Xu and I are classmates, and you have also met young Miss Xu before. You even attended kindergarten together!”


Mother Lin’s eyes lit up: “Yes yes yes! That girl has been sensible since childhood. You guys have been acquaintances since kindergarten, friendly sentiments since childhood.”                      

Lin Zhihua coldly smiled: “First, by all means, I don’t know any young Miss Xu that you are indicating of. Secondly, if I remember correctly, I only attended kindergarten for three days and because they were all too stupid, I skipped a grade to enter first grade…… so the friendly sentiments since childhood…… sorry, there is none.”                                                                

Mother Lin smiled embarrassedly, and opened her mouth a couple of times: “That…… that…… Zhihua, it’s very hard to meet such a suitable person. Young miss Xu has been studying abroad since junior high. She has always been advocating for platonic love. I have discussed with her, and she really likes you. Also, she’s willing to supply the egg, and then surrogate it herself. The child would be able to receive way more support than us finding a surrogate.

Lin Zhihua looked at her deeply, “If you feel that you are too free, then I will send you and dad abroad.”                                                                 

Mother Lin widened her eyes and stared.                              

It was almost very clear that if Mother Lin continued interfering in his affairs, then he would send the couple towards “retirement”.

“You you you——”

Lin Zhihua stood up, holding his coat and started heading out. When he approached the door, he suddenly stopped.

“Don’t worry about my affairs. I know what I’m doing.” 

With that, he took giant strides and left, with Mother Lin glaring in anger. “What kind of understanding would you have?”

She clutched her heart and added: “Aiyo, my poor life, ah. I don’t know if I would be able to see my daughter-in-law and grandson while I’m alive.”                      


Lin Zhihua was standing downstairs, and Chen Yan drove the car over.

“You go back. I’ll drive myself today.”

“Boss……” Chen Yan was stunned. Since the last car accident, the time the boss has driven can be counted on one hand!

“You can leave.” Lin Zhihua got in the car, turned on the engine, and left very quickly.

He drove straight to the foot of a villa. At this time, a young handsome man was standing outside the gates.

At the sight of Lin Zhihua, the other immediately smiled, warm and smooth as jade.

He looked like a young gentleman, wandering away from the secular world, but as soon as he opened his mouth, he immediately came back…… “My Big Boss Lin, today, just for you, I have graciously declined three distinguished guests. You have to make it up to me!”


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