WFILTU Chapter 50 – Diversion II

Xue Jiao pretended to braid her hair and pulled her hand out.

“Grandma, I’m not purposefully causing trouble for Mingjiao. She very loudly and vigorously emphasized in the class last time that my mother and I were vixens. Others didn’t understand my family’s affairs, and these words came out from Mingjiao’s mouth. I’m afraid that they would take it seriously. ”

She paused.“ If they take it seriously, I will definitely have a hard time in class in the future, and I don’t want them to misunderstand my mother … rather than saying that Mingjiao is going to read out her reflection, rather it is more about explaining the truth. “

The expression on Li Sitong’s face suddenly paused. Why would anyone want their reputation to be unpleasant? She is an upright person and has no reason to be misunderstood.

Therefore, Li Sitong did not speak, but instead agreed.

Bai Xiumei’s face was ugly for a moment. She forced Cheng Mingjiao to apologize to reduce a big thing into a little thing, but not for this result!

“Jiao Jiao, let Mingjiao explain in private. She is still young and thin-skinned.”

Xue Jiao shook her head: “A private explanation is not very strong, and what if someone still wouldn’t know it? It’s better to review it directly in class. Others will surely believe that Mingjiao was confused and said the wrong thing at the moment. “

“So, it’s better for Mingjiao to write the truth in the reflection book, so she can explain it to the public today. “

“No way!” Cheng Mingjiao exploded and couldn’t endure anymore.


Obviously, she was the one beaten, but she had to apologize to Gu Xuejiao. Even if she apologized, why should she read the reflection in public? !

“Are you reluctant?”

“Reluctant! You should kill this thought process!” Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes stared.

“Grandma, you should talk to Mingjiao. If she doesn’t apologize, then I don’t know what kind of rumors there would be in our class. Besides, after the exam next month, it will be …… a parent- teacher conference. At that time, how would others view my mom? “

She showed a very awkward expression: “This is all because of Mingjiao’s slander, so I think it’s better for Mingjiao to make it clear. “

Xue Jiao said it with a smile. Bai Xiumei and Cheng Mingjiao want to turn big things into little things, but it still depends on whether she wants to.

Not mentioning how much Cheng Mingjiao had let Gu Xuejiao suffer losses in her memory, but even ever since she transmigrated, Cheng Mingjiao has given her a lot of troubles, including this time, Cheng Mingjiao’s random words. She would not easily just leave this alone.

Bai Xiumei’s smile was strained.

Li Sitong was stunned when she heard about the parent-teacher conference. The previous parent meeting had always been Cheng Shuo attending Cheng Mingze’s, and she goes to attend Gu Xuejiao’s. What if the students in Xue Jiao’s class all misunderstood her, and they really thought she was a vixen?

What’s more, Qi Zhong school is a good school, there are a lot of talents in the experimental class. Many are children of famous tycoons in the circle. If other people’s misunderstandings about her spreads. How will she be a person in the future?

Thinking of this, she tugged at Cheng Shuo’s clothes and looked worried.

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Cheng Shuo patted her hand and stood up: “It really needs to be explained during the review. Mingjiao, if you know you were wrong, then you should change it. You have to deal with the consequences of your own words.”

“I won’t!” Cheng Mingjiao glanced at Gu Xuejiao, and the other party was smiling. Squinting halfway, her eyes were full of the provocation from a winner.

Cheng Mingjiao was almost immediately irritated by her eyes, and the whole figure was like an oil ignited by fire.

“Impossible! Impossible! I won’t reflect on it! She didn’t even reflect it. Why should I reflect on it in the class!”

She couldn’t even imagine it. She, personally, will publicly say in her class that she slandered Gu Xuejiao?

Impossible! Dream on!

“Mingjiao, it’s caused by your nonsense…… ” Xue Jiao emphasized in every sentence that her words were nonsense, which continually reminded Cheng Mingjiao of the words she said.

When Cheng Mingjiao was so angry that her brain was blank, she blurted out: “I will never apologize publicly! I didn’t say anything wrong, your mother and you are all vixens!”

“Pa ——” Cheng Mingjiao received a slap!


The person who slapped this slap turned out to be Li Sitong!

Don’t talk about other people this time, even Xue Jiao was shocked.

Li Sitong must have been angry before, but she didn’t want to do anything towards Cheng Mingjiao even when she was angry. She acted cautiously at the Cheng family. Before today, a situation like her hitting Cheng Mingjiao, she wouldn’t even dare to think about it. 

But she just hit!

Li Sitong shook her hands and cried after she finished slapping: “Cheng Mingjiao! On what basis should you say this about me and Jiao Jiao!”

“You hit me! You actually hit me!” Cheng Mingjiao’s eyes widened, her face unbelievable.

“Cheng Mingjiao!” Cheng Shuo shouted at her, “Look at what kinds of words you said?”

“She actually hit me! I don’t have an aunt like her!”

“Then don’t call me uncle!” Cheng Shuo had a cold face.   

Bai Xiumei gasped for breath, stretched out her hand, her fingers shaking. How could things become like this? !

“Cheng Mingjiao …” Compared with Cheng Shuo’s roar, Bai Xiumei’s voice can be said to be very soft. She looked at the demented-like girl in front of her and opened her mouth. “You really let me down…… “

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