WFILTU Chapter 87 – Parents III

He believed that his son could not hit the teacher, even if he hit, he couldn’t hit the teacher for no reason.

Hence, he was not in a hurry before and was even worried about whether the teacher will force him to a certain level, that would make him want to “beat” the teacher.

But he doesn’t know that his son will fall in love early!

So the anger this time is real anger.

“Yes, I suspect that Yi Tianyu has a puppy love tendency!” Yin Fang is decisive.

“I received a report letter today. It said Yi Tianyu has a puppy love, and it was plausible. I didn’t believe it, but I called him to the office to ask, yet he almost wanted to hit me! “

Yin Fang said it and she was a little angry again.

Yi Dafa was taken aback for a moment, and then said: “Teacher, what did you say that he was so angry? “

Yin Fang said: “I said I have seen too many premature loves at their age, and it can’t last long. Even if they are in premature love now, they will break up sooner or later! “

She has hands on her hips, her face full of anger.

Yi Dafa understands his son, and when he hears this, he is sensitive to the situation, at least his son has a situation!


Otherwise, how could an “impossible to be long” and “break up sooner or later” stimulate him?

“Who did he fall in love with? “

“The report said……Gu Xuejiao.” Yin Fang paused, then said Gu Xuejiao’s name.

Following her gaze, Yi Dafa noticed Gu Xuejiao who had been in the office.

She stayed quiet, wearing a school uniform with a ponytail, and her face was white and clean.

Just like the cute little girl in the fantasy.

Yi Dafa suddenly raised his voice: “My son can even date Gu Xuejiao?! “

His voice suddenly became pleasantly surprised: ” Teacher! Are you saying the truth?!”

It was a feeling of joy that seemed to have won the lottery, with smiles in his eyes, lines on his forehead, and two rows of teeth exposed.

Yi Dafa’s reaction made Yin Fang stunned and she stared at him in surprise.

This reaction…… 

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The two teachers in the office who had bowed their heads to correct homeworks suddenly raised their heads, their mouths slightly opened, and their chins dropped.

“Yi Tianyu’s parent, Yi Tianyu has a tendency to fall in love……” She opened her mouth.

Yi Dafa slapped his head: “I said how could my dead son suddenly change his style and seriously study. No wonder, it turned out to be the teaching of student Gu Xuejiao! “

He said it very beautifully. In his opinion, it would be extremely difficult for a muddler like Yi Tianyu to chase Gu Xuejiao!

“Yi Tianyu’s father, as a parent of your child, you should help educate your child from the standpoint of a teacher. Puppy love has a very bad influence! ” Yin Fang couldn’t help being stern. Yi Dafa’s reaction was beyond her expectations.

She has been a class teacher for so many years, and this is the only parent who knows that his child is in love but smiles happily.

Whose second-year high school children have a tendency to fall in love doesn’t cause their parents to become anxious? How come this one is excited instead?

“Teacher Yin, on the contrary, I think this also depends on the situation. Some children who have premature love do not study well. This situation must be stopped! “


Yi Dafa squinted his eyes, rubbed his hands, and smiled happily, ” But there is another kind you have seen. The two children are handsome and beautiful. They encourage each other and urge each other to go to a good university together. Teacher, you say, in this situation can you bear to break them up?”

Yi Dafa spoke too seriously and had logic and reasoning so that Yin Fang felt that she was really unkind?

But soon, she recovered.

“No, Yi Tianyu’s father, you have to understand the bad effect of puppy love on a student, why does this school not allow children to have puppy love from the beginning to the end. This is not good, they are too impulsive at their age, and they may commit a mistake if they are not careful, and then regret it for a lifetime! “

“What mistake will they make? ” Yi Dafa was taken aback.

Yin Fang didn’t know what to say and looked at the father and son in front of her in a speechless and angry manner.

At this time, a voice came from the office door——

“Teacher! “


The author has something to say: 

Yi Tianyu: My father is still my father…… 

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  1. Hang on… O-O are they implying that the love may lead to teen pregnancy? uuh… O—-O
    Many thanks

    • He’s a great dad! I love his ability to still parent well, even when he has to run his business and all.

  2. AHAHAHAA I KNEW IT Father Yin would approve the situation!! XD
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    Thank you for the chapter!

  3. Yaah.. Teacher Yin Fang..just because your ‘puppy love’ failed..went in the wrong way.. It does not mean that others will do the same thing. There’s what we call, 2nd hand experience..and not all puppy love is is depwnd on the student and the person who guide them..which is you ..the teacher. Anyways, most schools in China or even in other Asian countries does not approved ‘love relationship’..but it is okay to have crushes for inspiration..😅 just like in our country..okay for crushes but no bf/gf..unless nobody will find out 😂😂

  4. Puppy Love!? What a bastard!
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