WFILTU Chapter 88 – Enemy I

It was Li Sitong, Xue Jiao’s mother.

She apparently arrived in a hurry, with some sweat on her forehead: “Teacher, what’s the matter?”

While saying that, Li Sitong walked into the office and walked over to Xue Jiao.

She almost subconsciously wanted to ask——What trouble did you cause again?

However, all the previous events flashed through her brain, no way! She can’t not trust Jiao Jiao anymore!

Li Sitong closed her slightly opened mouth, stood next to Xue Jiao, and looked towards the teacher.

Yin Fang took a deep breath and reiterated from the beginning again.

After listening, Li Sitong was stunned, looking at Yi Tianyu.

She has met this boy before. This was the person who stood out and helped Xue Jiao speak the last time Xue Jiao and Cheng Mingjiao quarreled. He was also the one who accused her before.

Hence……He did so before because of…… 


Her suspicions had just started to rise when a phrase suddenly exploded in her head.

——You never believed in me!

Li Sitong’s body shook slightly, then the suspicion in her eyes faded. She looked at Xue Jiao and asked tentatively: “Jiao Jiao, what’s going on?”

This is a question, a curiosity, not an interrogation.

“No, there is no puppy love. I won’t fall in love early.” Ever since Xue Jiao entered the office, all she said was this, but this time she was even more determined.

Li Sitong nodded and smiled: “En, mom believes in you.”

As she said, her gaze slid to Yin Fang: “Teacher, Jiao Jiao has no premature love.”

Yin Fang was taken aback, looking towards Xue Jiao and then towards Li Sitong.

She has just stretched out her hand, she was afraid that Li Sitong would directly hit someone like last time, so she will definitely stop it this time.

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How would she know that Li Sitong actually said that she believes it?

“There is no premature love.” Yi Tianyu also added a sentence.

“Then why are you so angry? !” Yin Fang raised her voice.

Yi Tianyu looked at her, although he was still a teenager, as a tall person, he has a very deterrent force.

“Because—— I don’t like what you said.”

Yin Fang’s body shook, her body moving, her anger rising again.

Yi Dafa quickly said: “Teacher Yin, you see that both children said that they are not in premature love. Is there any misunderstanding in this?”


“That’s right, teacher, who wrote the letter of accusation?” Li Sitong holds Xue Jiao’s hand.

“There was no name, cough, here it is.” Yinfang suppressed her anger and raised her chin at the letter on the table.

Li Sitong took it and looked at it carefully.

After a moment, she looked at Yin Fang: “Teacher, look at the wording of this person, ‘Gu Xuejiao’s style is not correct, her attitude is not correct, and she doesn’t deserve to be in class one’. This sentence is obviously filled with dissatisfaction towards Xue Jiao, I think it is possible that this person does not like Xue Jiao so……”

Before she finished speaking, Xue Jiao’s eyes looked at the letter of accusation.

“It is Cheng Mingjiao, this is written by Cheng Mingjiao.”

Xue Jiao is a little speechless, Cheng Mingjiao’s hatred for her can already be said to be full of madness, and she will not let go of any chance to harm Xue Jiao.

“Cheng Mingjiao’s handwriting shouldn’t be like this?” Yin Fang was taken aback and then was a little disappointed with this girl with good grades. “I know Cheng Mingjiao’s handwriting. Even if you want to prove that you are innocent, please don’t wrong others!”

Not only was her tone full of disappointment, but even her eyes carried a little of hating iron for not becoming steel.

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  1. Li Sitong is finally learning…there may be hope for her yet…

  2. She said.. Do not accused if you’re not doing the she really a teacher? Believing what ever nonsense letter and accusing without evidence.
    She could be filed Libel for that..destroying someone’s reputation is against the law.. 😏

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