WFILTU Chapter 86 – Parents II

On this Thursday, Xue Jiao and Yi Tianyu stood in the office waiting.

Yin Fang was sure that Yi Tianyu wanted to hit her at that moment, and now she couldn’t listen to any explanation. She was sure that Yi Tianyu’s reaction must be something!

She sat in the office angrily and said nothing.

When Yi Tianyu calmed down, he knew that he had already implicated Xue Jiao. He explained but Yin Fang had not listened.

“I’m sorry……” he whispered. Only Xue Jiao could hear it.

Xue Jiao shook her head, lowered her head slightly, and said nothing.

As early as the beginning of school, she knew Yin Fang’s attitude of “punishing together”. Although she didn’t understand why Yi Tianyu had that expression, she knew that any explanations were useless.

Xue Jiao lowered her head and began to silently recite the English sample essay she had just memorized in the morning.


After a while, a chubby man rushed in——Yi Dafa.

“Teacher! What’s the matter? What’s the matter? You didn’t make it clear on the phone, I was anxious to death!” Yi Dafa panted and looked at Yin Fang.

Yin Fang stood up angrily: “Yi Tianyu almost hit me just now!”

“What?! This dead boy dared to hit his teacher! ” Yi Dafa’s eyes widened, turned around, twisted Yi Tianyu, and kicked his ass.

Xue Jiao stood some distance away, without any sense of existence.

It was not enough for Yi Dafa to kick him, so he slapped him on the back again.

“You bastard! Who gave you the courage?! Ah?! “

“It hurts hurts hurts! Lighter! ” Yi Tianyu avoided his kick that he threw over again.

“This old man sent you here to study, not for you to beat the teacher!” He seemed to beat very hard, but only Yi Tianyu knew that this was his father’s old style, and it didn’t hurt at all. He only needs to cooperate with screams.

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Yi Dafa grabbed his ears and said in a low voice, ” Good boy, apologize first! “

Although Yi Dafa has a low level of education, he has been in business for so many years and he understands the current situation.

Regardless of whether Yi Tianyu really hit the teacher, Yin Fang thinks so now, and she is still angry. At this time, the more they argued, the more they made her angry. After all, Yi Tianyu still had to study in her hands, and they could not offend people to death!

His movements, again and again, caused Yin Fang some surprise and scared her into staring, stunned.

“Ai——” Xue Jiao subconsciously stepped forward to stop it. The boy who was beaten turned his head and blinked. There was no pain in his eyes.

Xue Jiao’s feet retracted again.

Yin Fang exhaled: ” Don’t hit, don’t hit! We don’t use sticks to educate now! “


“Is the teacher still angry? ” Yi Dafa said with a smile, ” If you are still angry, I will continue to beat him! “

“Don’t hit anymore! ” Yin Fang said quickly.

She calmed down her anger, and said: “Yi Tianyu’s father, I’m looking for you to discuss Yi Tianyu’s puppy love! “

“Puppy love?! ” Yi Dafa raised his voice.

“Yes. “

“You bastard! ” Yi Dafa didn’t pretend to be angry this time, he was really angry.

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  1. This is basically a whole chapter of Yin Dafa beating his son X”D
    He beats him again in anger because of puppy love, but I’m sure he’ll praise him instead if the one he has the crush on is Xue Jiao

    Thank you for the chapter!

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