SOOEW Chapter 44 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife V

Song Xi has changed a lot recently .

She rewarded the maidservant who saved her, promoted her to first-class maidservant, and began to get close again to the wet nurse, Mama Zheng.

The maid’s strength was very strong and had been doing all the cleaning work in the outer court, but the person was very loyal .

In the same way, the nanny of her previous life does not get along with the stepmother. After she got close to her stepmother, she naturally alienated her wet nurse. She also believed in her stepmother, thinking that the nanny provoked the relationship between her mother and her, and wanted to control her as the Song family’s young mistress. She was raised arrogantly by her stepmother and could not accept being controlled by a servant .


Over time, she treated her wet nurse’s words with deaf ears. After her death, her wet nurse also passed away from the depression in her heart.

She only knows now that the wet nurse was the only one who truly treated her well.

However, just when she wanted to conduct a heart to heart with Mama Zheng, a maid servant rushed in, “Young mistress, it’s not good! Someone wants to catch Mama Zheng to interrogate, saying Luo Xiang received instructions from Mama Zheng! “

“What?! “

Song Xi  quickly stood up, her entire face covered by incredulousness.

Mama Zheng was also shocked and angry, “It ‘s Wen Shi*! It must be her behind the scenes! “

*氏- family name, or form of address

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It was indeed Wen Ying behind the scenes. She let Qiu Se spread out the wind, letting the servants say one word, leading to another, and handed the information she wanted to spread towards Song Zheng’s confidants.

In fact, Luo Xiang is indeed someone under Mama Zheng.

At first, Mama Zheng was afraid that the stepmother would instigate Song Xi, so she placed Luo Xiang besides Song Xi. Luo Xiang’s family and Mama Zheng’s family accompanied the original wife to her husband’s house. Her family is very close with Mama Zheng, and Mama Zheng is not worried about her.

It’s a pity that Luo Xiang’s family had little ones, unlike Mama Zheng who wholeheartedly only served her old master. The original owner took out some advantages, and so was able to coax her over.

On the bright side, it is clear that Mama Zheng has a closer connection with her .

In regards to Luo Xiang, if she can turncoat once, then she can turncoat another time. Previously, Song Xi gained insight into Luo Xiang’s adultery and used it to threaten Luo Xiang. At present, all the authority in the house is gripped in Wen Ying’s hands, so keeping Luo Xiang or selling her is all a matter of just one sentence. Wen Ying looked for someone to intimidate her. Compared to illicit affairs, she would obviously become more miserable in the situation if she was sold. She had a weak will and immediately turned back against Song Xi .


Mama Zheng was born valiant, and she was also the wet nurse for the young mistress. She tried her best to be fair, and the servants did not dare to stop her. In the blink of an eye, she rushed towards the main room.

Wen Ying was currently speaking with Song Zheng’s confidants and the door was wide open .

As soon as she stepped into the threshold, she immediately interrogated: “Why did madam wrong me! Saying that I instigated someone to push the young mistress into the water, Pei*, what kind of rotten heart nonsense! The girl is one that I wet nursed. I watched her grow up, everything is alright, am I crazy to harm her, what kind of benefits would I receive? “

*spit, despising sound

As the loyal head maidservant besides Wen Ying, how could Qiu Se allow the madam to start a move? Wouldn’t that be demeaning her status!   

She stepped forward and took the lead in exchanging remarks with her: “Mama Zheng shouldn’t call injustice first. This affair was personally admitted by Luo Xiang. We are also astonished. What benefit can Mama receive, that you can harm young mistress like this?”

She made unfounded countercharges and infuriated Mama Zheng so much that she toppled backwards, face up in anger!

The confidant agreed politely and attempted to ease the situation: “Mama should not be in a hurry, that maidservant named Luo Xiang has repeatedly changed her attitudes, her front and back does not add up, and does not have complete credibility. I am currently discussing with Madam…… “

“What are you discussing with Madam? This matter is what she did! No matter what, ever since ancient times all stepmothers have been vicious. My poor girl, ah, if your Mama was wronged, how will you live in the future——” she started crying and howling. A group of servants heard it and probed their heads outside.

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