WFILTU Chapter 51 – Diversion III

“You all bully me!” Bullying me! “She spoke angrily, almost silently, turned around and ran, stumbling.

Bai Xiumei shook a little: “Oldest! Go chase!”


“No matter how much she doesn’t obey, you still can’t let anything happen to her. Let’s talk again after you send her home!” Bai Xiumei had a commanding tone.

Although Cheng Shuo was angry, at the end, this was his only niece. He still chased her while holding clothes.

Xue Jiao turned around, walked to the dining table and drank a glass of milk, and picked up another piece of bread.

Time is up——

She walked outside while eating bread at the same time. 

Cheng Mingze who didn’t speak throughout the entire ordeal was stunned for a moment, then picked up his bag: “Grandma, Aunt Li, I’m going to attend class!”


When he was sitting into Uncle Xing’s car, Xue Jiao had just finished eating her bread. She was sitting obediently and cleverly in the back seat holding her school bag.

Cheng Mingze sat next to her, almost always looking at her.

“You…… “

Xue Jiao turned her head and looked at him expressionlessly, with indifference in her eyes.

Cheng Mingze paused and said, “Today you…… “

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“What? Want to help your sister out?” These words carried some taunting and her expression was ridiculing. However, some people are just so pretty, that even if they were ridiculing, their face is still so elegant that it ravishes the eye.

Cheng Mingze unconsciously looked away, frowning and said, “You are also my sister.”

“Oh.” Xue Zhe was noncommittal.

There was silence between the two.

Xue Jiao’s gaze was placed outside the window, and the sky was just dawning. There were already a lot of vehicles on this road to Qi Zhong school.

Cheng Mingjiao lost, and not only lost, but also fought with Li Sitong. Can they bother her less in the future?

Her eyesight was not focused, and was randomly placed outside towards the ongoing traffic.

Xue Jiao suddenly thought of the news she received in the morning, that—— crafty and adept at trickery, man.


At that time, when she answered that Cheng Mingjiao was coming with Bai Xiumei, the other party replied——

【Since her grandma also followed, it shows that Cheng Mingjiao did not come voluntarily, at least not willingly to admit her mistakes. She will still think words were not wrong. But she will apologize to you. If you refuse to accept, the “not sensible” phrase will be transferred from her to you, but you can’t accept it directly, otherwise the matter will be resolved, and she will get worse next time. 】

【I suggest you try to shift the contradiction as much as possible. I personally think that your mother’s attitude is wrong. She will always maintain Cheng Mingjiao because of her status between you and Cheng Mingjiao. Since Cheng Mingjiao didn’t realize her mistakes, you can keep reminding her what she said, and then stimulate her with the treatment she can’t accept. When she was angry, there was always that sentence in her head, and she would definitely shout it out again. 】

【As long as she uttered that sentence a second time, in front of your mother again, this is the evidence that she disdained your mother. Your mother’s attitude is not important. After she said that, your stepfather will be angry. Between your stepfather and cousin, your grandma can no longer simply protect your cousin. Then, the conflict center of the Cheng family is no longer the conflict between you and your cousin, but your mother and your cousin. 】

Thinking of those words, Xue Jiao’s mouth slightly moved. Lin Zhihua’s idea becomes better the more she thinks about it. At least, like this, she can relax for a while, right?

But … if he knew that she said he was crafty and adept at trickery, man, would he become so angry that his eyes glare?

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12 Comments on “WFILTU Chapter 51 – Diversion III

  1. Is this man a physics or something? I
    His predictions are so accurate lol

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  3. wait how fast can that guy type?? i mean he did type all that in the span between Xue Jiao go down in stair right

  4. Out of all the characters, I dislike Li Sitong the most. I mean villains will be villains, but she is like a weight that drags you down. Her first n foremost thoughts are her position in the Cheng family n how ppl view herself (She worries how xue jiao’s school will see her n doesn’t include what they’ll think of her daughter). Xue Jiao comes 3rd or even 4th in her most desperate moments.
    She never thinks about in which ways she’s letting her daughter down, pretending to be blind to her own shortcomings. Even after such major betrayal from her ex-husband, there’s no IQ improvement, only knowing to cry n pester her new one. Li Sitong is very much like those white lotus heroines of Mary Sue novels who don’t understand the world n only knows to hide behind the ML.

    • You said this like a champ. For all we know, Li Sitong’s maltreatment to her daughter must be because the rumors of being not a good mother is true, thus, venting her emotional baggage unto her daughter. And I completety agree on you on this one.

    • Well, there’s a reason that ‘pig teammate’ is an frequently-used term.

    • Idk I mean I wouldn’t say I like her per se but a mother is also a human she’s not perfect. She’s not a great mother but could be worse. She obviously fails at educating as she doesn’t explain right and wrong but directly slaps kids. But she does care about her kid and loves her + she’s not malicious like that aunt. She’s tainted by her experience just like Mingjiao who hasn’t been taught to differentiate right and wrong but who she can treat however she wants and who not. Which seems to be the norm in novels like this.

      • Yeah, and it is the norm in this country. Dunno how it is in America, but my mom is like this too. She’s super paranoid about everything about me and my little brother. We are apparently always the ones in the wrong. (To be fair we mostly are. ) She doesn’t believe us, basically. And she doesn’t slap us. She gets a huge wooden stick specially made for hitting, and she pulls my hair and breaks my stuff once a month when she gets mad.
        You know what’s funny? My mom’s not one of the worse cases. She loves us, and though she does yell and shout a lot, she doesn’t curse or demean us. My friends’ parents yell at them, threatens to kick them out, and comments on how much they waste on food and studying supplies. One friend had their parents say they should just sell their body with their bad grades. (They rank top twenty in the grade), another had their parents say they should just die. Another was told they wished he wasn’t even born, and… It gets worse.
        Siting’s a frigging Saint.

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