SOOEW Chapter 70 – The Emperor who tried to seize his wife XXXI

Song Zheng’s footsteps stopped, his thin lips tightened, and for a while, he was inexplicably timid.

If his Majesty treats her like this, she can be called by others as having a good destiny, and the two will be praised for their love of husband and wife. Then what does his usual behaviour count as? He tried to sort through his memories of the past for comparison, but when he thought about it carefully, he seemed to have never taken her to walk the streets, and the time spent on the relationship between the two was pitiful.

He stood motionless in his original position and caught the attention of the guards guarding outside the door, hence the leader of the guards reported it to Wang Deyong.

When Wang Deyong went out of the store, he was shocked when he saw that the person was Song Zheng. He subconsciously glanced towards the store, and then stopped in front of him as if he did it imperceptibly, and asked with a smile: “Shouldn’t Lord Song be at the Ministry of War? How did you come here?”

Song Zheng gave him a fixed look, and when he spoke, his voice was unconsciously hoarse:”……I took time off and brought my daughter to buy clothes and jewelry.”

Wang Deyong had a guilty conscience and said quickly: “Why didn’t you bring Madam Song with you?”

As soon as the words were spoken, he immediately wanted to bite his tongue! Pei, anything he asked would’ve been better!

Song Zheng’s gaze was like hawks, piercing straight at him.”What does Steward Wang think?”

“I think Master Song went out in a hurry and didn’t remember his wife.” He coughed slightly and then sighed authentically. “This Lord doesn’t understand, the women in the backyards are like flowers. If you don’t always take care of them, they will easily fade. If Lord Song has time, you should stay and accompany your wife.” If this is something others say, it would be inappropriate familiarity, but he is a eunuch who has been in the harem for many years, so it doesn’t hurt too much to speak of it.

However, the meaning behind the words is aggressive and forced the blue veins on the back of Song Zheng’s hands to appear.

So when he saw the two people in the store finish shopping, and appear outside, he was angered to the point of laughing and smilingly said: “Your Majesty is traveling with a beauty, how satisfying.”

Wei Lingheng was also startled when he saw him. Wen Ying, even more, took a light breath and stepped back.

It just happened that a carriage came galloping, yet she was stunned. Just as she was about to be hit by the wheels on both sides, Wei Lingheng stretched out his arms and took her into his embrace!

“Are you okay?” He had no time to take care of Song Zheng and asked her softly with fear in his tone.


She shook her head and instead checked his arm. Sure enough, he was scratched, but fortunately, only the sleeves on his clothes were torn.

Song Zheng had a panoramic view of the picture. At that moment, he only felt cold everywhere, and his eyes fell on her white and soft hands. Those hands used to serve him tea, hand over a book, and iron his clothes, but now, they were holding on to another man’s arm, and those eyes showed inconcealable care.

Even when he stands in front of her.

He couldn’t help but clenched his fist.

Wei Lingheng finally remembered that Song Zheng was still standing in front of him, and smiled slightly at him: “I didn’t expect to meet Lord Song here.” He avoided names that would reveal his identity.

“I also didn’t expect it.” He curled up his mouth ironically.

Wen Ying said nothing.

She still wears a veil on her face, but some things don’t need to be laid bare. The three of them already knew clearly in their hearts.

As if to foreshadow the coming storm, the originally clear sky suddenly changed, the stratus clouds gathered, and the sky was black and blue. It was heavy on people’s hearts.

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Wen Ying originally thought that after returning to the mansion, what was waiting for her was wild storms, but she didn’t expect to hear that Song Xun was sick as soon as she entered the mansion.

“Where’s Lord?” She asked the little maid.

“The Master is also in the Young Master’s room. Madam should hurry and go!”

Xiao Shi gave her a concerned look. She shook her head to indicate that there was nothing wrong, left her outside the door, and opened the door by herself.

In the room, Song Zheng was giving Song Xun medicine by himself. The little fatty seemed to have just vomited, lying on the bed weakly, but his temper was always domineering, and he refused even on his father’s account. Song Zheng took a spoonful and fed it to his mouth. He turned his head and didn’t even look at it.

How could Song Zheng let his temperament lie, his face became stern, and he immediately reprimanded Song Xun. The bowl in his hand was taken away.

Immediately, a female voice sounded soft and helpless, “Xun’er is afraid of bitterness, why would he be willing to drink it, if you feed it like this?”

His body is slightly stiff, yet he can’t make any blocking movements.

“Mother!” Song Xun saw her and his eyes lit up, “Father, go away, I want mother to feed me!”

He looked at her, she also looked over, the eyes of the two collided, and they both turned around at the touch.

Later, he saw her bring a plate of candied fruit and put it on the high table next to him, saying coldly: “If you eat bitterly, you can become a master that stands under all hardships*, however, if you can’t even accept a little bit of bitterness, how can you be called a man?”

*吃得苦中苦,方为人上人- Only if you can stand the hardest of hardships can you hope to rise in society


“Don’t scare me, father, mother has already said, I’m still a kid, not a man!”

Song Xun made a face at Song Zheng, she couldn’t help but smile.

He said later, but she held her hand, and she shook her head at him. Obviously she didn’t speak, but only met his glance, but he understood her meaning.

During the time when the child is angry, what is the point of being angry at the child.

Song Xun, supported by Wen Ying, was immediately triumphant, and his brows and eyes were a little more energetic.

Her movements were gentle and meticulous. Before taking the medicine, she carefully blew it to a palatable temperature. Song Xun frowned bitterly and drank it.

“Is it bitter?”

“Bitter!”The little fatty complained to her and wanted candied fruit.

She laughed, “Then suffer the bitterness.”

The little fatty: “! ?”

“You have to listen to your father’s admonition, you know?” She took the handkerchief and wiped the medicine stain on the corner of his mouth, “Otherwise, after you have a brief uproarious moment, and the taste is over, you will have your bitterness to eat.”

Having said that, she still twisted a candied fruit and fed it into his mouth, the little fatty stretched out his brows and nodded obediently.

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